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Each of the links below will lead you to pages that contain excerpts from the chapters in the book, including the Foreword and Introduction. There also is a bonus chapter by Ellyn Davis called God’s Red Pill that was not included in the book. Enjoy! We hope these little tastes of the book make you hungry to read it all.

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Chapter Excerpts

Invitation to the Journey: A Habitation of Dragons

Foreword by Kris Vallotton

Bonus Chapter: God’s Red Pill by Ellyn Davis

Introduction: A Glimpse of Things to Come by Judy Franklin

Chapter 1: The Power of the Zero-Point Field by Judy Franklin

Chapter 2: Extracting the Precious from the Worthless by Ellyn Davis

Chapter 3: Vibrating in Harmony with God by Bob Jones

Chapter 4: Recovering Our Lost Inheritance by Bill Johnson

Chapter 5: Authentic versus Counterfeit by Jonathan Welton

Chapter 6: Good Vibrations by Ellyn Davis

Chapter 7: Sound of Heaven by Ray Hughes

Chapter 8: The God Vibration by Dan McCollam

Chapter 9: Angelic Encounters by Cal Pierce

Chapter 10: Spiritual Synesthesia by Larry Randolph

Chapter 11: Strange Things are Afoot by Ellyn Davis

Chapter 12: Quantum Mysticism by Ellyn Davis

Chapter 13: Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap by David Van Koevering

Chapter 14: Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

Chapter 15: The Clarion Call by Beni Johnson

Chapter 16: Pulling the Tomorrows of God Into Today by Bill Johnson

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