Introduction: A Glimpse of Things to Come

by Judy Franklin

My journey into the mysteries of sound, light, vibrations, and Quantum Physics began with one word—”sound.”

In 1999, during one of my quiet times with the Lord, He mentioned the word “sound.” Nothing more, just a word—”sound.” There was nothing unusual about this, because God often speaks just one-word or one sentence to me, then I may not hear more from Him about that word or phrase for quite a while.

Over the next ten years, God showed me many different things about sound, but I had no idea how the insights and information I was discovering would ever fit together.

In December, 2010, when Ellyn and I first discussed writing this book together we were so excited. After all, for years each of us had been collecting information and insights and gathering our own puzzle pieces. So, we thought we could easily get the book written and published in just a few months. But nothing worked the way we thought it would. The book has taken us over a year to write and there are still a number of things we had to leave out because there just wasn’t room to share everything we’ve been discovering.

This book is a conglomeration of the things Ellyn and I have learned about sound, light, frequencies and vibrations, and Quantum Physics. It also shares insights God has shown others. None of the people who have written chapters or given interviews could be considered an expert in Quantum Physics or any of the other subjects covered in the book. We all simply share what the Lord has been revealing to us.

Here is a prophetic word the Lord gave me about the coming importance of sound.

Just as the people were in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, when suddenly there came from heaven an noise, and this noise was like a violent rushing wind, there will come again  a noise that I will release from heaven. This noise, this sound, will be released and, just as those people in that upper room were changed, people who hear this sound that I will release will be changed. 

While I am not calling any of my people to sit in an upper room and wait, I am calling them to a place where their spirits are in an upper room position to receive what I am about to release. This sound that I will release will cause people to think differently.


After I had researched sound for about 10 years, the Lord started speaking to me more distinctly and began showing me visions of what was to come and how believers affected by the new sound from God would have power over the elements, over wind, rain, fire, and the waves.

This book is just a precursor to the revelation that God is going to give us when He releases a new, transforming sound. In the first section, Ellyn and I share our journey of discovery about sound, light, vibrations, energy, and Quantum Physics. Bill Johnson writes that we can’t just camp around old truth, but should seek new truths for our generation and then preserve those truths for the generations that follow. Also, Jonathan Welton explains that Christians need not be afraid of being deceived by counterfeits but should realize that whenever we see a counterfeit, we should try to discover the “real” behind it. And then the other contributors share what they are discovering about sound, light, energy, vibrations, and quantum physics.

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Has God been speaking to you about a “new” sound and how it is going to affect Christians? Please share with us your insights or spiritual experiences about topics covered in this chapter. Be sure to follow the guidelines for comments and the terms and conditions for sharing on this site.


  1. Dennnis Zetting says:

    Judy & Ellyn,

    Fantastic read. My daughter is a student at Bethel and gave me your book for Christmas. I can talk for hours on the subject of God’s quantum Glory, but i would like to share you one scripture Wow!

    In Genesis chapter 1, it says that God “said” (vibration) and God “saw” (observation). God’s master vibration to hold particles together, and God’s observation to qwiff from wave state to a material state. It is mind blowing to discover that God “said” and “saw” on five of the six days of creation. There is one day… the second day of creation that God only “said.” He did not “see” it into a material state, but it was and is created. That is the day He created the expanse, which is the heavens.

    Be blessed, and may the Lord continue to give you revelation!


  2. I had a dream about this not to long ago:

    I was in a warehouse by myself and I was playing my harmonica through an amplifier. As I was standing by the amplifier, the sound vibrations I was hearing also became like misty light waves of various colors emitting from the speakers. It drew a crowd of young people into the warehouse and I noticed the Sound/Light waves was moving through their bodies and removing “darkness” and they became brighter and brighter the longet they listened to my harmonica playing!

  3. Jessica Hutson says:

    I am so unsure…… What I am sure of is I feel a LOVING SENSATION! from this character
    I grew up without a father but I have always felt like God is my invisible father and he wants so bad for me to do the next right thing, but just like a parent in our existence we can’t make them do all the next right thiings we can only hope we did a well enough job to make their journeys with right and wrong a “AHA so that’s what my parents meant”!!! But Than I beg to differ also that God does have the power to take me away from my herendous secretive destruction I allow myself to be endured with. Drugs and alcohol and indisicive living…… Oh how I long to hear and understand the sound he is making.

  4. Perry Mansell says:

    About twelve years ago, a fourteen year old, Christian boy had a dream that was so real he described it as a vision. God was answering questions concerning his true nature for those who were hungry to know him outside of the box of human interpretation. During a small gathering we asked the young man to share his vision. There were about seven of us, and the Holy Spirit enabled all to enter into the vision together. We were able to point out details to each other, confirming what each of us was seeing.

