Chapter 14: Whole Lotta Shaking Going On!

Many men and women of God have experienced physical shaking and “vibrating” and seen bright light when undergoing a deep spiritual transformation. Others have described sensations like electric shocks when encountering God’s presence. This chapter shares experiences by contributors Bill Johnson, Beni Johnson, Cal Pierce, Ellyn Davis, and two other people who have had transformative experiences that involved vibrating, electrical sensations, and light.

Have you had an encounter with God that involved light, sound, vibrations, electricity or feelings of energy surging through your body? We’d love to hear about it. Please share with us your insights or spiritual experiences about topics covered in this chapter. Be sure to follow the guidelines for comments and the terms and conditions for sharing on this site.


  1. Michael Murtagh says:

    In 1965 I was 15 and i got a book about meditation and to cover your body in vibrations. Well it took about a week and at the base of my spine I felt burst of vibration it felt like electricity. I was thinking this is cool, I want more. So I daily would meditate and draw these vibrations into my life. Over months of doing this i could get the vibs to travel up my spine to my head then a new realm opened up and it flooded my whole body and boy was I stoned. This is better than drugs. In 1970 I get saved and filled never being in a church before I didn’t know what to expect well talk about electricity I went down under power never seeing this or knowing anything about it in the church. I was out for 20 mins and Jesus verbally spoke to me and said Michael I Am the messiah. His presence, vibes , electricity was stronger than anything I ever felt before, it was the best high ever. I have been walking with The Lord ever since. The anointing is neither good or evil and both sides of the fence know about it they just call it life force Che or whatever. The anointing is out there, power is out their but do you come to this knowledge by the blood of Jesus? Newagers get it and they are taping in but not through Christ the Aniotned one. Because I already knew about the anointing before I got saved when I went down under the power of God I understood what the electricity was about. I now activate people into the prophetic by passing my Mantle over them and they enter into His presence more easily. I just have to think about the Annointing now and it comes instantly to me. I have learned how to move it around to change this present reality so others my learn to enter into the presence of The Lord and I love anointing people and watch it increase in their lives and how they awaken more readily to the presence of The Lord. Our Father wants us to share in the Glory and spread it throughout the earth. To bring us back to the frequency Adam had when he walked and talked with The Lord. We can have this awakening now for we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We must awaken to this realm John 17 one with the God.

    • Jason Ritten says:

      Michael I felt this electricity and presence of the lord really strong two different times (my testimony is below) and ever since then I can feel that same high in my head throughout the day. I have heard that you feel the Holy Spirit in heart, but when you feel this in your head its Lord Jesus. I have also been born again, Jesus got rid of my anxiety and depression and all of my sinful habits. My question to you is do think this is Jesus presence with me (mind of Christ), or is this the Holy Spirit?

      • Michael Murtagh says:

        At salvation we receive a new spirit we were born of God’s seed Titus 3:5 our spirit is regenerated we are made new, born of the seed of God uncorrectable. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit your spirit and the Holy Spirit become one spirit . Acts 19: [2] he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” So they said to him, “We have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit.” [3] And he said to them, “Into what then were you baptized?” So they said, “Into John’s baptism.” [4] Then Paul said, “John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus.” [5] When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. [6] And when Paul had laid hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke with tongues and prophesied.

        To take on the mind of Christ you must first be water baptized to receive a new mind so you can take on the word of God which is the mind of God the mind of Christ in you become a living of epistle before men. In order to enter the kingdom of God you must be baptized in the name of Jesus :
        John 3:3-5 [3] Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” [4] Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” [5] Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.
        So since they already believed they were baptized and then they received the Holy Spirit , they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues . Born of the water; water baptism you recieve a new mind, then being born of the spirit accepting Jesus as SAVIOUR .
        To sum it up Ezk 36: [26] “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. [27] “I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them.
        So now you have a new spirit at salvation, a new mind at water baptism, then being filled with the Holy Spirit you now can tap into the anointing because you are one with God you’re seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus we are one with him. Now is the time for us to awaken to who we are in Christ Jesus the anointed one, we are anointed with him, we are Christ on the earth his hands extended setting creation free, the power of God, the anointing of God flowing through you , setting creation free the manifested sons of God are coming forth, awakening to who they are.

        • Jason Ritten says:

          Wow that was really great thanks Michael! After I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior I did get water Baptized (fully submerged), and now I’m certain that experience (testimony) that I had was the Holy Spirit Baptism and I became born again through the grace and mercy of our Lord and savior! The only thing that confuses me now is why I can’t speak in Tongues, and I’ve asked for this gift as well and but I have never received it. I did hear it’s possible to have the Holy Spirit and not the gift of tongues, so I guess I will just keep seeking until I find, knock until the door will opened to me.

          I also recently read somewhere that If you hate sinning, hate evil, pray lots and you try to learn more about God each day through his word/teachings that’s a good sign the Holy Spirit is with you, so with that info and what you kindly have explained to me there is no doubt in my mind the Holy Spirit and Christ is with me!

          I read what you wrote to some else that breathing can help tap into the anointing, and meditation as well, so i’m going to try that. I thought you can only pray with words or thoughts, so I will try this breathing/mediation technique and see if I can tap into the anointing. Thanks again brother!

          • Jason,
            I was baptized in the Holy Spirit about 23 years ago. I have prayed for the gift of tongues so long! About 1 month ago… as I was praying with so much conviction, God told me to go pray with my 4 grandboys who are all living with me. As I am praying with them out loud, my language went from English to our Fathers language. My boys were there to hear the gift I was given. One week later the boys wanted to be baptized by the Holy Spirit! So we had a mini-revival and at the time of their baptism it was also confirmed to them with the gift of tongues at the age of 8,9, 12. Praise the Lord!!! So with that all said… His gifts is given at His time…. for me it was at the perfect timing for my boys to witness it. Keep praying… Keep asking…He will give you His gifts at His perfect timing!

          • Want to speak in tongues? Search youtube for tongues by kenneth hagin, he has written many books on tongues and knows more than anyone else i could find, you dont need to wait to speak in tongues, when you feel the lords presence start saying your abc’s and let god have the words, dont think about what it sounds like, just do it unto god and let it out from your spirit in your inner being or belly , its a good feeling of truth and honesty and love , you will know its of god , then pray often at least 10 minutes a day in tongues every day and the lords power and presence will become more real in your life , remember when you speak in tongues its your spirit talking to god in spirit and in truth so tell him all the things you fell and cant explain in english …

        • benjie solmia says:

          When Pastor Nelson laid his hand on me in prayer, then touched my forehead. In a split second, an explosion of glorious, bright, whitish to golden light enveloped me whole. It was calming bright light but not so glaring to my eyes. I could see & feel it even when my eyes were tightly closed.

          Then the heat on my forehead grew intense. It’s like drilling on my forehead. When the heat entered my head, it slowly turned cooler (not cold) then slowly travels down my face, throat then to my chest or belly area & stayed there.

          I felt like my body was lifted up inches off the ground.

          Then I uttered gibberish syllables I couldn’t control & comprehend. I think it’s something like praising the Lord & thanking Him.

          The whole event lasted for 7 to 10 seconds or so, or maybe minutes (I couldn’t really tell). But it seemed like it’s “eternal”…

          Overflowing Peace, Love, Joy & Happiness was what I felt that time, that I don’t want it to end.

          I remember tears run down my cheeks & asking myself why I cried when supposedly I was in extreme happiness.

          I was conscious the whole time & can pinpoint the details, that’s why I can still clearly describe it now like it has just happened a while ago, eventhough it happened 2 decades ago.

          That indescribable experience really was beyond description. No lexicon of words can describe it.

          Imagine your definition of extreme happiness you experienced it here on earth, multiply it a million times over. That’s what I experienced!

    • Michael, I felt this once when I just got baptized and never felt it again. I tried to reach out for it but its not happening again. Each day I plea to the Lord for it but its not coming

      • Mellisa. Rather than looking for the Spititual Gifts, look for the God that gives it. Spend more time seeking God than seeking for the “feeling”.

    • Hi. My name is Zama born again in 2015. I have been getting drunk by the power of the Holy Spirit each time I’m at the service. I then experience the manifestations of Gold Dust on my arms. Hands face and clothes. Then it started happening every day of my life. My body gets numb, have intense electric shocks that I fail to even stand and would fall. This weak I saw a cloud of fire during prayer falling upon me and I fell down. Sometimes I will feel strong heat on my hands as if they are burning from real fire. Today as we were praying with colleagues at work, we had communune and as we sat down I felt numbness all over my body and electric shocks. My heart pumping so fast, the power was too much and I just rose from the chair and dance (a dance I will never dance if I’m not drunk by the Spirit and uttered “KING OF GLORY WITH MY HANDS RAISED UP” until I fell and laid on the floor

      My worry God is a God of order and the pastor was sharing while this happen and it seemed as if I was districting. I am working because the power is too much and when the electric shocks starts I get drunk. I really need mentoring. A lot has been happening. Supernatural things. As it is now Im on tears.

      • I have had similar experiences more frequently and I was initially worried, but I have peace now. I believe the Lord wants to do smth thru us, so let’s just let Him have his way snd cooperate. I stumbled on this page bc I am trying to figure out if anyone else experiences what I am. I know for a truth that I am not vrazy, and now I am getting this electric currents just whenever ot chooses to hapoen, not even during prayer it cld be work, or in the kitchen efc…so who else ro ask than thrme Holy Spirit. I asked Him and just waiting for confirmation on what He is doing or wanting me to take out of this.

        • I had a “vibration” experience last night. My spiritual ritual is to pray and meditate before I go to bed each night. Last night I woke up and could feel a loving presence above me. I asked if anyone was there and a burst of energy went through my body starting from my feet and up through my head. It is the third time I’ve experience an energy surge during the night. The first time it was very frightening, there was an angel in my dream trying to communicate with me and suddenly it happened. It was like an electrical charge was going through my spine, all of my muscles were in a spasm that I couldn’t control and my skin was tingling. Somehow I knew that it was some kind of breakthrough for me spiritually and that I needed to not be afraid. Last night was the first time I relaxed my body and allowed the energy to flow freely through rather than tensing up and fighting it. It was very enjoyable! I’ve also been confused about what the meaning or message the Holy Spirit wants to convey to me.

          • I have felt this once many years ago but never knew anyone else who had

          • Danica Riggins says:

            This happens to me a lot lately and I get frightened and wake up. I want to now let the Holy Spirit flow. I pray that I will let my flesh die and let the Holy Spirit move. When I felt this feeling this time I was speaking in tongues in my sleep as well. Powerful and alarming

          • Arlene- this was my exact experience last night! What is the purpose? What, if anything, should we be doing with these experiences?

  2. It’s been two weeks now that i feel vibrations in my body every time I worship. I wondered what that could be and Holy Spirit revealed to me that it is God’s presence. I asked again from Christian side,that is where i got this side. Thank you Jesus!

    • I also have been shaking during prayer and speaking In tongues. My pastor told me I was in a dangerous place. I cried and when I feel Im about to shake. I try to stop myself. Is it true I am in a dangerous place? Can you please help. I have been seeking the face of Jesus and more intimacy with him.

      • GINA!!!!!!! this happens to me as well!!!!!! Let the Holy Spirit do His work in you. I have been searching for someone this happens to! Don’t be afraid of the unknown. the Lord told me the shakings are His blessings. He’s with you. No one can understand the Spirit! But we have the Spirit we have the witness!

