Chapter 3: Vibrating in Harmony with God

by Bob Jones

In this chapter, Bob Jones shares that God is beginning to release a “new” sound to prepare us for a second Pentecost that “tunes” us and brings us into harmony with God.

There’s a new sound coming. We began having prophecies in 1995 that there is a new sound coming, a new heavenly sound. It’s going to come in everything and it’s especially going to come in praise. A couple of times recently, only for a little bit, I’ve been in beautiful praise when all of a sudden a new sound comes that I’ve never heard before. It’s like it sets you on fire. The new sound is a string instrument, a wind instrument. So there’s a new sound coming.

One time, years ago in Atlanta I was at a church with Rick Joyner and there was a sound that seemed to be coming out of the ceiling. Everybody heard it. It had an angel power with it.

This coming new sound isn’t just something that you pick up with your ears, but it’s greater than anything you can understand. It can change DNA so we are genetically growing up.

Your genetics are the same as His was. Our genetics come out of the Father in our spirit. We are becoming like an instrument being tuned, where our genetics are getting aligned with the Father’s genetics, in harmony with Him.

Do you know what a heart fibrillation is? It’s two hearts. The lower heart gets out of harmony with the upper heart. And I’m afraid that our spiritually lower heart has gotten out of harmony with our upper heart, but when it gets back in harmony we’ll have the heart of God.

The recent earthquakes and tsunamis are a natural shifting in the earth and a change in the axis of the earth and change in even nations. It’s only natural that there is a spiritual changing of nations too. These changes are occurring for what purpose? We’ve turned away from God. These shiftings are to turn us back to God.

With all these earthquakes and the shifting of the earth’s axis, it’s almost like the whole world has been out of alignment and everything is being “tuned.” But it’s about tuning everything, not just the earth. It’s about tuning us and everything about us. When we get in harmony with God and begin to really worship the Father in spirit and truth, there’s no time there. You’ll think that you’ve been in it a minute and I’ve known times when we were in worship for hours, and it only felt like minutes. We’re going to take authority over everything down here back and literally give it back to the Father.

With me, when I had a fibrillation, they took me to the hospital and gave me an electrical shock. The shock brought my upper and lower heart back into harmony. There are shocks down here that are going to bring us back into harmony with our Father. That “vibration” put my heart back into harmony. They called it “conversion.” So I think a good word for what’s about to happen to us is “a conversion.”

Isaiah 66:2 says, “I will look to him who trembles at my word.” The word “trembles” in this verse can be vibration. And everything vibrates. But when we get in harmony with God, everything will vibrate in tune with us. Total authority was given to man. Do you have any idea what everything vibrating in harmony with God would do in the earth?

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  1. Immediately after reading chapter, I kneel down to pray and experienced a sound like a harp and drums harmoniously playing. I though it was fantastic to experience it… So clear in my ears!!!

  2. suzie bell says:

    years ago when i watched the movie pochahontas she sings about even the rocks having a spirit and when I heard this I started wondering why the indians would think even rocks have a spirit and i also thought about luke 19:40 that says even the rocks will cry out. i did not know that everything vibrates until i started reading your book. I have been praying about the sound coming from heaven since 2000 and in the past seven years or so i have been prompted to read certain new age books and ideas and have felt like there was a tie in to the what spirit of God wanted to do in the earth. Thank you for writing this book

    • Hi Suzie. Thanks for the comment. Yes, it makes you look at everything in a completely new light such as rocks “crying out” and morning stars “singing together” and trees of the field “clapping their hands.” If everything emits a frequency, then everything emits its own sound, or “song.”

        • Thanks, Susanne, for sharing that link. The difficulty with dialoging about a lot of stuff in the spirit realm is that it has been so appropriated by non-Christians or those who seem to be teaching Christian doctrine but are actually off base. But I think these things are worth examining, if for no other reason than the fact that our culture is rapidly swinging toward embracing all forms of New Age teaching and thinking and we’re going to need to have some kind of understanding of what we’re up against in order to remain relevant. We’re still practicing forms of evangelism that were effective a generation ago but that are mostly ineffective with the New Age crowd.

  3. One yr. ago The Lord told me about words.They have sound…and by His word [sound] He created the world….ect.An one day some who is well versed in trees,told me y neibours tree must come down because it is a bad form of a tree that has dust on the leaves..and when the leaves come off the tree it causes damage in the lungs when breathing in the dust from the leaves…So I spoke to the tree that it had to come down in Jesus name…And it did…WoW…It was about 1 am in the morning and I heard a sound,like a trumpet and whistle at the same was the coming across our back yard in such a force and hit the tree,I could hear the cracking of wood.I looked out and the tree lay down like it was put down by a hand…Nothing was harmed,no house,no fence…it was amasing…This tree was very big,had a big trunk. By the way I asked the neigbouer to take it down,but they said no,its good where it is…But the sound of my words when spoken to the tree,became manifested…This was in a time frame of about 3 mths.I had spoken to this tree everyday for 3 mths.I praised God for the sound of His voice.Who he gave to us a sound [word]to speak boldly.Jesus said go do,and geater things will you do in My name……this is just one revelation that became a manifestation,….there are many more… We go minister to the downtown east side of Vancouver BC Canada,Relocate people to their parents after detoxting them,[some get healed on the spot].I also blow the shofar,[sound] there..And do worship flagging,People gather and salvations happen…..if you like to hear more about what is happening here,we would love to talk with you….shalom….In His SERVICE Angelika..PS… LOVE YOU YOUR BOOK

  4. Luther Thompson, MD says:

    I enjoyed the discussion of our DNA becoming like the Father’s DNA. I had listened to a teaching by A.J. Jones on the Father’s DNA while in medical school. At the same time I was studying microbiology and I learned about a process where by an organism can gain new traits, tools, or defenses by ingesting DNA from the surrounding environment. This process is called “Transformation”. Tune me in to that transforming sound, Holy Spirit!