    In the vision, God appeared as an oval being of indeterminate size (although we thought of him as man sized), transparent as water, and filled with what looked like moving/living water. He had within himself seven, softball-sized spheres that were colored a rich, deep, navy blue mixed with solid silver areas covering roughly up to half of the apparent surface of each sphere in a random shape, almost as if it was the map of a large continent on a planet of water. (They aren’t planets, but none of us received any revelation as to what they were until recently.) He was standing close to the corner of an intersection of a floor and two walls at ninety degrees to each other, and we were aware that the floor had a grid pattern on it that faded away when you tried to look directly at it. We all knew instinctively that the grid meant that the area was measurable. From our vantage point the walls and floor faded into the distance behind us and above us also, as there was no ceiling. We were in a measurable, open-ended, three dimensional space that we all understood to be the created universe that we perceive as reality. (For the physicists among you, I am aware that it is more complicated than that. Please bare with me.) We knew instinctively that the space wasn’t just a projection, but was actually part of him, joined behind him at the intersection of the walls, although we couldn’t actually see it despite his transparency.

    We were also all aware that we were there by invitation, and that he was aware of us, but only one of us felt that he was looking directly at them. There was peace and it was comfortable, but not in a drowsy kind of way. We all felt alert and somewhat excited that our God was trusting us with this revelation of his natural state. We still had many questions, but the overall joy we felt in sharing this together, coupled with what we had been shown, closed out this small gathering in contentment.

    This same vision came to me again singly about three years later while I was spending time with the Lord. As I was looking at him in the vision, he suddenly expanded the territory by revolving the wall on the right around behind him until it met the wall on the left, at which point both walls disappeared, yet the floor remained. The effort he expended to suddenly accomplish that task caused me to cry out, and I wept for a short time with the shock of it. I had the sense that it had cost him horribly, but that he had been quite willing to do it. After I recovered, still in the vision, I was able to replay the event to gather the details that I had missed. It appeared that the walls hinged behind him in such a way that they actually gathered up, if that can be said, the emptiness that he had expanded into. He kept it and tucked it away inside his being until it couldn’t be seen, yet I knew it was still there; and I suddenly knew that it was hell, the Lake of Fire: a place of no God where there was neither dimensional space nor time. It was a place made for Satan; he wanted an environment without God and he was going to get it. A living being thrown into it would instantly begin to fall apart physically, mentally, spiritually, but in the absence of time, they would stay in that moment forever. Insanity.

    Now I will get to the part of vibrations that this website seems to be most interested in. Over the last few months of 2015, and these first few months of 2016, the Lord has been leading me down a revelatory path about him concerning Time. My first revelation was that he was time itself, Time as a Person. He is the I Am, the only independent living entity that we know. His existence is dependent on nothing else, and all else is dependent on him. He is the continuously replenishing time stream of living water who gives existence and life to whatsoever he desires to exist. On that level, the existence of any being in himself gives them an eternal nature seeing as that their connection to an eternal time stream causes them to have always existed in it. Any being thrown out of the living time stream would cease to exist as if it never was. What that means scripturally and experientially is that when Satan and his angels are thrown into hell, out of the time stream, the stream will rearrange as if they had never existed. Only he would remember what had actually taken place. The rest of us would “no longer remember the former things, neither will they come to mind.” He will wipe away every tear. We will be rewarded for our level of faithfulness in our lives to him, but only he would remember why.

    Then recently, he brought me back into the vision while I was at work. He pointed out the seven blue and silver sphere’s in himself and showed me that they oscillate and emit time waves. (I had never considered such a concept as time waves before that moment.) The waves spread and interact within and with his Spirit (in which we all exist) and cause the reality we live in. It’s the same as the concept of a hologram. Light is projected from multiple locations and where they meet or interfere with each other creates an image. He showed me that everything is actually a matter of time, not just the duration of an object or force. Everything is made up of time when mixed with the consciousness of his Spirit. It is the creation concept of THIS is not THAT. Even distances, whether traversed or not, real or imagined, are separated by the complexity and interaction of time. Conceptualize a point in space. Now conceptualize a second point in space. They are two distinct points, not connected in any manner. Yet it took time to do that. Now conceptualize two separate points in space at exactly the same time. Hold them in your thoughts. Do you notice that the two seemed joined, either to themselves or through the consciousness of your mind? They are connected because you thought of them at the same time.

    In Einstein’s famous equation, e=mc2, time had to be the variable for c, the speed of light, to be constant in every situation. God adjusts time to maintain the faithfulness of light. Einstein knew that finding the proof that creation was not just random chance thrown into a mix of chaos would reveal that God’s order in this universe could be definable, trusted and relied upon. And he proved mathematically that the most basic elements of creation were explainable and related directly to each other. But only because God adjusted time to maintain that order. That is God’s faithfulness to us.

