Chapter 6: Good Vibrations

by Ellyn Davis

In recent years, God has been opening the eyes of some of His people to the mysteries of sound, color and light, and of “vibrations” and “energy.”

What if there really are “good vibrations” that God has imbedded into everything He created and we just need to be open to experiencing them? In Romans 1, the Bible says that, “since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” (NIV Bible, Romans 1: 20) Could it be that there are things that we can better understand about God through things He has made such as vibrations and frequencies?

If you took the basic building block of all matter, which is the atom, and explored its smallest detectable parts, you would discover sub-atomic particles that have been given strange names like quarks and leptons and neutrinos. And if you tinkered around deeper than the sub-atomic level, you would discover even stranger entities that cannot really be called “particles” because they are more like incredibly minute packets of energy that are constantly vibrating and seem able to change from particles of matter to waves of energy (like light) and back again.

In other words, at the basic level of existence, not only is everything constantly vibrating energy, but the energy that forms the foundation of existence can manifest itself as either a particle or a wave.

When you mention “waves,” most people think of the ocean, but we are surrounded by all sorts of waves all the time. Right now, wherever you are, the air around you is alive with radio waves, microwaves, TV signals, sound waves, colors, and even waves of radiation beaming down on you from the sun and beaming up on you from the earth.

So far, scientists have identified three types of waves:

  • Mechanical waves require a material medium like air or water to travel. These waves are caused by molecules bumping against each other. Sound is a mechanical wave because the sound vibrations cause the air molecules to bump against each other creating waves of sound energy radiating out from the source of the sound. Sound vibrations can travel through air, water and even some solid materials.
  • Electromagnetic waves do not require a material medium to travel. They can travel through empty space and can pass through solid matter. Light waves, including infrared, the colors in the visible light spectrum, and ultraviolet light; radio waves; microwaves; x-rays; and gamma rays are examples of electromagnetic waves.
  • Matter waves are produced by electrons and sub-atomic particles. In quantum mechanics, a matter wave or de Broglie wave is the wave-like behavior of subatomic particles such as electrons, pions, neutrons, and protons.

Since everything is energy at the foundational level of existence, and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency, everything that exists could be thought of as some sort of wave with its own resonant “vibrational frequency.”

There are many familiar examples of vibrational frequencies in nature. Most of us have seen commercials or videos of a singer shattering a wine glass by singing a certain tone. This happens because the glass molecules have a certain resonant frequency and, when it is reached, the molecules begin a vibration that eventually causes the glass to shatter. There are historic examples of bridges collapsing when the cadence of soldiers marching across them matched the vibrational frequency of the bridge. That is why armies are instructed to break step when they cross bridges. In hospitals, sound is used to dissolve kidney stones by matching their resonant frequency.

Crystals also have unique frequencies. Quartz crystals have been used in watches and radios for years because of their ability to vibrate at certain frequencies. This vibration, or oscillation, is then converted into pulses suitable for the watch circuits.

Other things have vibrational frequencies too—each part of your body has its own resonant frequency; your brain emits brainwaves; the earth emits a vibrational frequency called the Schumann resonance; solar storms are electromagnetic waves, and so forth.

Many scientists are convinced that thoughts and emotions, as well as words, also carry vibrational frequencies that radiate into our surroundings and not only affect our own thoughts and emotions but also affect everything and everyone around us.

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  1. Kathie Griner says:

    hello, i am so excited to connect and learn from your experiences and wisdom. when i got saved 37yrs ago i had a dream of being deeply imersed in the river of god. this river was fun, playful, refreshing, freeing but it had qualities i have had difficulties explaining. this river as you breathed it an relaxed in it flowed through you in a way i had no words to express. periodically in worship i would see and experience this river again but it was expressed in the waves of music that flowed through the room from heaven, through my mortal body in a way i had difficulty even expressing yet alone have a handle on. i saw it so clear, a music sheet from heaven as a river of notes with live rythms and vibrations that could flow through anything with relief and healing it was his presence expressed in a new way. i have never shared what i experienced fully to anyone only bits of it. when dano came to one of our churches and began to share his insights and wisdom and i found this sight i can not tell you how my heart leaped with in me. i knew i was onto something that was real and others have felt it also, i knew it was powerful, i knew it was so real. i know if we can only believe amazing things can happen when we in worship believe that heaven and earth collide in a real tangible life alteringway. like paul when he was in prison the “sounds” of worship shook the bars and they were loosed!! if we believe, heaven and earth in worship vibrations are all around us at times. i experience this alot with one certain worship leader, its like her and i are tuned in together, in fact i sense warfare notes/vibrations and sometimes see it too when were together and i sing in harmony to complete the pattern or add to the pattern for more affective warfare. the harmony is not as we would normally know it but its purpose it to accomplish something specific in the room at that moment. i am longing to hear testimony of others and learn and grow in this if i can. we have only begun to see what is posible. i ordered your book and can not wait to read and once again dive deep into heavenly rivers of heavens sounds with friends this time!!

