Chapter 5: Authentic vs. Counterfeit

by Jonathan Welton

“…But as his anointing teaches you about all things…that anointing is real, not counterfeit…” (1 John 2:27). Jonathan Welton teaches that whenever there is a real, there is sure to be a counterfeit. We shouldn’t be afraid to examine the counterfeits because God’s power to keep us is mightier than the devil’s power to steal us away. Jonathan tells us that we need to be much more concerned about reclaiming all of our stolen goods from the enemy than about being afraid of the deception of counterfeits.

Throughout the Bible we see that everything Satan does is a mere counterfeit of something from God’s Kingdom. Apostle Paul calls these counterfeits, masquerades.

If the nature of the devil were to be studied throughout the Bible, we would find that the only thing he can do is take something that God has created and distort it into something different and worse than it was originally meant to be.

This brings us to the most important point of this chapter. If there is a counterfeit, there is an authentic that we need to find and reclaim. Every time we see a masquerade, we need to look closely to properly discern what is being counterfeited, because a counterfeit is evidence that an authentic exists.

As Christians, when we see that Satan has created a counterfeit, we commonly overreact to try to protect ourselves from contamination. One way that we overreact is by throwing out anything that looks like the counterfeit, including the real. This is like burning all the money in your wallet because there are counterfeits in the world and deception is possible.

We have been commissioned not to throw out all things, but to “Test everything. Hold on to the good” (1 Thess. 5:21). Therefore, if we see a counterfeit, we must test it and find out what it counterfeits so we can reclaim the authentic.

Consider taking this as a personal challenge: If you see a counterfeit, use it as a signpost that points to the authentic.

Personally, I have a lot more faith in the Lord’s ability to keep me than in the devil’s ability to steal me away. Jesus said that He has us in His hand and no one can snatch us out. “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of My hand” (John 10:28).

If we are asking the Lord to restore the authentic to us, why should we have so much fear of accidentally operating in the counterfeit?

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  1. Ellyn-I would like to know more about the 75 examples from the Bible the author mentions as found on page 49 of Chapter 5. How would I find specific info on this such as the Bible references?
    Thanks Duane

  2. Another amazing chapter of this book. But I dunno how much more I can read. So far everything, especially this chapter so far, has touched the very core of my spirit and being, yet I still do not operate in the authentic. No matter how I change or ask God to change/mold me. Although I am currently going through the biggest test/trial in my life where God is changing and molding me, without the reality of His word operating fully in my life (and marriage as I’ve now been separated for 2 months) I just dunno how much more I can take. This is a really good book. But I dunno exactly what I need, trusting God to do/show me. But I need the authentic in my life.

    • As I read your comment, the thought came to me, “Be still and know that I am God.” Please take the time to just be still and quiet, inside and out.

    • Kelly Randolph says:

      Super late leaving this comment but as I am just reading this book, I hope you haven’t given up your pursuit for the more of God. I personally went through that as well. I got frustrated and gave up for a long time. But then He started taking me through a journey of intimacy, inner healing, and really KNOWING Him and my identity. Once I understood those and experienced Him and His love, it changed my life. Now love just overflows from my heart to other people and through that, they are getting healed! Learn to quiet yourself before your Father and receive from Him. It is is PLEASURE to give you the Kingdom. We just have to prepare our hearts to receive it! 💕

  3. Jonathan Cavan says:

    Activating the pineal gland (third eye) and Kundalini (serpent) spirit to acces the spiritual realm through meditations and chakras is the counterfeit of accessing heaven through revelation of Father God.

    New Agers speak of portals, wormholes and gateways into other dimensions is this counterfeit of an open heaven?

    Occultist, new agers and pysicics talk about remote viewing which is the counterfeit to spirit travel I believe.

    • What doesn’t make sense that if the pineal gland or 3rd eye activation is connection to a counterfeit spirit realm or as such, than why did god make us have the pineal glands at first place, maybe counterfeit or real is what one believes it to be

  4. Shirley Priscilla Johnson says:

    Can anyone tell me if this site is still active? I don’t see any new messages for this year or new information. Please let me know, I really hope it still is. Thank you

  5. pcfetchison says:

    This is a very important publication. We are warned that in the end times the occult will gain power in the organized church. Sadly we are seeing that take place in the churches in our area.
    However, YHWH has put a Divine plan in order as to how to deal with all of this truth used as false evidence. He established the Court Room of God. When we see the Occult manifesting we immediately take it into the Court Room of God and asked Yeshua as our mediator to separate the profane from the truth. Wow we get a quick response. And not one is any the wiser, except the atmosphere immediately changes. Confusion usually erupts. And the power of the Holy Spirit settles in, many leave, and many stay and are ushered into salvation.

    This great teaching on the Court Room of God is taught by Ian Clayton Son of He resides in New Zealand. He has taught in the US and Canada. And his protégé Justin Abraham Company of Burning Hearts. com Justin resides in Wales. There is also Milly Bennitt. All of them have taught here in Canada and in the US. They
    have been interacting with the powers of light, sound, electromagnetic, translation etc. for quite some time. And give very important teachings on how to engage in this lifestyle through the Divine portals.

    We have seen so many individuals, with open portals of darkenss, unforgiveness and even hate in their hearts, go after these spirit forces, and been annihilated. By Entering in through the veil to the courts of Heaven, and commanding these forces to come forward they are dealt with by Yeshua himself. You can actually be partakers of this miraculous courtroom scene. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

    Thank you again for such wonderful and exciting publication. I experienced much of the encounters with my maternal grandmother who was blind. she was a herbalist and midwife etc. She taught me to feel colour and listen to nature, that everything had it’s own unique frequency and imprint of God, that we were created to tap into. Amazing. She was a born again, spirit filled believer.

  6. also…
    This is a great video of Jonathan Welton explaining many of the things he mentions in this chapter in a bit more depth

  7. Thank you for putting this on here. I love coming on here and learning. Please add more if you can. I crave God’s Knowledge…..I need knowledge of these things. Thank you again.

  8. What does anyone know about Portals? I felt the strong presence of the Lord at the end of my Hall one day, felt surrounded by God and Love. the next day I fell asleep at the end of my bed by the door where I experienced God’s presence the day before. I was awoken and saw Jesus and several of my family who had passed. Jesus was talking with my husband and my husband was showing him his notebook that he puts some of his prayers in. I had been very ill and close to death and my husband had been holding up Scriptures to God for me to recover which I did. He was showing Jesus those Scriptures. My family waved at me but did not come into the bedroom. I waved back but did not get up to go to them. I wonder was the Lord coming to take me home and was it because of my husbands prayers that he was showing Jesus that kept me here on earth? Any thoughts on this? This area is still very anointed and I often go there and pray or sing to God. I have seen Angels there as well.

    • Kelly Randolph says:

      That is incredible! 💕💕💕 I don’t understand everything behind it but hope to learn and experience much!

  9. Hello
    Did anyone read my above post or have any comment about it? Does anyone come on here. Is this still active? Thank you for answering.

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