        • Delois M. Hill says:

          Tonight I had a dream and I literally started feeling a hard shock in my head/slash vibration I quickly begun to pray.not sure if this is the same

      • I began shaking when I read the Bible. It was just small shaking inside of myself. Then, it increased. One day in church while I was worship, my right leg began to shake. Later, my left leg began to shake, until one morning during worship, my entire body began to shake violently. All the women of the church gathered around me, praying for demons to leave me. This was not demons. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Bible speaks about those who tremble at His Word. Your Pastor is wrong. You are seeking our Father, and the Bible says if we ask our father for bread, He will not give us a stone, and if we ask Him for a fish, He will not give us a serpent. The Holy Spirit began to teach me from the Word, and taught me about deliverance. I suggest you go to a church who recognizes the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit directed me to leave the church I was going to because they did not recognize His presence. The Bible says His kingdom does not come in word, but in power. For the most part, churches today lack the power of the Living God. You are experiencing His power. Hold on, and do not let it go. He is doing a new thing in His children. Do not listen to man. Blessings to you! Ask Father to confirm this. He is listening, He is with you, and He will answer you. Trust Him, and not man. Shalom!

        • says:

          Did God show I what church to go to

          • No, He has not shown me. I attend a Methodist Church with my husband because he has not been called out of an organization. The people there love Yah and Yahuah, but there is no power there. Lots of love though. I spend my time worshipping Him and praying, doing warfare, intercession and studying at home. He has given me friends I fellowship with, but this is via email and phone. I keep praying for people to join with who live near me. I am thinking it is because sometimes people are distracting. He has told me He wants me for Himself. I believe that means no distractions from others. I am sure He will join His people together in His timing. It is not like I want to be alone.

        • Debra,
          Please check out Joseph Prince’s teachings while you’re looking for the right church. He teaches a lot about God’s grace, Jesus’ finished work on the cross and also the power of praying in the spirit/speaking in tongues. He has free daily sermons on his website or you can also look him up on YouTube. I’ve been very blessed by his teachings. Churches these days do not understand nor do they teach the truth of God’s grace. Most of them actually oppose the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

          I was baptized by the Holy Spirit in 2010. I was alone in my living room praying when God touched my hands like electricity. I started shaking, crying and speaking in tongues nonstop for about half an hour. Ever since that event, my right hand shakes whenever I pray in the spirit even just under my breath. At first, I thought I caught a disease or anxiety attack or something. I was afraid because my hand never shook like that before. Only recently I noticed that the shaking seems to correlate with my speaking in tongues. Also, it’s only my right hand. A few weeks ago, God revealed to me that it is his reminded for me that he is holding my right hand all the time. That makes sense and is why whenever I pray, in a worship mode or just think of God’s love, my right hand shakes.

          God bless you.

        • A few years ago when I was at a small prophetic church, I noticed in worship my hands would shake. When I would be in deep worship that would happen often.
          Then moving on several years later, I’m currently at a different prophetic type church. And the manifestation of shaking grew. It would grow as I focus on God and pray in the spirit and see in the spirit. Then my left leg would go crazy. It would shake so fast. Then it would spread to my other leg,then my other hands, then mouth to finally my whole body.
          It’s been increasing. And lately I vibrate. I look like I’m getting shocked.

          All I know is with all the asking people about this, and searching around for answers, I finally looked on the internet tonight and came across this article. I read these stories and I cried knowing its God and I’m not the only one.
          I’m thankful my church is sensitive to Holy Spirit and although I did not get answers like these from them about the shaking. Reading these stories have giving me peace about it and go with the flow like I was doing before.

          • Sandra White says:

            I am baptized in the spirit..I spend a lot of time in teaching….prayer and the word…my body seems to surge and tremble when I sleep and wake up….some times I feel like angel is really shaking my bed….started this spring …is sometimes its like a surging then a trembling throughout my body ..wondering what’s going on…sometimes I hear priestly bells for weeks ..every where I go….used to see water drops in front of me …is this the Holy spirit?

          • Chigozie Felix Odinaka Bona says:

            You are baptism with the spirit, that is the holy ghost in you.. The water that touch you,is heavenly healing gift.. I also feel like water fall a drop on me, Sometime ago i was out at the yard of my house telling my cousin something that if i want to pray some kind of praying it will start raining and he doubted thinking i’m so supertiture, then when i started a great wind started blowing and he was sitting while i stood up and he look at me, and saw i was actually praying, then he knee and started praying with me, i saw him and the rain started falling on both of us when we were praying he cry while praying and i was touch in my soul.. I told him God has heard us both, and he stood up and enter the house with me, then the rain stop almost instantly.. Water drop is healing.. God is Omnipresent, you need faith to know that. even you can have a vision with God if you believe.. I have one and that okay to open any door of possibilities, my thought is my gift from God, and it open the door of manifestation, miracle into realities..

  3. Lorraine Weyhe says:

    Over a year ago I had a dream that John Paul Jackson came into my childhood best friend’s kitchen. I excitedly showed him my iPad with the cord hanging from it and told him how much I love taking his classes. He seriously told me to come into the living room and he sat in a lazy boy type chair. I sat on the floor at his right side. He laid his finger on my right ear and after a few moments, a bolt of electricity went through me. After a few more moments another bolt of electricity went through me and I felt tingling throughout my fingers and toes after the shock. I held onto to his arm with both hands and braced myself for the third shock because it hurt so much, but I woke up.
    I told him the dream in person but he did not explain it.
    (I dreamt I was telling him I saw he had a black bird on his right shoulder on 8-21-13. I also laid on top of him and put my left ear against his right ear. My head emptied out and I could hear endtimes plans being made.)
    I constantly have vibrations in my hands and feet and mouth. It started in just my hands a year ago but now it has spread. However, I can’t say that I hear the Holy Spirit as I expect to.
    The Holy Spirit told me in an audible voice to “set aside CT, set aside NY, Arizona Bible, I will be with you.” Within a month or so I moved to Arizona and I am now attending Andrew Wommack’s Charis Bible College and I just finished Supernatural School of Ministry headed by Marla Monk who attended Bethel in Redding, CA. The school is at Church for the Nations, pastored by Pastor Michael Maiden.

  4. Cristy Cubitt says:

    The Lord had me start studying quantum physics back in May of this year. I wasn’t sure why, but have learned to just follow His lead 😊
    I was driving back to MI after dropping my daughter off at Bethel for her First year at BSSM and my friend and I were driving in South Dakota and Papa had me so aware at the sunset He was painting for us – I have no words to explain this experience. The sunset wrapped around us – Literally 360 degrees – we were able to experience this LOVE. I felt it – I was overcome by His tangible Love. I don’t even know how I kept driving. I rolled all the windows down and opened up the moon roof – I could smell it, taste it, see it and feel it. I was drinking it in – His presence. He literally consumed us with His love. He told my friend and I “you are in My Eye”. We both began weeping because that is exactly what it was! He told us “you are the apple of My Eye”. This Encounter with the Father changed me. I have so many more stories about His tangible presence I have experienced and continue to expect. He is a Wonderful Friend 😊

    • I would love to hear more. Ts been hard for me to truly believe. Did you question what was going and why. I see different things when I close my eyes so to see you write that God said your in his eye was awesome. I haven’t been able to open up to anyone about what I experience and I’m wanting to grow. Any encouragement is welcome.

  5. i experienced all these encounters, i suddenly started looking at quantum physics and reading all the time i read all einsteins books and schrodinger, Bohr and michio kaku, i then realised that there was more to this i then began reading religous books then the bible i now am confirmed in the church, everytime i pray my body vibrates, people at church dont seem to understand how god makes me feel, its amazing love but i feel so disrespectful and ashamed of the way i have acted in the past i cry nearly all the time. i want to do gods work, i help children who are going through bad times its wonderful feeling but you all seem to have had very revealing moments where god has spoken too you i have only had a feeling, i just hope that i am pleasing the father son and the holy spirit with how i am conducting myself now. what i have realised though the word of God is among us, we are the church and we are all one, i pray and bless you with all my heart Love James

  6. When I am in the adoration room ,church and close my eyes and start experiencing the presence of the Lord , my hands start to shake like I am not in control of it movements anymore. This has been happening for many years now, even at home when I am praying hands start to shake .

    • Michael Murtagh says:

      I have experienced this also and it helps to take in slow deep breathes of His breath and when you exhale think about releasing heaven on earth. Also when you breathe in the breath wind of God think about His breath mixing with the blood of Jesus that we partake of at communion and recieve His resurrection life touch every cell in your body bringing life and healing to all your flesh. Job 27:3 while my breath is in me and the Spirit of the Lord is in my nostrils .

    • Michael Murtagh says:

      Also the anoiting of God travels through our nervous system while His breath moves to our lungs then mixes with our blood then through osmosis is carried to all our flesh. When we recieve Him In these ways release it and change the atmosphere wherever you are. The more you release the more you will recieve to give over and over. Job 27:3

  7. paul elvis says:

    paul elvis i am uncontolable sometimes and feel an extraordinary strenth that vibrate. at that moment i feel untouchouchable i am so bold. some times it is like heat radiate from me is that the holy spirit

    • i have too experienced it all especially when worshiping and leading in church uncontrollable feeling overshadows me and i feels not in myself anymore, shaking, flames burning inside my heart and my legs gets weaker which prompts me to kneel, then there i feels like am alone in a strange room getting ministered to…its a sweet feeling! yeah It is Him the holy spirit, keep seeking Him the more..

  8. Jason Ritten says:

    I am well aware of all the evil in the world cause I spent a year researching it, and I knew heaven and hell exist through countless testimonies I heard. So I wanted to join the good not the evil.. so I sincerely repented from all my sins, then while sitting at my computer researching Jesus teachings, I cried out and said sorry… then an electric current paralyzed my entire body, with the most soothing and most loving feeling that words cannot explain, I could hear my heart beating really fast cause I was kinda scared and didn’t know what was happening and I said “I don’t know what this is” and this feeling instantly stopped… I was mad at myself for saying that cause I later realized that was Jesus… 2 days later while I was researching more on Jesus, I felt that same serge of energy/electricity, and I said “Jesus” and BOOM he hit me with another serge, by the time I yelled out “Jesus” the 4th time I could barely utter out words cause I was paralyzed again with this soothing feeling.. but I was able to utter out “sorry” and “till the end my brother” and he responded with these serge’s of loving and soothing energy!! I was suffering from anxiety and depression before this all happened and ever since he saved me I feel great! he cleansed my soul, and blessed me with the Holy Spirit!!!

  9. Mark Broadway says:

    I’ve had two vibrating experiences so far.

    The first time was what I call a reality-dream. It was a dream but I know that something real transpired (I believe dreams are more real than many people think because the Spirit does not sleep). So I was lying in bed in the natural and in the dream. A being (I believe Melchizedek) came and hovered over me. I could not see the being, but I could feel its presence. I tried to look at its face, but I was unable. This being was vibrating over me and causing me to vibrate at a higher frequency. The way I described it was that my vibrational frequency was being raised. In this first example, the vibrating was quite violent. I was unable to move voluntarily but by hands and arms were moving quite a bit. I eventually fell out of the bed and slowing i regained control of my body.

