Ray Hughes

Contributor to The Physics of Heaven

Ray Hughes, founder of Selah Ministries, has been in full time ministry for 40 years. He received his Doctorate of Divinity in 1996. He travels in the U.S. and internationally as a speaker, author, storyteller, singer/songwriter and musicologist. In addition to his research and teaching expertise, Ray is recognized internationally as a clear prophetic voice. Ray’s chapter is excerpted by Ellyn Davis from his book Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth.

Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth

This is not a book about the how-to’s of praise and worship, nor is it a book about the seven Hebrew words for praise or how to be released into dance. Rather than an endeavor to simply release more information, Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth, is an endeavor to help bring the body of Christ in formation. “The more I researched and mined the truths for this book, the more I realized there is much we don’t yet know about sound and its relationship to the unveiling of God’s glory. I pray that this book will introduce new paths of revelation to those who have an ear to hear and a heart to pursue God.”

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