Chapter 8: The God Vibration

by Dan McCollam

Modern scientific discoveries have recently joined the voice of ancient sacred writings to pull back the veil of ignorance that once shrouded the power of sound in God’s universe. Today these applied sciences and theologies can be woven together towards the redemptive understanding of sounds that heal, deliver, destroy, and open up portals in the heavenly realms. This chapter shares Dan McCollam’s insights about the amazing power that God has hidden for us in sound.

Physicists claim that the universe is in a constant state of vibratory motion. String theory claims that there are tiny vibrating strands of energy at the center of all matter. Genesis and the leading authority on creation research tell us that the Holy Spirit vibrated over nuclear matter to energize it, giving it the ability to be shaped and formed. Colossians tells us that God created all visible and invisible things and that, “…By Him all things consist.” Are you seeing the picture? All created things vibrate and the Creator initiated this vibration in the Genesis account of creation.

Let’s add another piece to our sound puzzle. Dr. John Beaulieu is a psychologist, musician, and practitioner of naturopathic medicine who has proposed an interesting application of quantum field theory. Quantum field theory, as Dr. Beaulieu applies it, suggests that the quantum field in a scientific experiment is more significant than its manifestation. Simply put, the cause is greater than the effect it produces.

If one were to apply this principle to vibration and creation you might say that created matter is only the response to a greater field, in this case a vibration. Beaulieu proposes that trees, plants, rocks, and people are perhaps music that has taken on visible form. Assuming the application of this theory has merit, one would be led to ask, “Where then is the voice or music coming from that shapes creation?”

C. S. Lewis must have imagined a similar concept in his acclaimed children’s fiction, The Magician’s Nephew, from the Chronicles of Narnia series. Here, Lewis pictures the great lion Aslan singing Narnia into existence. Polly and Digory are two young children who watch in amazement as everything the lion sings takes on the shape, character, and color of his song. Now it’s quite obvious that C.S. Lewis was writing children’s fiction, not establishing quantum theory or systematic theology, but Beaulieu’s principle and Lewis’s fiction could easily make one wonder if all that we see and enjoy in creation is simply a visible form of the “Lion’s song.”

Not only does it appear that there is certainly a vibration at the center of all creation, but that same vibrating strand may be what holds the universe together.

We know from the Genesis account that God spoke creation into existence, but according to the book of Hebrews, his powerful word is still what is holding the universe together. “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.” (Hebrews 1:3)

I believe that the string or vibration at the center of all matter in the universe is in fact the sound wave from the word God spoke over each created thing at its entry into existence. His voice, that God vibration, is the glue holding all creation together. Colossians 1:17 states, “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

The words that God speaks live forever and supersede our material reality. “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away.” (Luke 21:33) Like the quantum field theory we examined earlier, we see that God’s words shape physical matter but the words themselves are a greater reality than what they create because they “never pass away.”

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  1. I left this same message on Chapter 7 originally, but after reading this chapter I realized it applies here too. I wasn’t sure if the same person gets the notifications of comments for each chapter so I decided to post it to both. I thought of this when I read about how there is a vibration at the center of all creation… it’s like everything is TUNED IN to the same frequency!

    My post from Chapter 7:

    Don Potter (musician from Morningstar Ministries) spoke about music and Heaven’s sound on Friday night. The message was profound about what the enemy has stolen from the Kingdom regarding sound and music. You may have heard (I had not) that it is believed that Hitler’s propaganda people made 440hz the main frequency used in music since Hitler. They changed it (influenced by the enemy) to set people out of harmony with the earth. God created the earth and everything in it on the 432hz frequency where healing can flow through the music. In 440hz it cannot. Instruments today are all tuned to 440hz. This information blew me away. I shared it with the worship leader at my church and he was blown away too and said it makes perfect sense! He is re-tuning their instruments to 432hz… back to the frequency of GOD!

    The very next day I was reading your book and came to chapter 7 about frequencies and read where Ray mentioned that A=440hz. I knew I had to share what Don Potter had just said about that! His entire message can be heard on from Friday, Sept 13, 2013. Although a subscription may be needed to view it, I’m not sure.