    The second experience occurred a few nights ago. I was going to sleep and praying to Jesus, “Penetrate me with your fiery sword of Truth and Love.” This was my heart’s position as I fell asleep. A few hours later, I had this dream that I slowly awoke from, but the activity contented even long after I returned to consciousness. There were 3-6 angels “working” on me. They were doing something to facilitate my vibrating. I felt it mainly in my hands. In the dream I saw myself as a square divided into 9 squares. The middle square of each of the four sides of the large square where arrows. I was being stretched and expanded (to the four corners of the earth, I thought). After I made a smooth transition into being awake, I could hear the voices of the angels talking to each other about me, and I began to see a silhouette of an angelic form. The angels were kind of funny, but the next morning, I couldn’t remember exactly what they were saying. For several minutes I felt a Holy Spirit bomb drop on to me and cause a vibrating in my body and especially my hand. This would slowly ebb and then the next bomb would come. I was trying to keep my level of consciousness down so that it wouldn’t stop. I eventually went back to sleep.

    I’m just wondering what this whole thing is about. I’ve been hearing about God’s children beginning to vibrate more and more this past few months.

    • Murtagh Michael says:

      I’ve been vibrating since 1965. Finally got saved in1970 and Jesus verbally spoke to me and “Michael I am the Messiah” not being a church goer never heard that term before. Then I went down under His mighty power I was out for 15-20 mins and was baptized in a sea of peace and love and being the hippy I was then I thought how cool is this, this is all I’ve been looking for, I should on this stuff for sure. Everyday since then I’ve been awaking to His frequency feeling the anointing in my body ever since. The glory of God is his face the perfection of beauty and holiness. The arm of God is his anointing His power extended to us to administer heaven on earth we are the portals to restore his garden and that he may walk with us once again here on earth. This frequency we feel in our bodies is the outflow of his resurrection power bringing life tour flesh. Death no longer working in our members because Jesus canceled death on the cross and rose from the dead so do we rise with him by receiving his anointing in our flesh. The goosebumps we feel in our flesh is spirit touching flesh it is the very resurrection life of Christ bringing life to our flesh thus the flesh responds. At salvation or spirit is restored born of incorruptible seed Titus 3:5 at water baptism we receive a new mind ezk [26] A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.
      [27] And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.
      . Spirit has been redeemed ou mind has been redeemed now our flesh is being redeemed by every breath we breathe Job 27:3 while my breath is in me, and the Spirit of God is in my nostrils, breathe in the breath of God and receive life your flesh. This Scripture shows us that there are two things going on here his breath and God’s breath, don’t just breathe air but breathe in his breath this is all done by faith just as in salvation, full salvation the restoration of man, this the message of life.

  10. Claudie. says:

    I had terrible panic attacks so I had to leave my familys celebration of Christmas. The following morning I was waking up & dreading the new day. I turned from my stomach to my back & sorta relinquished myself thinking. I just wish I knew why I’m here & what is it all about. I received the most tremendous vibration radiating slowly
    from my feet up & out through my head then it repeated itself. All the while I felt great joy & peace for I knew this was god . It took me years to know that this was the holy spirit. Still I doubted so my anxiety remained. My grandfather years earlier experienced the same thing after a dream about his deceased mother. I’ve read of ppl experienceING similar vibrations while having out of body experiences. Does anyone know the difference? I know that I felt gods presence.

  11. I have been seeking God like crazy lately. Consuming scripture and praying and fasting in search of more of Him. A couple times now for no apparent reason there has been a low buzzing/vibrating power in my ears at no special time for no apparent special reason. I have no history of tinnitus or similar problems. Has anyone had anything similar. I have been begging Him to be able to hear Him and I hope it’s a breakthrough.

    • Mark Broadway says:

      I heard the vibrations last week:

      I just had another (my third, I think) vibration experience in the night hours. I awoke from sleep (no dreams) and saw in the Spirit (my imagination) a light fly from right to left in a arc shape (like a smile). I knew it was an angel. I perceived that my wife saw it too, and she said, “do you know how to talk to angels?” I was like, “I’ll try” and I began speaking in tongues. As soon as I did, the vibration bomb dropped on me. I opened my eyes a bit and I could see light from outside coming in my window. I continued to speak in tongues and I though my wife was too, but my hearing of my voice and hers was cut in half because the predominant sound what this vibrating.

      After a few moments it stopped. I asked her if she had experienced all that but she was simply asleep (no dreams). However, as I laid down in bed that night, I felt (from no effort of my own) my Spirit expand to about the size of my bed. I could feel my body inside my self (strangest thing). I could feel my wife inside me. So I think what I experienced in the Spirit included her spirit because I actually had her in my spirit. Any way it’s all very cool.

      I’m just now listening to Episode 9 “Simply Believe” with Jeff Jansen on the Company of Burning Hearts Podcast (Justin Abraham), and he is talking about a large group of people in the 1800s in the western part of America whom God took out and started vibrating. He says it is God getting us ready for essentially bring Heaven to Earth. Sounds excellent. Check out that podcast if you haven’t. I promise it will bless you. Justin Abraham will administer the Joy of the Lord! Sweetness.

  12. Tee Jay says:

    Hi I’m 17 years old and last summer something happened that the bishop of my church still hasn’t explained to me despite the fact that he said he will. It was convention and I went to the alter with the mindset of being filled with God’s Holy Spirit, I was there for a really long time right till the end of the service, Throughout that time a women was praying for me. I began feeling this electric current running throughout my body all the way to my face, my eyes, unable to open my eyes and see clearly. I was also saying something and nothing was coming out of my mouth, I couldn’t speak. I was literally paralyzed pins and needles everywhere right till my fingers, unable to open my eyes or even speak. Even when I was crying I was quiet, no voice coming out of me! After that I didn’t return to church until recently, I have been googling it since last year but nobody has experience what I have.

    • Tee Jay says:

      The way it ended and I felt normal again was when everyone was around me praying but it was my mum who was screaming Jesus so loud it shook the church and the electric current went, I could move my body and open my eyes again.

      • 1 John 4:1-2 Tells us to test the spirits for there will be many false ones, or ones that come from the enemy. The way you test the spirits is by questioning them whether they acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and is God. Many times, you won’t get an audible response, but rather, it will be more like a feeling.

        If and when this experience happens again, make sure you reach deep in your soul and ask if this is of Christ, son of God. If it is, then it is of God. Otherwise, if it tells you no or you feel that it is not, it is of the enemy.

        You are young like me (I’m 20), and so we must prepare ourselves for spiritual warfare. Please do not go into mystical experiences without proper preparation…just how a soldier wouldn’t go into battle without his weapons, armor, and training. Ephesians 6:10-20 instructs you on the methods of how to prepare for spiritual war, of which we are all in.

    • Kenneth Parks says:

      I had that experience when I was 12 or 13

    • Bryan Mansfield says:

      I hope you went to see a medical professional.

  13. Iam from India..
    From a different religion…
    Everyday when I get into prayers with eyes closed..
    I can see blue green color and strong vibrations that
    Shook me out…what is it ..iam confused…waiting for help

    • Bryan Mansfield says:

      Amazing…thanks for sharing your experience to help us see that ALL people can have spiritual/mystical/neurologically exceptional experiences regardless of their religion.

  14. Mystic Murt says:

    In in Christianity we call this the anointing this is the power of the Holy Spirit to man. It usually travels along the nervous system, which is attached to our muscles and the response of the flesh is goosebumps this is spirit touching flesh . It is very energizing. Usually blue means heavenly and green means healing. It sounds like the Holy Spirit is trying to get in touch with you he is part of the Trinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Other religions interpret this as the life force.

  15. God uses me in the financing of a global ministry that he called me to begin from our front yard in 2005. We started with the financing we had and mainly by faith we met international ministers and planted our ministries in their countries through their churches. As we obeyed God our ministries grew into 59 countries with over 1,940 ministers. We are waiting for him to fund our mission of Christian global evangelism and outreach projects. God has been training me in how to receive divine wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18) and establish covenant/our mission. I always know when wealth of any amount is coming into my hand because the Holy Spirit quickens me every 15 minutes, while I am awake with an unction from the Holy Spirit that includes tongues, twinges, and it churns my spirit from the inside out until the money lands in my hands or bank account, No one has to tell me that they sent me money or money is on the way to me. The Holy Spirit reveals the truth to me.

  16. Michiel Rautenbach says:

    Good day all.
    I Got saved by accepting Jesus as my personal Savior in 1996 in 2012 I received the Holy Spirit and the gift to speak in tongues. (That was an super supernatural experience by itself )
    On 30 April I made the decision to be baptized in death through the water in Jesus Christ.
    This was at the Mighty Men Conference in the Karoo South Africa.

    I quit my old life stop drinking etc. and started worshiping God when ever I can or cant. 🙂
    And spreading the good News of Jesus.

    Recently during worship or prayer and especially when i lay in bed to sleep my whole body starts to vibrate intensely and i get scared because i do not understand it.
    And then i start praying loudly and it might continue without stopping for long periods, I even rebuked it in the name of the Jesus thinking it could be a visitation by something else. but it keeps on happening and increasing in intensity and intervals.

    Some times i phase between what i think is real and another place but I can see the same environment during this episodes,

    After the Pastor told me that it is the Holy Spirit. I am accepting and inviting this vibrant vibrating energy inside me.

    Can anyone of you tell me more about this.
    I am a bit confused still because i cannot explain the fear I have some times. it almost feels like the fear is outside of me or not part of me. Could this be because of the baptism?

    I remember when i was baptized it was outside in the Karoo and -4’C
    I was shaking of cold before i went into the water and when i came out i was not cold anymore neither was I shaking.
    then people started hugging me and They felt the heat radiating from me into their bodies through their thick winter jackets. and they were all surprised by it.

    I did not feel heat on or in me just that it was not freezing anymore.
    I was the first one to be baptized at that water tank and it was about 10:00 PM.
    The people following also burnt the people that touched them.

    The vibrating energy started happening to me only the last 2 months

    Can someone please enlighten me with a bit more information.

    • Hey man, the same exact thing happens to me. I will feel weight come on my chest, or my legs, or my stomach, and sometimes the weight on my stomach is so heavy, the motions my body goes through seem like I’m convulsing. However, I know it is from God. Like you, it usually happens when I’m getting ready to sleep, but it also happen anytime during the day–basically, at any point I dialogue with God.

      This only started happening to me when someone got a prophetic word that I was called to be an intercessor. So my thought is that it’s a burden to pray from God. However, I do not understand it very well at this point, and it seems as though the burden never lifts. But I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone 🙂

      • My advice is to ask God Himself to reveal it to you, whether it is him or the enemy. You can rebuke it in Jesus’ name too. If it’s gone, then it must be an attack from the enemy.

        When I was first baptized with the Holy Spirit, I got involved in an intense spiritual warfare. I was devoted in prayer and it seemed that the devil did not like it that I got this gift of prayer language I was using to attack him. The devil attacked me in return. I remember I often had something heavy or something that paralyzed me when I was about to sleep or during my sleep. I felt fear, could not move, and the only thing that could free me from the oppression was speaking in tongues and calling out Jesus’ name. The heaviness suddenly fled and I was free. It was scary and unpleasant. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that it was the enemy trying to intimidate me.

        • Since I have fully accepted Jesus as my Savior and repented, I also have been attacked as well as my family and home.I simply rebuke the evil in His name and it ends. I have no fear now that I know the power of Jesus name alone..