    It is vital that we remember that the most important aspect of God is his name: his personality and character. It is the relationship that we have with him as a person, the interactions we experience with him, that define our Christianity and our salvation. Although he may show us all the mysteries of creation, they can never, ever compare to knowing him as friend and companion. I have ever found it strange in my walk that most other believers never think to ask Him when they have a question they feel needs to be answered. They would rather read a book than commune with their God. Let us not be so shallow as believers. He is the answer to every question we can ask and he is a lot more fun to interact with than a book.

  5. Pauline says:

    I have only just found you and have the book ordered but thought I would share as I wait for it to arrive. It has been a lonely road and I had no idea until recently that there were other Christians on it. Thank you. Specific to sound I certainly echo your vision. Starting last year In my worship times I often just hold a note and it gets louder than seems possible, becomes sort of a harmonic groundswell. Sometimes melodies are involved, sometimes not. Not always chromatic scale, often something of a more Arabic origin. Lately I often get a word of knowledge to go with the tones and it feels like I am sending the right vibration or frequency in partnership with Abba for healing. I also envision entire congregations and then cities being enveloped in unique tones that reverberate through every layer of life and creation to heal, reveal, and restore. Bones being vibrated back into place, illness sifted and shaken out, land restored. Only it is better than restored. It is more like re-created or re-imagined. Long story short I also envision that as we grow in love, excite those particles, we expand the universe and its ability to reflect and absorb our identity in God. We can hold more of Him and of course that makes us more. We’ve hit some sort of tipping point, shifting point to a “new consciousness”. Sorry if that all sounds too New Age. I can only say how beautifully and personally God it is to me. Like a stunning cosmic coming out party with Jesus at the center. Whew! Thanks for a safe place to say that.

  6. WOO HOO!!!! Too excited to find the words!

  7. Hi Judy~

    It has been on my heart to write you for some time. Long story short….I began my intimate relationship with Jesus & God about 3.5 years ago. At that moment, God began to literally pull on my heart to move to Redding. I hadn’t even heard of Bethel at that time. We moved to Redding in June 2014. He has been teaching me in my quiet places about vibrations, frequencies, dimensions, self awareness, heart consciousness and more. On Jan 31, 2016 (9 months after the Holy Spirit fell on me for 2 days in SoCal and said to move to Redding NOW) I had the most intense encounter with the Lord and He spoke to me of my calling and why He had me move to Redding and what is to come. He also showed me a vision of putting out a huge forest fire. He has shown my 11 year old visions of herself in a few years pushing back a tsunami. He is releasing my calling to me on August 20th, 2016 and will present it to the church on Aug 21, 2016 at the 10:30 service. I’m in a season of rest after battling a huge lawsuit (spiritual warfare). He told me that He chose Aug. 20, 2016 because it’s the last date of my 4 childrens’ summer break and He wants me to be home with them all summer and heal while we rest before what is to come. After He showed me these visions, I found your book and literally wept tears of joy that He has shown you and other leaders what is about to come. It’s such a new, radical and BIG move with what He is about to do and partner with me as a front runner. Thank you for writing your book and bringing peace and joy into my life knowing that He has already prepared the path for this move to be embraced. Blessings to you!

  8. Hello! This book is so much fun for me! I have grown up in the church – assembly of God and now a non denominational church. I have been in children’s ministry for 20 years and I have a non-profit for kids and performing arts – I say all that to say – I have felt a longing – and urge even for the supernatural God of the Universe my whole life. Growing up Charismatic I got a taste with speaking in tongues and being slain in the Spirit but I knew there was so much more. As a children’s minister and having a degree in theatre i have always been on the artsy creative side which I think God puts in people He wants to explore more of the supernatural. I have been drawn to yoga and new age teachings but knowing they are cultic I was scared to be deceived as you have mentioned in your book. But recently I realized that (even thought I knew this) I really realized that I don’t have to be afraid! Like you said – this stuff is for us and the world has taken it for too long! I dabbled in listening to NeuroHelix stuff after reading about Ebon Alexander – I even felt God was telling me to listen – but my “religious’ upbringing – made me scared to dabble like I would be deceived. I read your book Experiencing the Heavenly Realm and I have been experiencing cool stuff – but I doubt if it is really happening as I’m sure other people do. I have been so into reading about people who have gone to Heaven and near death experiences (My dad had one) and that has lead me to realize how much God wants to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth! But we gotta take part in that and as I have been reading your book (listening on audible) I’m so pumped! This morning I listened to some of the Ndruohelix stuff and Jesus took me on a cool journey. I want to be a part of this research in all ways possible! Please contact me!

  9. David McClellan says:

    I can also heartily recommend a book by Cheryl-Ann Needham called
    SOUND ALIGNMENT that she was taught by the Lord very much in this same field.

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