    • Wow, Kathie, for sharing your experiences with us. We’re meeting more and more people who have experienced “heavenly vibrations” like you have, particularly in worship.

  2. Duane Feick says:

    Ellyn- why were not scalar waves also included?

    I have a medical device called a SCENAR that uses electromagnetic frequencies to aid the body in healing itself. It works very well, especially for inflammation and related pain.

    • Hey Duane. I’m not sure why they weren’t mentioned, but we did talk about using frequencies in healing. What you’re reading in the book is just a small sampling of everything we researched and discovered. Hopefully, we will be able to share more.

  3. Bill Nelson says:

    I have recently become aware of a device called a Frequency Generator that employs a wode range of frequencies to kill various viruses, bacteria and parcites. I have been in main-stream health care for 43 years and I am getting he sinkink feeling that we have missed something of it has been suppressed many years. Upon digging down a little I have found that there is a Dr. Royal Rife who 1st discovered this concept and developed a device that was very effective and there are now more modern devices available. Anyone having direct expeience with this frequency concept or any related devices please do email me at for more discussion.

    • I mention Dr. Royal Rife in the book and his frequency generator. Another person who has studied the frequencies of different diseases is Hulda Clark. There are quite a few “frequency generators” available on the internet and I’ve used one myself to rid myself of intestinal parasites I got from a trip to Sierra Leone. But there is only anecdotal evidence that this works. There are also essential oils which have different healing frequencies. Rose oil has the highest of the frequencies and I’ve heard claims of healings using rose oil. I believe that God has embedded many different healing modalities in his creation that we’ve been unaware of and He is just beginning to show us how to use.

  4. Jonathan Cavan says:

    If i am awake in bed before my wife she will often wake us and say ‘your brain waves woke me up’. This happens sooo often she can litereally sense the difference in my brain activity when at rest or when thinking to the point that it wakes her up.when my brain s active.

  5. Bonnie Tyree says:

    I was wondering if you could help me understand what I am seeing and if this is normal. When I look at the sky or a white object and stare for a few seconds, I can see thousands of very tiny objects fluttering rapidly. I can’t tell what they are but they look electrified like they are tiny pieces of bright light. Could that be electrons or something? They only happen when I look intensely at the sky or at a white object. Is this normal can others see it also? My husband says that he is unable to see it. I just wondered if it is possible to see electons or neutrons etc. with the naked eye?

    • I’m not sure, but I think it is photons, tiny light particles, firing in your retina as you look. Sometimes I see this at night like a net of stars above me in a dark room.

    • Hi Bonnie, I experience this in my vision as well. I also see dancing lights in the sky and flashes of bright colour like pinpoints or sometimes bigger. I also see movement from my peripheral vision, like fluttering or swooping. I also see moving forms of colour (usually violet) in the air around me, they move like I imagine energy or nebulous type… Hard to explain. Also I see movement in the dark at night like swirls or energy. I’m beginning to realize this is my seers gift activating, but there is sooo little material on this for Christians. The most accurate descriptions I have found have been new age descriptions of prana and chi. I came to this site because I had heard of Jonathan Welton as a Christian seer and I have had interest in physics the last few years. What I’m seeing seems to be quantum related but I’m just not sure how. I want to read this book, but from the chapter samples it seems like it talks a lot about sound but not visible light so much. I do hear high pitched tones that last 10 seconds or so once in a while but I assume they are electrical frequencies as it happens in silence or when a tv is on near me. But who knows? I ignored the things I was seeing for years assuming it was just my eyes or everyone saw them! Can’t wait to read the book and see if God reveals anything.