    • hi I found these vibrations overwhelming at first my hands move and vibrate and i feel the vibrations in my body but it doesn’t move. Sometimes I get very hot. I would hold my hands up in worship but the feeling was so strong I couldn’t hold them up my arms come down in surrender. I felt I was to small and weak to contain the Holy Spirit. Then God made me realize I wasn’t to contain the Spirit but to let it flow through me to others. Often I will feel led to pray for someone or to pray for their healing.
      John 7 38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

  17. These vibrations, I am pretty sure, is the Holy Spirit, which is a foreign divine entity, exactly how Lord Jesus said, which lives in the blood, very much like the midi-chlorians in Star Wars. You do not get it at baptism as priests like to say but by grace after a vision, as Christ says `You need to be re-born`, which literally means you die, but your soul gets back again. Behold second life is possible without entering again in your mother`s womb, as Nicodemus thought.

    It is a quantum phenomenon also, whenever you pray or just think of it, you feel the vibration in your blood especially in your head. Creates aura also, and at times, but very rarely, all of these millions of tiny `particles` get the same spin and transmit a force of fabulous magnitude, sometimes combined with love, towards other people, which can be of any religion. In time, over the years, as they continually circulate in the blood they physically change over every single cell in your body…You are transformed in a new race…

    Sole Deo Gratias!

  18. Hi my name is Nonceba from South Africa, when pray my mouth vibrantes, sometimes l feel like it should just stop but it doesn’t, and when l’m in church or when l read the word l feel some heat inside my chest and my back or during worship, is it normal

  19. oyinkansola says:

    each moment i think about the fact that i am a spirit and God lives in me, i feel the vibration and weakens my body but i think this means my spirit is strengthened by this and i am really glad this is happening to me because it makes me have more faith in God and it reminds me that he is with me. when i praise i fell strong vibrations but it comes and go and i honestly think this is the moments of my life i have the strongest faith and awareness of God

  20. MysticMurt says:

    You are experiencing the Kingdom of God ! Yes! John3:3,5 Jesus answered him, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that unless a person is born again (anew, from above), he cannot ever see (know, be acquainted with, and experience) the kingdom of God. [5] Jesus answered, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, unless a man is born of water and [even] the Spirit, he cannot [ever] enter the kingdom of God. [Eze 36:25-27.]
    You are coming into alignment with the kingdom of God and in the book of John we see the keys to the kingdom your spirit must be redeemed at salvation your soul is redeemed and water baptism, and when you get filled with the Holy Spirit your frequency level increases and you are experiencing the kingdom of God .

  21. I believe when we feel a humming or a vibration in our body it is God healing us. When I found out I had Hepatitis B I would feel a vibration down around my liver and today my Hepatitis B is cured. Im planning to have a colonoscopy soon and for the past 2 days im feeling that vibration in my buttocks. God is so good. I feel once I have this done the results will be good. Praise God. He Is my Healer!!

  22. keith mcdonald says:

    I am not a religious man, but i am a good man , and try to live a good life .My partner became seriously ill, i turned to god and my parents who i believe are angels. My partner was told she would die within 48hrs, and the ”end of life team’ started working with her.
    Food and medication was stopped and all drips removed, she was left to pass away………alone with her in the hospital room, i layed hands on her head and asked for divine intervention…and prayed, and asked for help from the lord and my parents………..the next day at the amazement of hospital staff ,she started to stir…..they took blood from her, and the results showed a remarkable improvement….she is still hospitalised but is now on a recovery ward…i asked for help and think i go it… i layed my left hand on her head, and held my right in the air ,i felt a surge.
    For 5 minutes, a vibrating sensation went across my body …i could not help but smile , as i felt this power surge across my body towards hers…..i cannot explain what has happened , but it is a life changing event

  23. Hello Dear Bros and sisters,
    My testimony so long…
    I am looking for those who experienced holy spirit or anointed.
    Feeling like “electric wave sensation” soft… head to toe up and down… feeling warm well somewhat hot… After this, Bible is so easy to understand…
    please contact me…

  24. I am almost done with my second reading. When I was 12 and 13 yrs old I was reading about many of these concepts. My former company was call Concept Dynamics. I actually stopped doing any school work when I was 15 because the education system was so narrow minded. I got “saved” when I was 16 and was told if it’s not the Bible it’s of the devil. So, 50 years later I am finding out that Adoni was in everything I was reading and Satan stole all those years from me.

    I am a creator and I have a design for a vehicle that I named “Good Vibrations”. I know people will question my spelling because I am changing it to “God Vibrations” from the book. My Uncle had given me a VHS in the 80s on a hydrogen car and a friend and I were trying to develop it but we got frightened off when the 3rd person we knew that was working with it died under questionable circumstances. My friend had discovered that by the use of frequencies (vibrations) the hydrogen could be separated from the oxygen more efficiently. It was interesting about the water car mentioned in the book, but that seems to be something that has not been perused because that had to be several years ago.

  25. People… God in is His all seeing, all knowing, all powerful, and ever present nature would not send electrocuting vibrations through humans for the mere fact of making you feel high, causing good bumps or anything of the sorts. We exprience His presence in such a way because there is a great chasm between our nature and His nature and glory. When the disciples were filled with the Spirit, they immediately preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and began to prophecy. Anytime God manifests His power in this way, it is for the soul purpose of empowering the believer. “But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit is come upon.” Acts 1:8…. God is not a drug, and does not operate in such carnal foolishness.

  26. Sheila Surber says:

    I’m glad I found this site. Today at church we had a few visitors, and I was making my way around to welcome them and introduce myself. A young man was standing in the back of the church alone. I approached him and, while shaking his hand, told him my name and asked him what is name was. He said “Abraham”. At that moment, it almost felt like time stood still. A shot of electricity started at the top of my head and went to my feet. I have never had such an experience. I was still holding on to his hand with this happening and all I said to him was “You are blessed.” I said that to him three times, and I have no idea why. His demeanor never really changed. The rest of the service, my hands shook and I was quivering inside. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this.

  27. Yes, this quivering inside happens with me also at times, in the presence of important spiritual people.

  28. I experienced an amazing take over of my body by God’s spirit when I was going through a very difficult time at my former job. The place had become very toxic and I really didn’t think I should remain there but I thought I had to because I was the head of department. Anyway one day after teaching I got into my car and as I was driving out from underground parking I felt a Huge wave of energy and power completely take over my body ( don’t know how this was happening while I was still driving) this experience continued and I felt a presence to my left tell me Leave. I knew it meant for me to leave my job. I asked don’t you want me to stay and fight) And I just remember feeling the answer was no) I also felt protected like this was almost a life and death intervention. Fast forward to present and I left my job am now married with two children and bought our house. I truly believe it was a good thing that I listened to God’s spirit and it has opened my spiritual eyes and ears. This world is so deep and our relationship with God is so critical. Worship God and humble yourself and he will lead you. I love you God. Blessings

  29. I believe that you are anointed… God has poured oil on you…I don’t think it just happen…
    You must have experienced something before this happen…
    repent, accepted Christ, tears of Joy, peace etc….

    Some called this “spiritual awakening” in Yoga… but we know this got to do with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit… It happen when you said “God Bless You”… Blessed Assurance…

    Your Spirit just born again…
    It happened to me 4 years ago… and happened again and again since I didn’t know what was happening…. God’s calling….

    This message is for Sheila Surber…

    I asked contact me who had this experience but no one did to me…
    How can not if one truly have this extraordinary… it is very hard to find one in person…
    almost impossible… we are here at this blog and we are so happy to find there are others… why not get to know each other…. we know that one who has heart of Jesus…
    even many of us are not from noble family, weak, from bottom of society who has nothing but Jesus now….

  30. I feel this pretty often. I’ll cry and shake when I know the Lord is talking to me… or when I’m talking about him this happens. I have the full story of my conversion at for anyone who wants to read it. I’ve gotten some good feedback on it so far, that it has the ability to help those who are unsaved.
    God Bless!!!

  31. I have never felt this feeling in my life until recently.
    I pray a lot everday and i have never felt this.
    I had a dream about my mom that passed. It was not a bad dream, but it made me sad because i miss her. I woke up crying. I then prayed to god. I asked him if he can allow me to feel a touch, a hug, a kiss, or just her presence to comfort me. I then felt a strong energy on almost all the right side of my body for a good 10 seconds or so.
    Before this dream and experience i was always dreaming of my mom everday. And it made me so sad, i couldnt sleep. After this. I asked got to please not bring me any dreams of her. Good or bad. I told god it was torture for me. I told him i do not want to experience her in anyway unless it is her. And suprisingly i went over a week of no dreams of her. And before this i was dreaming of her everyday for 2 weeks or so. And after that prayer/experience i had a dream of her. I was telling her i miss her and i want to be with her. And she said i cant go yet because she wants a lot of grandchildren. And i have not had a dream of her since that.

  32. All I can do is try to explain what it is that happened. This happened October 22, 2010 and as of today, Jan. 6 2017, I have experienced this only twice more but my belief and testimony in Jesus and my life as a Christian is stronger than ever.

    Here’s what happened nearly seven years ago, as I wrote it that very day:

    I took a nap in the afternoon, completely overwhelmed with a feeling of being tired. I got little sleep the night before, but was extremely tired.

    Before I went to sleep, in prayer, I asked Jesus to please reach out to me and show himself to me. I even went as far as specifically, almost mentioning, that he could reach me through a dream and that I would take notice if he did.

    I fell asleep pretty quickly, seeing bright visions of blue and movements of yellow in my eyes. I woke up a couple of times during the nap, either from my phone or my alarm. I hit the snooze once and it’s in that moment that I was given the strongest message yet.

    As I was in a dream state, a dream of my brother at the door was interrupted, by thunderous waves almost striking my body. It was intense and had me literally gasping for my breath. It was as if energy was being powered into my body. With each strong wave, came a noise that sounded like a thunder almost. What I saw was bright, electric blue and white light – like nothing I had ever seen before. In that light, very CLEARLY, was the image of Jesus. It was never clear or vivid, but a definite outline of him. I was saying, at least trying to, say his name. This happened maybe 5-6 times with thunderous feelings through my body (almost like a handicapping seizure). Until finally I felt the feeling of my body flipping through the air and landing on the floor next to my bed. Still, in the dream, I woke up (again, the feeling of waking up but still being in the dream). I was exhausted at this point and the dream went back to more of a reality – a friend and his girlfriend stopped by the house. Then, I woke up.

    It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I woke up incredibly weak, with something that was undeniable.

  33. The lord never gave us a spirit of fear, he is known as the prince of peace ,his word is peace to those who find it and health to their flesh , pray and ask for the blood of jesus to wash you , praise and worship the lord, if you need good references to help you search youtube for kenneth hagin and his teachings on healings they are true to gods word and powerful.
    I pray and speak in tongues often throughout my day as i talk to my lord through his spirit that dwells in me, I dont always feel electricity, but i always have faith that his word is true and his promises are solid and faithful.
    After prayer and meditation in the lord his anointing comes on and i feel the charged , and throughout my day i have moments where his charge touches me , but it is always peaceful and love is in it,, ALWAYS

  34. Readonna Terry says:

    I have had a few experiences 1 is when i was praying asking the Lord what my gift was and when went to sleep i was in my spirit body standing before Him as i was asending i could togues a strong vibrations when i got there it was completely white light He began to talk with me some in english and some in tongues He said my gift was laying on of hands then more tongues then i went back into my body and lighting bolt hit my stomach and i woke up it was awesome! When i was there i seen a glispe of a strange being look like a lion mixed with something. Then one time i sang praises and i smelt a sweet cherry bloosoms like smell i have had the Holy Spirit rest on me and give a spiritual massage when i was really feeling down

    • How do you know it wasn’t your guardian angel giving you a message. I’ve had confusion if it is the angles energy that I feel or Holy Spirit. I feel as if they all have a different way for us to know there presence.