    I’m sharing this with every pastor / worshiper / musician / warrior I can think of! Let’s get our frequency back!

    Thank you for your book and this website and letting God use all of you to take us all deeper into the caverns of revelation!

    Mary L’Esperance Held

  2. I am reminded in Zephaniah 3 : 17 ….. Elohim rejoices over us with …. singing !!! How awesome and beautiful all at once !

  3. At 49% (on Kindle), you are talking about DNA, and the “sequence of dozens of unique combinations.” I suggest that “dozens” be replaced by “scores” — because there are so many multiples of 20, but also because of the “scores” in Music.
    It’s a great place for a double-entendre!
    Great study! Thank you!

  4. kenneth mcdonald says:

    God day all. WOW !! I’m completely floored. This morning I was thinking about how God spoke everything into existence, how he channeled his breath over his vocal chords creating a vibration. The same breath he blew into Adam and eve. Anyway I imagined myself as a tuning fork given a sharp strike from my own heart beat. Once it was vibrating , I sought The god vibration. It was right there !! and I fell into perfect harmony like coming home !! I found it and fell right into step. I AM home!! I personally have been physically vibrating since. Not shaking or jerking, but a pure, smooth vibration. I pray it never stops. Amen.

  5. John Robert Martino says:

    Music is the religion of the future and the future of religion is music.
    ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

  6. Music and our Lord go hand in hand. I love singing God’s music.

  7. Certainly when God spoke, the physical reality leaped into existence. The universe we see and exist in is the resonating Word spoken “In the beginning” and is alive and active. Be still and listen with your soul to that Word spoken that can only be heard by one who is listening. Be, and travel this life trusting the One Who spoke the miracle. And I thought “magic” was a myth…don’t wield it, yield to it. Look deeper and ask for the name…:)

  8. This is an idea I have entertained for awhile now (4-5 years maybe). And have posed arguments in many a group that in Genesis it says that sound was the first thing to come into creation. Without getting too into it I’d like to point to an experiment that shows exactly how sound can produce light. You can Google the keyword “Sonoluminescence.”
    UCLA did the experiment called “Star In A Jar”
    Basically resonance pulsed through a jar of water creates a bubble in the middle. Since this bubble has no air in it, it extracts gasses from the water and when this bubble collapses back in on itself it creates light from the gasses compressing. Pretty cool, and if you’re tech savvy you can make one in your own home.

  9. Kelly McPhetridge says:

    God is clarifying himself to us all. What a beautiful time for him to lift the veil a bit and wake us from the slumber he has put “many” in. I praise you God, Jehovah, and thank you for your Son, our Salvation, and the Holy Spirit, our companion and comforter who is in and of you. Show us more of you, as we commune, reside, and abide in you. Let us Love you with obedience to follow your Son, who commands us to Love you with all of our heart, soul and mind, and to Love our neighbor as ourselves. In this we may keep your entire law, by believing in your Son and abiding in your Love, we are products of you, in your will, and intention. Your word says You are Love, and we abide in you God we, in you Are Love. Thank you God for your greatness, for your revelation, and for your mercy. Show us your will father, that we may go forth and do as your Son did, only what you do, and tell us to do. did. ◄
     John 5:19 
    Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.
    God restore every child of earth to your bosom, and erase the mistake creating separation for any of your creation. We ask for your intercession, in Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ. We Love you, Honor you, and Glorify your name on high. Truly only you are worthy to be praised Amen. He has Alan me these things also, and I praise Him for all good things. Thank you for my brother, your Son, who obediently listens to your voice, diligently shared this information, and does your will. Hallelujah

  10. Hey, thanks Dan. I was just in my Lounge room thinking about a conversation I had with a friend who has recently attended a GLory Revolution conference with Justin Abraham and I saw it. The spirit in my house strings hanging from the Hevenlies and I was wondering what they were, what the relevance was etc. This info has put some Light on this for me, thanks. I’ll pray into this and seek some more. Sus

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