    • Also (some days more than others) I can see in the air similar teeny tiny particles whizzing around in torrents, like trillions upon trillions of them. It reminds me of looking at the surface of a glass of 7up or Sprite and seeing the fizzles popping up from the carbonation. It’s like a fine mist of activity or rain from all directions. Like a mesh or screen overlaid over reality. It doesn’t distort my vision at all, but it sure makes me think I’m seeing the molecules of everything… Like nothing is truly solid matter. Seem like what you are describing, Bonnie? I love what I’m reading from these chapters so far, I’m hoping to get some insight on the physics of Heaven and really sensing that God is brining new revelation to the earth.

  6. Thank you

  7. Tony Marquez says:

    Just picked up Pof H and the Holy Spirit is giving me visions before I opened it. I guess we can be excited about it together. 2014 will be the year of water. THE SOUND OF RUSHING WATERS. There will be breakthrough in research using sound and water. It will revolutionize life as when A. G. Bell invented the telegraph or Edison’s inventions. I saw the cure for cancer. Sound wave frequency through water killed cancer and revitalized the good cells. I saw a hand held (i-phone-like)device that is charged by a sound bearing lazar shot in a lens with water and a little bubble in it; no batteries. It will replace Rx and narcotics. The space program will use the moon as a communications power source. Moon-power created by frequencies that duplicate body of water, will be more envied than nuclear power because it will supply the whole world. we are in the thresh hold of Stars Wars. This download is new to me. I’m not techi.

  8. Dear Ellyn,

    I just got your Kindle book “The Physics of Heaven” and I am “eating it up”! I have been on a search for more of our Kingdom Authority for several years.
    I also notice that different birds have different “frequencies”. They move with different speeds and flits. Sometimes you can tell a bird type by this movement.
    God is so creative!

  9. I am Afrikaans speaking, living in Potchfstroom, South Africa.
    Quite recently I became aware while sitting about two meters from the TV that I could see
    strange tentacles like very thin wires coming out of the TV screen. I could see them moving, down to the floor, up in the room and even on the carpet in the room.
    Later I saw strange images when for instance chemicals mixed with water or other fluids and I could see the reaction and heat coming from it. Later I saw, while laying on my back and staring out of the window, staring at our security fence,electric current flowing very very fast with very small interruptions in the wire system. It had a yellow and red color and though my wive could not see the wires in the dark, I could.
    I thought I would try and see what I have experienced again, and there it was.

    I went to our optometrist and went through a long series of different tests and received a report a few days later. I would like to mention that while they were busy testing my eyes, I could see shades of red, yellow and blue on the screen which surprises the optometrist.
    A few days after this I received a full report, mentioning that I am able to see infra red colors and I am completely confused by this news.

    I may mention that I am deeply anchored in the work of God. I have dreams and visions and more than twelve of these dreams came true. I believe in the existence of super intelligence and the coming of Jesus Christ – not on a cloud but through an immense strange revelation created by universal doing.

    I also had strange experiences, one of it two days ago and many of the same in the past.
    Please do not laugh as this is real. Whenever the following happens, it is after I have a deep relationship with people about God, Jesus and a civilization that is dying due to things happening in our country and the world. The strange thing is that if I drive through a street, one of the street lights just goes out. This is happening not on a regular basis but it caught me when I do not expect it to happen. My family thinks I am “crazy” in the sense that I am different. Yes, I feel different because I believe that our existence in this world is temporary – we will one day be on the same wafelength and vibration as the creator, our God and Jesus Christ as one.

    I will appreciate your honest opinion and bear with me as a man of almost 80 that I still run the 100 m on world champoionships for Masters, no alchohol ever passed my lips or smokes and it is as I am waiting for something big to happen.

    In the meantime I am part of a huge development group on a project of $497 million which proves that I am not crazy but sober of mind.


  10. Nancy Hance says:

    As a musician and worship leader I have thought a lot about frequencies as it applies to music. Not long ago I asked the Holy Spirit if faith has a frequency. From that simple, childlike question came an explosion of insights and information and I find myself on a quest to understand more. I read your book and it opened up so much to me. I also have read Ray Hughes’ book. The more I learn, the more I want to know. My heart’s cry is to be tuned to the frequencies of heaven. I want to be so immersed in it that every note I sing or play, every word I speak, every thought I think will be one with Him, my Beloved. Thank you for your book and for letting me connect with you here.

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