      • Annette Gibbs says:

        Well I have not read anywhere in scripture that the angels are supposed to indwell in us. But I have heard that the Holy Spirit would.

  35. During worship at our nondenominational church service, I started to shake. At first it was just my feet that started to shake. I turn toward my son Eli, to show him, excited and surprised about my foot. Eli stepped on my foot, wanting to not draw any attention from others of this. My hands started to shake as we continued singing. Since then, the shaking happens during most worship times. My pastor says this is how some of our bodies react to the presence of The Holy Spirit. I love this!

  36. One night when I was crying out to God in the darkadark and laying down, bright white lights in different forms kinda hovered over me. I felt tremendous peace and felt I was filled up. It was warm and energizing. Every since i feel or receive especially when worshipping or song the vibrations and heat at times. I also see lights kinda like halos behind certain people and trees now. But the one amazing thing that I have Never shared or was sure if it was from God is the raining down on me white lights like raindrops. Has anyone else every seen these or lights around things

    • OMG I’m quite excited to here you mention rain! I have seen rain quite often and have wondered what it meant. Do you have any idea? I see colors like mist.. which I believe are angles. I also see images that look like fireworks, fire, white smoke, smelt flowers and one raunchy smell at times. I haven’t opened up much about my experiences but I’m happy I was led to this page

    • Annette Gibbs says:

      Yes when I was praying over my 7 year old granddaughter. She was having night terrors over and over. I stood at the end of her bed for hours. It was spiritual warfare for sure. Finally after hours she was in a peaceful sleep. I was Every kind of tired you can imagine. I laid down and drifted off to sleep and woke up started and looked over to check on her. I asked Holy Spirit if she was going to be ok and a cluster of white lights appeared on the ceiling above her. He answered,”Rest she’s safe now”. But not in a audible voice.

  37. Bryan Mansfield says:

    Wow! amazing how many people believe that normal biological processes are the result of some connection with the divine. Y’all are strange! Love ya!

    • Can you explain to me what your normal biological experiences have been that compare to what I spoke of above or what others have on this blog. I do believe they are from the Divine but would like to hear what your explanation is. Thanks Nicole

      • Bryan Mansfield says:

        The nucleus accumbens is an area of the brain that carries out “reward center” functions and also the placebo effect. People who feel “spiritual” connections often claim to feel what you experienced: warmth, heat, seeing lights, other visual effects, vibrations, etc. but those things can be shown to be caused by your own neurological processes. In other words, there is an explanation for those phenomena that does not require an external force such as “God” as most people think of it. Instead, it might just be that your own mind IS God. As you connect with yourself, you connect with divinity.

        • Annette Gibbs says:

          Bryan instead of trying to explain to us the scientific reasons for what we all have experienced. Why don’t you just simply ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you that he is alive and real? Right now is the perfect time. Allow me,”Father God in the NAME OF JESUS I ask that you would reveal yourself your heart to your son Bryan. Let him have Revelations visions and dreams for your Glory! In Jesus Name I pray Amen! Peace

          • Manfred araya says:

            Annette don’t argue with Brian and pray for him that God reveals himself in his life. Brian doesn’t believe and analyzing and trying to understand God’s supernatural will take you no where. This things are in faith and will never reach those who live by sight.

          • Annette Gibbs says:

            I am not arguing with Bryan Manfred? I go boldly and that’s what I am led to do for God’s Glory. Can you please agree with me in prayer for Bryan? God bless us all and let us Walk in the Authority that he has given us with love, Mercy, Strength and God’s truth.

          • Manfred araya says:

            Annette I do agree with you in prayer. God bless you

        • Jimmy Spencer says:

          Bryan, a few quick questions, done truly in peace:

          1. What happens if these visions are then carried out in reality (“real life”) and confirmed by multiple witnesses, all relating back to the initial vision? And this does not apply to coincidences or the gluing together of hopes.

          2. If the brain functions as you describe, is your desire for unbelief, or lack of desire for belief, potentially infringing on your ability to see as others see? Why does it only work one way?

          3. If science is seen as the reason how things happen, it still doesn’t explain the why. Could not the answer simply be that the “reward center” that triggers the neurological process is part of the creative design? That’s like explaining there is no watch maker because you can explain how the gears function.

          The fact that you found this post and cared enough to read the comments showed you have an interest here. Even if your point is right, and we all ended up here because science had a big day (still not explaining where all of this comes from), don’t you deserve to give yourself an open mind rather than current evidence that, as described here, doesn’t actually derail God as much as it does explain Him?

  38. Mario Hernandez says:

    sometimes when i pray i feel an amazing surge of energy throughout my body, kinda like goosebumps but a very comforting peaceful feeling! i know its the holy spirit its God. its a loving feeling. i sometimes listen to this video on youtube of healing verses and just by listening i feel the holy spirit of God. he is real guys praise the lord almighty oh how much i love Jesus christ God bless everyone and their testimonies on here its really a divine connection of Love! again i recommend listening to these healing verses he has such an angelic voice bless his soul lord Jesus!

  39. I am currently experiencing the divine presence of the Holy Spirit and it is overwhelming. The vibration and tingling sensations are eminent every time I am talking to him and while sleeping I sometimes wake up early morning feeling the Spirit flowing inside my whole being. It gives me an enhanced sensitivity in breathing and hearing like suddenly the flow of air in my nose is smoothly perfect than normal. I can’t explain the feeling and my senses in hearing increased in an unbelievable way. I don’t understand exactly what’s going on but it felt so good and peaceful. I was all aware and was proclaiming God’s goodness expressing how grateful I am feeling his holy presence. His glorious might is astounding.

  40. The most amazing thing happening last night, when meditating in the word and getting spiritually connected I feel tingling sensation through out my body and my lips especially. Last night I had this over whelming feeling that Jesus was calling me to hug him. I reached my arms up for praise, my arms came down I wrapped myself in the best hug I have ever felt. I felt at peace that God is working in me, all is well!! Has anyone else felt that Jesus was asking for a Hug? Praise God in his glorious name Jesus!!

  41. James Pat says:

    Yes!! This is my experience too, and I believe they affirm one another. In mine I saw the outline of Jesus.

  42. Everytime I sing praise and worship, I feel tingling in my hands and my arms then it would be like they become paralyzed.

  43. Whenever I lead worship and engage deeper I feel my hand having a shock and numb, then flames burning inside deep within my heart and my legs get weak to contain my body balance to remain standing therefore it prompts me to kneel. Then another uncontrollable power carries me into a secure roomed place. I feel alone but in a deeper worship forgetting I am leading but feeling gives me peace and I feel relieved….is this the manifestation of God or what?

  44. Sonia Mata says:

    The experiences I have had with reaching a connection with the Holy Spirit have been all too amazing. I feel this warmth, this deep emotional love I can’t control it and it’s coming out of me. I see the brightest sight but with my eyes shut, I clap and jump uncontrollably, and sometimes just fall with no feeling of pain. After I have this feeling of peace and an overwhelming joy.

  45. Last night i read my Bible for the first time in a very long time.. I lost my way .. But i want to get to know our God ❤
    So i read the Bible and when i was done i put my hand on the Bible and started to pray.. I asked God to help me find my way back to Him and be a true child of God. As soon as i asked Him that, my whole body started to vibrate but i just kept on praying.. What does that mean can someone please help me figure it out?

  46. Hi Alicia, I believe its the power of the Holy Spirit. It was given to you the moment you asked for it. Just as it is written on Mathew 7:7 “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. God is responding to your needs and prayers by making you feel his presence.He is waiting for us to invite him in our life and have a relationship with him. I pray that you will continue to dig deeper to his word and embrace him to your life with an open heart. God Bless You 🙂

  47. Michael Murtagh says:

    Job 27:[3] All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils;
    When I look at the scripture I see two things happening The first part of this scripture is the natural man breathing in air, the second part of the scripture in the Spirit of God is in my nostrils is the spiritual man breathing by faith so are you breathing air or the Spirit of God are we heavenly minded or naturally minded. When you’re seeking the Lord and you’re focused take in slow deep breath’s and breathe in the Holy Spirit and let the Holy Spirit touch your whole being let the Spirit of God touch your body and bring in resurrection life. Goosebumps are the result of Spirit touching flesh it travels along our nervous system and then we get goosebumps that is the life of God touching your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The same thing is happening like when the woman who spent her life savings trying to get healed, she knew if she would but just touch the hem of his garment that she would be healed this is faith in action Jesus turned around and wanted to know who touched me he did not heal her per se but she pulled healing into her body by faith if I could just touch the hymn of his garment I will be healed . So now we should breathe by faith resurrection life with each breath we take .

  48. Michael Murtagh says:

    Zakithi, in these last days the Holy Spirit is being poured out as never before. The word of God the Bible is our guide and everything that happens to us. I use the word of God to confirm everything that happens to me . When the Lord walked on the earth he use signs and wonders to draw all people to himself. The most important thing is for us to focus on our Lord in our relationship with him following the word God. My first experience with the Holy Spirit was at salvation having never been to church before I didn’t know what it meant to be slain in the spirit I did go down into the power and was out for about 15 to 20 minutes in the most beautiful realm I have ever experienced, I know now the Lord use that experience to draw me to himself that he is real. I do not seek the signs and wonders anymore because my relationship with the Lord is so much more fulfilling just loving on him just talking to him giving him my troubles of my problems working out my salvation with fear and trembling . When you are in a gathering of people such as worship the most important thing for us to focus on is not to be a distraction for all the glory is to be for our Lord. We do not want people to focus on us even when you’re going through experiences but to keep our focus on the Lord that all glory goes to him. In my experience I do not want to draw to attention to myself but to help others find the Lord and a deeper realm of worship. On the day of Pentecost and the weeks that followed into months some have seemed to act drunk a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit but as we grow and mature we don’t act drunk any longer but keep our eyes on drawing others to Christ decently and in order is very important because some people might not understand what is going on when people are reacting what they perceived to be something strange, so we walk and move and have our being before others in the Lord in a matter that will draw people to Christ. When you first encounter the Holy Spirit we are young and immature but as we grow in maturity in Christ we do things decently and in order this is very important, I hope this helps.
    P.S. as for the Golddust that you are experiencing I don’t understand that stuff and the purpose for it maybe one day I will but as for now I focus on him in worship and adoration.

  49. Joseph says:

    I experienced, overwhelming peace and comfort having cried out to God to heal me from anxiety and strange thoughts. The earth shook beneath my flat as I lay on my bed, there was a pulsating warm white light when i closed my eyes. It felt like the presence of God and the Holy Spirit for sure. It was a super experience and I was dancing, singing and clapping for days.

  50. Ann Fountain says:

    I don’t understand what Michael is saying about control yourself, I am 60 years old this year, and I start having these experience this year at church when we singing praise my legs are shaking and if I am sitting down I get the urge to stand and wave my hand or shout out in praise. I also experience about 3 times this year where all of a sudden my body is vibrating it happens at church, I have no control over it, I am a person that does not like to draw attention, it just happen without warning. my husband does not like to go to church he makes me feel bad and talks about how I bring attention to myself, how can you control something you have no control over. I don’t understand myself what is going on with me but one of the lady prophets at a church I went to say that God is showing me he is with me and that is what I believe I am wanting God to speak directly to me, I have had some others experience in my life but I notice that my dreams may have some meaning, I don’t remember all my dream but there are a few that I think may mean something so if there is anyone that can interpret dream, the first one I found myself in this large room and it had a door that went outside and it seemed void when I first walked out like dark and nothing until I see another door and I open that door and in this room there is some people I didn’t see there faces but this one lady stood out among the rest because she was larger then the rest, and all of a sudden I knew that this lady was gong to the first room I was in to lock me out so I begin run back to the first room, I was also feeling afraid and before I could get to the door she had locked me out I wondering why did she do this to me, I felt my husband may have been in the room as well because I was also wondering why he did not tell me about these people that was in that second room, so while I was standing there struggling trying to open the door all of a sudden its like I was told to look around there was another door I could go through instead of struggling with that door and I awake from that dream and about a months later I had another dream I was walking down this path and got to a big gulley it was wide and very deep I begin to fear about crossing so I decided to go down in the gulley backward, so as I turn around to go down in the gulley I was told to look up the road and when I looked up it was paved with green grass no gulley was up there so now I am able to go across without trying to climb down into the gulley. what does that mean I felt in both dreams he was try to make a way out for me where I would not have to struggle. if anyone have any answer for me please let me know

    • I feel like your first dream may be about people judging you and you trying to follow gods path for you and the second dream he has seen your struggle and if you look for it you will find your path

  51. Annette Martinez says:

    I would like to know why some experience the Vibrations​/Electric shock sensations and some do not? I did experience The Holy Spirit and I do know why. I was desperate on my knees crying out to God in complete surrender. But do a lot of people. I literally believed at first that it was my upstairs neighbors​ using a drill in their apartment. Then my second thought was is this a Earth quake. My third thought was am I having a stroke or seizure. Lying on my bed I realized it was God. I was scared and didn’t tell anyone for a long time. It would happen alot.And it would get more intense. Like something was being done internal. Than I started seeing patterns of numbers to much to be coincidence.Now visions and dreams.And I believe that I have always had the gift of discernment but I know that it’s been really heightened. I have researched for years and I still have slot of questions. I also found myself being woke up at 3,4&5am. I figured that when I cried out to God for my family I asked him for a lot of things. So he said” Wake up and spend time with me “! I met others with gifts from God and I was able to get some understanding. I can go on and on about different ways I have encountered God.But I have questions about why one out of 100 experience God in this way? I am not sure that I should even ask. The visions and dreams have been profound. God Bless

    • Ann Fountain says:

      Annette Martinez this is Ann Fountain I was wanting to talk with you I feel like you can understand more about my dreams with your gift of discernment and your gift of numbers your reply was 7 days after mine that caught my attention for some reason, with your gift of number it may mean something, I wish we could have a group section and talk about these experiences, if you can find the time to contact me or if its ok I can call you here is my email

      • All creation is is waiting for the sons of God to arise in faith and set creation free. God can do all this without us but He desires to work through us to do this. So when we pray in faith in the operation of God He will move through us to heal do miracles on and on. So the result of moving through us to answer prayers we will partake of His resurrection power the anointing and be blessed ourselves as we see other ministered to. The anointing travels along our nervous system, that’s why get goose bumps its Spirit touching flesh, our flesh is responding to the power of God. We were made this way, spirit soul, and body working together as one full man receiving the fullness of God. What a great salvation.

  52. Alone one evening in prayer I dedicated my life to Jesus and then I asked him to Baptize me in the Holy Spirit [Acts 2:1-5; Matthew 3:11]. Keeping my eyes closed a warmth descended on me, it began on my head and moved all the way down to my feet. It was so comforting. Tears began to flow, but not emotional. Jesus felt so real, I thought wow I never have to worry about anything in life again, because God’s Word is Truth & my life is in His Hands now. Walk in His Spirit, witness to others so they can be Baptized in the Holy Spirit also…blessings !!

  53. When I pray for someone I get a light pounding in my head and my throat gets dry or sometimes certain parts of my spine lightly hurt what does it mean

  54. Veronica Crawley says:

    I was trying to increase gift of the Word of Knowledge. The Lord told me that one of the people I will pray for during the week will have stomach issues. A client of mine said she has nausea that is almost constant because of medical issues and medications. This client goes to psychics on a regular basis and is a unbeliever. Just before praying for her I saw a twinkle of light to my right in the air about 5 feet away and almost sumultaneously a jolt of electricity on my right shoulder/arm. About 3 seconds later the same thing happened on my left. Then my hands began to tingle as usual. I prayed for her. The client reported that she was going to stop me in the beginning of my prayer because she felt a tingle in her stomach and the nausea was gone. The Lord told me the healing would be immediate but I did not have the faith to trust that. Just 2 days prior to that prayer when I was asking for an increase in the gift of Word of Knowledge I felt that same electric jolt but do not recall seeing a sparkle.

  55. Chigozie Felix Odinaka Bona says:

    The year 2014 how it started, A pastor from a church ask me to fast 4 2 weeks, and i’m a guy that does not like alcohol but take a lot of Marijuana, but i do tell people around me not to judge me along the line i fasted for more one and half year, in a 6 am to 3 pm daily. That was how i started a journey with a free decisive heart wanting a better day ahead. In this transformation i choose decisive to fast for only one year, later as time go on, my uncle and wife had cancer, uncle had a cancer of the lung and kidney, while my aunt has breast cancer, they both dead with the interval on 3 weeks.. During this period of the year of 2015 they were in an intensive care cancer specialist clinic i pray along with my cousins for their life and i spoke in tongue for the first time and only time so far it was real i has no control over it, i stop and try to speak again at that time but continue speaking in holy tongue.. them i stop immediately and allow the rest to pray while i watch them. I needed answer but i got a answer that i don’t believe that was why i sat down. along the line i understand that God the source is way different from Jesus.. Jesus ask us to pray while in was on earth saying our father who hath in heaven, and say my father, your God. I spoke like Jesus following the trace of Jesus as christian, christ like, Right?.. Along the trace, in the year 2017 was a different year for me, I got a vision after praying and praising God only but through the media of Jesus i gave all thanks and praise to God, who create me in his image and likeness making God my father.. Later i saw a light at the sky around 2 am a light and burst sound of step then the light grow to a star like with a trace of light rays, then i get so full of a bit of fear then the light disappear.. I feel angel around me and i feel i am closer to God now.. Glory be to God, my father in heaven.

  56. When I was in high school I’m now 24 I remember crying in bed talking to God in my head about issues about my stepdad I can remember feeling sleepy and at peace then I felt like god gracefully cradled me like a baby and gently layed me down back in bed. The next morning I can remember telling my best friend who is a child to a pastor my experience and all she could tell me was that yeah it probably was God but I know better and God was with me that night and has never forsaking me and he never will. Amen.

  57. Chigozie Felix Odinaka Bona says:

    First let me share my story, and the grace of God in my life, It started how i started fasting and i did more than a year for 6- 3pm daily, then i started attending going to church twice to 3x weekend, then one day i heard that my aunty had a breast cancer, due to her faith she ignore treatment because chelmo make her feel depressed and sick, at the month past by my uncle, my aunt husband also had cancer of the lung and kidney, can you imagine.. So i was more concerned of my aunty, we all went to a catholic church around a private cancer clinic to do a candle prayer during this period i was fasting, then a non well dress pastor was called by my one of my uncle, his bible was rough, he ask everyone to hold hand and pray for my aunty at sick bed, while we were all praying i spoke in tongue without thinking i could, i stop not to say what will provoke God, try to speak again and i spoke in tongue, God forgive me, i stop and remove myself from the guarding of the prayer, then when the pastor stop, i expected he translate what just happen but he told me that i did not believe that was why i was sitting not praying but he never knew at that time the holy spirit came into me and i stop, a huge strength was removed from my stomach, i felt empty and hungry, eating the apple from the clinic.. I will never forget that day my aunty pray for me saying MAY GOD BLESS ME, but she is late now. This happened in 2014 After the years past by i did a jewish ritual of a burn offerings i hope God forgive me if i sin.. Then i pray day and night one day while i was praying under the rain, a great lightning stroke in different rays above me in blue rays, green rays, then a great lightning stroke and touch the ground close to where i was and i back it and saw the light reflect on a wall, with a sound, then my dad was sitting outside of the house with my mom, my mom told me that the lightning went round my dad that was outside, after a while i continue one sunday morning at 6 am i woke up praying i saw a red lightning on a cloud, only to sleep for 10 minutes, and got a vision where i saw God, i was sitting in a sacred place, while a man walk a step toward me and i stood up and ask who are you, then he said one word to me, God staring at me eye to eye, and i touch his face and his beard, side bum just like mine and i believe that was God, he left me and only to move 20 steps away from me , and i saw group of people maybe like 9-10-12 i didn’t count talking in circle.. Then i move to where God is and i move in the middle of a ocean of nowhere while a white underwater sea chamber was attached my left leg, and i have a thought either being inside the chamber but i choice staying up the ocean flowing through the wave and i look out no one but just the sunset in Orange then i woke up when terrify. Then a lot i have seen, Feel, observe angelic, archangel but i know soon i will be speaking with angels and archangels while i’m awake this is real which my mom ask me not to share to no one.. But to God, my father, the creator of everything within heaven and of earth All Glory, honor, dominion be giving up to him.. Amen

  58. I got saved on July 29, 2014. Shortly after, when laying hands on people or just praising Jesus my hands started to shake. It has continued till now. But the devil is telling me it’s not from God. For it can happen at any time, praying or not, watching tv, I can hold my hand out and it will shake. Is it true when u get the Holy Ghost that the shaking can continue through anything?

    • Chigozie Felix Odinaka Bona says:

      When the Holy Ghost in on you while you were praying, you will feel it, you will speak in heavenly tongue, even while you stop saying anything at that point and try to say a word you still speak in heavenly tongue, maybe a little shaking, but i know this you will be exhausted and hungry if you are fasting at that point the great gift was given to you..

    • Hi Ami, I have similar experience as yours. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues in 2010, and I had shakings then. When I pray in tongues a lot, my hands would sometimes shake. But then I’ve started to notice sometime around 2013 or 2014 that my right hand would shake even when I’m not praying in tongues. At first I thought I caught a disease or something. You’re right, it WAS the devil trying to tell me that it’s anxiety attack or some neurological disease. I continued to have the isolated right hand shaking, and I ignored negative thoughts about it. The definite answer only came in 2017, just about a couple of months ago, God was teaching me something about Him holding my right hand. It gave me so much peace to know that. I still have the shaking of the hand. However, it can be controlled, just like praying in tongues. When I pray in tongues intensely the shaking becomes more intense, and when I stop praying in tongues, the shaking also stops. It’s really interesting. Also, if I think about Jesus and how good God is, or if I’m focusing myself on Him, my right hand can shake as well. It’s involuntary, but at the same time not out of control.

  59. Amanda Brown says:

    Whenever i am going deep into the word of God the bible or listening to his word through audio and/ or in prayer and fasting and i fall asleep meditating on his word in my heart i may have a vision but sometimes i even wake up vibrating and shaking im beginning to think that our physical bodies are maybe not used to the power of the strong presence of God but thats my guess and i never experienced it untill i was born again

  60. Stephney Subramony says:

    I have started having these vibrating shakes especially as i am awaking from being asleep or worshipping the Lord. It’s also been a tough few weeks for me and I’m holding onto God with every fibre of my being. I don’t understand what is going on as I have never experienced this before.

    • Hi stephney. Sometimes when u find yourself in a pit, thats when u start experiencing God on a whole new level. Someryms thats what it takes. When i am in prayer i experience the shaking and know its the annointing going through my body. Sort of like an outflow or manifestarion of His power. In worship its His presence. I guess our bodies are not able to hold up under His nearness. His power surges thru us. However and whichever way u are experiencing it, welcome it as a blessing. Its never for nothing. Its also a reaction when Gods healing you , feep healing as tho u are undergoing spiritual surgery. Stay strong and look to Him always. Hanging onto Him is a great place to be altho we may not underand it at the time. But usually immense intimacy is born out of the fire. Stay blessed

  61. Kindly provide relevant input if available. About a year ago i heard musical chimes in my left ear twice. Following that experience ive experienced heightened sensitivity to sound in the same ear. The kind where a normal sound makes my heart thump. Its always temporary. Im quiet sensitive to the spiritual realm so it sort of feels like im picking up on a different frequency. At times it feels like my ear is opening up to another realm. Like theres a huge galaxy or something on the other end lol. I knows theres a reason for this that will be revealed to me at the right time but if anyone has experienced something similar i would greatly appreciate the input.

    • Agape Love says:

      Before I received the indwelling of the Spirit I had ringing in my ears as well as when I was awakening from a slumber I would hear a distant train and sometimes a dj talking on radio station like from an older era. I received God’s annointing indwelling of His Spirit within 3 years after many other supernatural occurrences. I have heard people refer to it as the Glory Train. Not sure about that. O too have always been sensitive to the spiritual realm. Perhaps there will be a calling for you in the future. When I surrendered myself fully to Him He annointed me. He pursues us endlessly! Peace to you..

      • Thank u so much for your reply. I think its God opening our ears to hear Him more clearly prophetically perhaps. Giving us ears to hear on a deeper level. Opening up the seer dimension to us as well as thats not limited to visual only. Since that experience ive heard a knocking at my door upon waking up. JESUS stands at the door and knocks… whatever the significance spiritually, u know u have accessed a deeper dimension in God.

  62. Manfred araya says:

    Hello everyone God bless. I’ve been saved since I was 12, now I’m 34. About 6 months or so I started experiencing electric currents or vibrations on my head, now today they’re have become more intense, they start at my head and start flowing to the back of my neck, now I’m starting to feel them on my arms and legs, and expanding to my fingers. Today I went to pray for a woman oppressed, I was holding her and if let that this electricity again started on my head and runned through my arm to her. she mentioned to me that during prayer she felt a vibrating sensation all over her body. I’m new to this and in trying to understand God’s mysteries . Is this an anointing?

    • Manfred yep thats the annointing all right. Gods life and power flowing through u.

    • Yes this is the anointing which is the glory of God extended to us to set creation free. When The Anoiting touches flesh it travels along the nervous system and we get goose bumps. To increase this throughout your body breathe in His breath as explained in Job 27:3 while my breath is in me and the BREATH OF God IS IN MY NOSTRILS. His breath is spirit just like when Adam took in his first breath and life flooded his body. So are you breathing air or His breath?

      • Manfred araya says:

        Hi Mysticmurt. Praise God for that. I’m so thankful I found this blog, I had no one to talk to or that could understand me. This is all new to me. Would you please teach me more of that breathing? I’ve never done it. I’ll like to learn. Last night I was praying and felt the same and this time I felt like a film in my hands, like a soft feeling not in my skin but in my hands. That’s something I don’t understand as well. So many things are happening at the same time. Mysticmurt thank you for your reply. May the Lord bless you. I hope to hear from you.

        • What mankind has been experiencing for centuries is death working in our flesh and we have excepted it which is not our destiny. Now as the Holy Spirit teaches leads and guides us onto truth, the truth is we are to receive the resurrection life that Jesus provided for us. We are all experiencing this resurrection life as you develop your relationship with our creator. So instead of experiencing death we are beginning to experience resurrection life in a flesh. Our spirit is redeemed at salvation it is made new Titus 3:5 , our soul is redeemed at water baptism we are resurrected to walk in newness of life Rom 6 this is very important. Now our flesh is to be set free from death. So we have a new spirit which is one with the Holy Spirit which is life itself spreading to our whole being. At Communion we partake of the blood of Jesus by faith and this mixes with our blood. Now as Adam received life has he received his first breath of life so now we breathe by faith job 27:3 his Spirit in our nostrils. Our salvation is much greater than we realize. What I do is I think about my Lord breathing into me, the Holy Spirit I take in his breath and I let it mix with the blood of Jesus in my veins bringing life to all my flesh . The blood of Jesus never loses its power especially when mixed with the breath of wind of God as we breathe, resurrection life floods our flesh so we are beginning to feel that resurrection life . The important thing is our relationship with our creator to love him to adore him and he will flood us with life, his life, resurrection life, this is all done by faith The same faith when you excepted Jesus as Savior, our savior is saving us spirit soul and body full redemption of mankind overcoming death itself can we believe, I sure am, I’m experiencing life in my body , it’s not just head knowledge I’m actually experiencing it and it only gets better as my relationship develops with him. So let us walk and talk with our creator and his garden as he’s always wanted.

          • Manfred araya says:

            Thank you for getting back to me and for all the biblical proof. I’m gonna try this for sure. God bless

    • I am very sure that you are anointed…. it’s soft, not hurting… but somewhat hot… like flow of electric current… God may given you some power that you needed…
      Whosoever believe you… God let allow them to believe you… but I tell you, many won’t believe you…. some will angry with you and those are mostly claimed themselves as a believer with strong faith…

      You are so beautiful in heart… so lucky to receive such grace in early age…

      I have not seen or met anyone with this kind experience in person… we are so rare…
      I know that you are very conscience person but you will be more conscience person than ever…

      Glory to Father…

  63. Manfred araya says:

    James yes is a blessing I’m still trying to understand, I’m humble before God for this. It just draws me closer to him. I haven’t even tell this to my pastor since I know he won’t believe me. Only my cousin knows and the brothers in this blog. Thank you for your words and to God be all the glory.

  64. Manfred araya says:

    Hope everyone had a blessed weekend. I’m a new born ChristianI. I experienced something I hadn’t before so I’m here sharing this. I was praying for two heroina addicts in the street a few day ago and during the moment I was praying for them I felt this heat , but it got really hot actually when I was done and I was walking away yo my car, felt this heat in my chest, stomach, face arms and hands. Anyone ever experienced this? And what is it exactly? Thanks again brothers

    • MysticMurt says:

      You were experiencing the anointing of God which is His power to heal, or miracles etc. Sometimes when we pray for others we are blessed also. We are representing Christ His hands extended to set creation free.

      • Annette Gibbs says:

        Yes I have. About 2 years ago. I was at church at a women’s Bible study. And the pastor’s wife had asked all who needed healing to stand up. Then for all who didn’t need healing to come up and pray for their healing. So I went to pray over this young woman. I didn’t ask her what type of illness she had I just prayed for healing. I did feel heat everywhere. Hands,face,head all over. She started crying. She said,”I feel God’s healing”! I looked at her in shock and said,”You do’?!!! She said yes. I then asked her what happened to her. She pulled up her sleeve and showed me her arm. She had fresh wounds. Then on her stomach and arm pit. Same thing wounds that had been so stitches. She told me that she had been shot. Before we went up to pray we were told to not spend much time on each person because there were a lot of women to pray for. I was led to stay with this young woman. As a matter of fact I have experienced this heat sensation several times while in church gatherings. In the winter I would feel the heat and I seriously feel like steam coming off of my head. I would open the front door and step out into the freezing cold to cool off. My family would tell me to come in and shut the door. This all started happening after I surrendered everything to God when I realized that there was no where else to go. Then came numbers/patterns. Then came dreams and open visions. While lying down or even asleep waking up to the sensations of electricity going throughout my body. Sometimes very intense. I thought that the first time someone was using electrical tools upstairs. But then I also felt everything vibrating so then I thought it was a earth quake. Then I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. It continues for months. I did realize it was Good. I confided in a friend of mine who is Christian. She sent me some information about Bill Johnson’s experience. This was years ago. All I know is that when God wants our attention you give him your undivided attention!!!!! He insists. There is different types of supernatural experiences now. It’s amazing! Blessings

        • MysticMurt says:

          By what you are saying it seems like you are a seer. Please dig into the word of God as much as possible and stay rooted and grounded upon it. Pray in tongues a lot and find someone who is established in the word of God to train you. Get the book Prophets Dictionary and it will explain what you are seeing. When you are actively seeking the Lord the 19 will flow through you like meditating. This is normal for those who are sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit and his anointing. We all need a time of relaxing and refreshing so enjoy those times.

  65. I have been a pretty regularly church attending Christian for most of my life, the first 14 years as a Jehovah’s Witness then a period of being lost of about 10 years and then a Catholic convert after I met my husband for the past 15 years. We attend church weekly. As a JW although we read straight out of the bible at every meeting three times per week, I never really grasped the true meaning of Jesus death and resurrection. I was so young. As an adult, I felt like the selective reading at Catholic church weren’t enough for me so I made a mental goal to read the bible from start to finish early last year and prayed for a better understanding. I never seemed to have the time nor energy raising my family to read though. Too many things have happened to me in my life where I have felt His presence so I always knew there was a “spirit world” good and bad but nothing as overwhelmingly powerful as a vision he brought to me before I started having trouble sleeping. It was Christmas eve and my wayward twenty three yr old daughter from a previous marriage was coming home for a visit. Things were tense with our blended family. She had left home prematurely and moved far away and got into some pretty dangerous behavior and my husband (not her bio father) had very apprehensive feelings about her staying in the home for the holiday. I was very angry at him and knew it was wrong for him to be like this. I wanted to have the opportunity to bring her back to the family, to church and try to get her turned around. I knew that his shunning would drive her further away from God and our family. The night before her arrival, my vision took me right to the foot of the cross. I was on my face in the dirt literally, I tasted it in my mouth. I heard a man moaning, women crying and angry men mocking him. I instantly knew who it was but I lifted my head just enough to see his legs and torso. I was completely consumed however in a feeling of indescribable love. I have never felt so loved in my life. Instantly a voice came to me that said “I died for all.” I awoke and my life will never be the same. I was so happy and wanted to tell the whole family. After this, I started having trouble sleeping so figured I would just read so for the past almost 2 years around 3 a.m. you will often find me reading. I am now near the end of the Good Book. Thoughts pop into my head when I’m trying to figure something out now. I know the dark forces are trying to get to me and my husband. All sorts of strange things happen in our home and to our person. I have been hearing far away music, ringing in my ears, my heart has been palpitating and its not afib according to the Dr. About the vibrations though, just several days ago on our 40 acres of raw land. We had a bunch of people there for a picnic and the last place I recalled leaving it was our UTV when one of our friends took it to ride for awhile. We packed up left and I remembered I left it in there. We took 2 cars and when we got home I asked my husband if he grabbed it and he said no. We looked all over for 2 days. It could have been on any one of the trails. Nothing.. I was ready to abandon and disconnect the phone. I dreamt before I went to sleep that if it be His will if he could help me find it. That night I had a dream that was like a video game and it took me right to the location. This was the second dream I had that I lost something and the first one came true so I told my husband about my dream. I started walking the path in the exact location. My husband behind me. I went off the path a bit and my feeling was that it was getting weaker and I turned around back to the first location knowing that’s exactly where it was as a strong vibration went through my feet. I got nervous because it felt like a thousand ground bees were below buzzing. I had just gotten stung by yellow jackets nearby a few days prior.I just kept looking down walking slowly thinking I was getting attacked again. I turned around and headed back just as my husband said, “Guess what.” as he was looking down….”I’ll let you pick that up”. The vibration was a message I believe telling me Yes keep going. I do believe that the more we want to get closer to Jesus and desire it within our hearts and let Him manifest how he wants to use us to fulfill His work on earth. I have given my life to Him and strive to be like him in all ways to others. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. We are a vessel of his peace. Bring that to others. I am very humble about it. I know this is a grace. Always be cautious that you are praying in his name in the divine light. There are many false deities out there who profess to be doing good in his name, Don’t be fooled.

  66. i baptized with th holy ghost when i was on 3 days fasting,but before that i read the newage meditation and i meditate every day,then i fell heat on my finger tips even on my legs oil droping from my hands, my head,my foreahed become so hot a tingling sensation all over my body,then i become aware of the spirit realm i saw angels easly and demons,but when am seiing scary demons in the spirit realm,i afraid and stop to medittate then through time heating sensation the fire on my belly desapeard,is meditating with relaxation exercises is a sin???my another question also,why the fire of holy spirit stops moving all over my body when i stop meditating???

  67. Ela , meditation teaches u to blank out your mind. This is dangerous and leavea you vulnerable to negative entities in the spirit realm. New agers enter the spiritual realm through various activities ie. Meditation n astral projection etc but pls note that u forfeit the protection of the blood of Jesus. Not all experiences like u mentioned are of God and could be counterfeit experiences of a demonic nature. That is why it stops once u cease meditating. Meditation opens up the 3rd eye which allows u to see into the spirit realm. This is more like eastern mysticism which clairvoyants and mediums practice . This is how they receive information from familiar spirits in the spirit realm. I would advise u to repent of this practice and rather spend time worshipping God. Pls read up on what the bible has to say about this. Spiritists etc. GOD BLESS

  68. First, I had the shaking in the upper body and later in the legs and then the electroshocks. Has anyone every had the weight of His presence so heavy on you during worship in church, that you thought it smashes you. The heart first beats fast and then gets slower and slower and it gets real hard to breath… just for some seconds and then when you think that your heart and breath stops the heaviness leaves with an incredible peace?
    Or your body feels like a vase that is getting filled but close to burst because it is to much?

  69. Wow so many people, I too vibrate now, in fact I vibrate when I’m not even thinking about god, around 30 to 80% of the day, God saved My Life and ever since it’s been happening to me.

    It seems God loves my theories about God.

    The vibration is like being on the back of a bus but the vibration is in the inside of me, it used to be and sometimes still is different parts of my body but now mostly my legs, the vibration used to be more turbulent until I asked God if he could possibly turn it down a bit and so it’s more finer now.

    I’m very lucky to have god but also I have the devil lurking, it’s around 3% of my thinking is being polluted buy weird dreams and they are not my own.

    I believe we are television for heaven and hell, my experiences seem to be consistent with this.

    • Agape Love says:

      I have had scary two dreams past few months since the Holy Spirit became indwelled. One was being chased by something evil until I fell off a tower and before I hit the ground I was raptured for lack of a better term. The second was a dragon coming after me and 3 words. The only one I remembered was ophis. I looked it up and it’s Greek for Serpent Satan. I imagine once the channel is open we need to be fully grounded in Christ to avoid losing our minds.

      • ” agape luv” luv that! Theres a huge chance thats from God prompting u to pray. Prophetic in nature as its being revealed to u via dreams that theres demonic activity occuring. Pray n cancel it. Do u feel tired or drained, disorientated and heavy when u wake up? Hav the dreams occurred soon after u were baptised in the HS? Could be HS wanting to partner with u in prayer.

        • Agape Love says:

          Hi Tina, I am not sure yet what the Lord wants from me other than a book so far which I have been working on for awhile. Three years ago I received a vision 3 years ago face planted at the foot of the cross with Jesus when my husband was being self righteous and it hurt me greatly because he outcasted my adult daughter (not his) from the home. I had righteous anger and I cried out to the Lord to heal my family. At the vision at the cross, the words came off “I died for all ” than I became enveloped in amazing embrace of love. I had misplaced 2 things since and dreams revealed exact location even had a strong vibration at my feet in one location where it was found. Supernatural activity in the house but nothing heavy at all, all very light although I did receive a scratch on my forehead number 7,too which was weird. I received the actual spirit inside me November and just started vibrating which is how I found this site searching desperately and an annointing shortly thereafter an amazing smell. My dogs were even annointed. I have since been given all sorts of spiritual knowledge and see clearly now I have to leave my church and have had an urging to witness about Jesus everywhere.
          When I witnessesed to a non believer on line a supernatural occurred when my water started bubbling profusely. I felt the Spirit was typing for me. Also when I verbally witness whirring vibration in my lower belly. I pray and get an immediate physical vibration. Other supernatural occurences have occured as well. I only sleep 4-5 hrs a night and thats been going one or a few years. I either read the Bible write my book or pray. My diet has also completely changed. Overnight I became a vegetarian since Nov. I simply can’t eat,and am not even hungry hardly ever. I lost the weight I gained 3 yrs ago out of nowhere so that’s good I guess. I feel very alone and divided between two worlds the spiritual and my earthly function as no one has any idea what I am going through. I just pray and lean in on the Lord. Whee had to get that off my chest..sorry!

          • Thank u for sharing☺pls let me know when the book gets published ( and it will in Jesus name!) So i can purchase a copy. What an awesome lifechanging encounter u have had and yes it sounds spot on when God shows up magnificently when we cry out to our Father out of deep pain. Its usually at our lowest hurting moments that we come to know God as Abba Father. Its when we are broken and pliable that we can be moulded by the Potter for His divine use. Theres definately prophetic giftings in u. And God has seperated u for His use thus the urgency to evangelise and bring others to the Lord. Altho all Christians should be doing that. Its fantastic how the HS led u to the lost items. I completely understand where u are at and how u are feeling. Its like u are partially living in the spiritual realm. Well u are as u are seated with Christ. Ur spirits elsewhere and this world feels surreal. Ive also needed help with that. No one understanding and feeling totally and utterly alone. I couldnt look to those i depended for encouragement etc. Its actually a good thing though and possibly arranged by our God in His wisdom so that u become more in tune with His voice only as He strategically draws u into His purpose and plan for your life
            Life as uv known it has changed. All things have passed away. All has become new. Ul adjust. U are seeking His kingdom 1st and foremost. Everything else follows. Its as it should be. Regarding your appetite, perhaps the Lords graced u to fast? Or for longer periods etc. Or its just Gods grace to live a healthier lifestyle. Your spiritual experiences will only heighten now and become more meaningful as the HS who is the greatest teacher teaches u in the deep things of God. Please do not hesitate to chat to me. U are family 😊

          • Agape Love says:

            That was such a beautiful way of describing it. Thank you for your kind words. The book has been hard because I have had to open up to a painful past so its taking me longer than I’d like plus its my first try at it. I pray for strength to put those worries behind me.I do believe He created the fast for me. That was one thing I always struggled with. I don’t eat big meals but have always eaten every other hour light meals so always had something in my stomach or I got crabby lol. I have always eaten healthy and have been physically fit which is why I was so confused as to where the weight came from. Hindsight I see He maybe knew I would be fasting and gave me the extra weight for the process to occur so as to hear His voice better?? I don’t know. His ways are not our ways right. I am so glad there are others I can connect with. I cant wait to see how it unfolds for His glory. He is an amazing Father. May God bless you on your walk with Him as well!

  70. Hi I get this all day is a electrity surge up in your head to your feet it goes up n down quick with goosebumps n tingling n I get it at night when I’m going to sleep n praying I also get fire burning I’m literally like a sauna n is always night

  71. I experience strong convulsions everytime I am in God’s Presence, when I worship and even when I just think of Him, or think or say something in alignment with His Truth.

    It’s been happening for almost two years, but they’re getting stronger. Can anyone advise?

    • Hi Rosh. In simple words, ur ascending the mountain or going deeper into Gods presence😁we must remember that the shaking or vibrations etc. Are only manifestations of our spirits being in Gods presence where we receiving healing and deliverance and much more of Him. Where we are literally communing with Him. As He purifies and sancifies u , ul be more receptive to Him and will b a conduit for His love and life to flow through to others healing snd delivering them. U will carry an open heaven with u everywhere u go. U are seated with Christ in heavenly places or in thr old testament u are in the holy of holies. Super xcited for u!!!

  72. MysticMurt says:

    What are the convulsions like?

  73. Agape Love says:

    I agree with Tina. Stop meditating and repent of it. This new age clearing of mind is taking a lot to people down the wrong path lately. Search debunkingchristconsciousness on YouTube. The gentleman summarized it very well how Jesus warned this was coming in the last days. Matthew 24:5 – Many will come in my name.

    • Michael B Murtagh says:

      In the book of Psalms after it says Selah which means stop what you are doing and fill your mind with what the Psalmist just spoke of. At that time the Holy Spirit can fill your mind with His thoughts.

      • Agape Love says:

        Yes also Joshua 1:8 Keep this book of law on your lips. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. …. It came about, when Moses finished writing the words of this law in a book until they were complete.

  74. i was alone in my living room at around 6 am praying as is customary every weekday morning,this day my body felt weak and my prayers felt like words bouncing off with no impact,my spirit sensed something was off and i persisted in prayer laying prostrate on my prayer mat told God i wouldn’t leave until He blessed me(or felt that lift in my spirit)
    a scripture came to mind restore to me the joy of salvation…….so it got to the favourite part of my prayer time which is binding the work of the devil,but when i stood with my hands stretched out(open palms)i felt fear sweep over me and a vicious image appeared in my minds eye of a huge ugly beastly looking bull ,we could say that was my mind playing tricks on me all i know is fear spread all over me but i retorted with …its not really me binding its God…..and spoke “i loose the power of the Holy spirit” and immediately my hands jerked and started shaking i opened my eyes amazed and spoke again,the hands started again..all excited went all around my house releasing His power and each time i spoke my hands trembled

  75. Hey people, I randomly searched this subject and found this site. Lately, I have had to do a lot of explaining to some friends about all these different types of feelings or sensations people tend to feel when praying. I have been working on a project for the past few months now to at least help me explain a little better to the friends and people who are new or curious about the church. My project is getting some videos about people having different experiences. I have done a few during the past months with some great people who decided to help. Now I guess its the “shaky feeling” the project is on. I have had a few of the friends in church that get this feeling help me on this. But getting more from people in different places is what I wanted to do here :). If you’re interested in helping, send me an email and we’ll talk there. No pressure at all though and thank you to whoever decides to help in this.

    Im always interested to hear how God is making his way through everyone.
    God bless.

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