  5. Rosalina Mavaega says:

    Hi there, wow. I was telling my husband about certain frequencies like solfeggio frequencies that scientists says can heal DNA and I’ve experienced it myself when I listen to it. But I was lead away thinking it’s New Age. I read it somewhere that it’s based off of biblical principles but being misled before I didn’t want to “disappoint” Father. Now Holy Spirit is teaching me that everything begins and ends with him and it’s not what we take in but what comes out of our hearts that makes us evil. I believe everything was meant to be used to glorify God and it was never meant to put limitations on us.

  6. Ray Richards says:

    You say the number on the badge is 341. Where did that number come from? He also says there 300 doors to heaven in the OT and 28 in the NT. Where do those numbers come from? Are these just made up or are the Bible references to back these up?

    • I don’t know where he got 341 other than from a direct revelation from God. But when he’s referring to the “doors,” he means openings such as doors, windows, etc. Perhaps you can go on Bob’s website and ask him:

  7. Jonathan Cavan says:

    DNA and Sound 2 big topics…

    The shift is the fall of the babylon control grid ‘pyramid’ and the release of the Kingdom alternate form of governance – a familiy ‘net’ a flat structure not hierarchical, Jesus is head.

    Destryong the works of the enemy cleanses the DNA so that we are re-connected with the Father to release His power. Very exciting… as this happens the earth shifts and the re-alignment progresses.

    • You make a good point. I’m not sure exactly what happens when we become new creations, but I believe that our DNA is changed along with everything else.

  8. Vickie Tilley says:

    Just a few minutes prior to reading this chapter, I watched an interview on a news program with a doctor saying exercise can make changes in a person’s DNA. I totally see where spiritual exercise can do the same! As I read this chapter, I was also reminded of an incident during…WWII maybe? A platoon of soldiers were marching across a bridge. The cadence of their marching hit a vibration pitch that caused the bridge to collapse. There’s also the incident of wind causing a rolling motion/rhythm in a bridge (perhaps Ray Hughes will discuss this later;-). Could this vibration principle be part of the “everything that can be shaken will be shaken” spoken of in scripture?

    • Thanks for your comment, Vickie. Yes, I am familiar with the bridge collapse from the soldiers marching. That’s why soldiers today are told to break cadence when they march over a bridge. And the bridge that collapsed from wind frequency was the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

  9. This resonates so strongly with me. A couple of weeks ago at the Ian Clayton conference in Idaho, GOD reconstructed …straightened out! DNA!!
    What I KNOW about my walk is that I was created to create sound. I have been waiting my whole life.. studying sound… quantum physics..understanding. My 1st time on a worship team in 2002 in France, a big angel poured a big bucket of oil on my head and anointed me that day…. since then I have been leading worship and singing, creating songs and recording. Papa has prepared me well throughout my life, guiding me to get a degree in music.. the whole pathway.. amazing.
    So yeah!! Hallelujah! Now is the time! (just wrote a song called .. Now is the time!) hahaha 🙂

  10. Certain sounds when sung or played can penetrate tissue and heal the layers of emotional damage in the “gray matter.” (Mind or brain) The Holy Spirit rides on that frequency to divide soul and spirit, joints and marrow, thoughts and intents of the heart, just as Hebrews sez. Allelujah………………………………………………………………………………>

    • Perhaps this is why Saul requested David to play on his harp when Saul was ill.

    • I’m soaking in all of this. The Lord has spoken a few things in my quiet time I have not understood and googled to search out what I’m not totally seeing in the Word. Yesterday He spoke of removing the limitations joint and marrow soul and spirit this has built on a few things over the year linear process layer by layer platform and bridge over the number 5 and my body as a temple, and self care. I need to soak. He wants me to Dance as David danced. I saw my self burn all my journals and quiet times I’ve written in my life ages 13-35…then 2 gold rings and an a change of rings between two people he said not to worry about the diamond there are plenty of diamonds to come but that The gold is more important to Him. and then I became a white dry erase board with arms and legs and he said are you ready to write my story now?

      This is in the midst of having a 6 yr old, 4, 2, and 7m old. 2 Demonic things manifesting in our home (my children say fefifofum and my daughters speaks of dragons…and I saw both as a child as well) all my children are talking about all after a 2 yr painful road of trauma recovery after finding my kids were abused by my father.

      A few weeks ago my 4 yr old daughter said she wanted to die so she can talk to God. She really needs to talk with him. I told her she doesn’t have to die. That night I prayed with her and asked the Lord let her come up to talk. The next day my daughter said she had a dream. She said she dreamed she was in heaven and had a horse. She said God gave her a necklace. It was shiny, had a mountain on it and said God loves me. And then 2 giants can and chased her and tried to take her necklace from her and she barely got away twice, the next night she said the bigger man bad angel (giant like) came in her room and removed Jesus from her heart. She has not wanted to pray since. And has regressed in some areas she has had healing.

      I’ve had major things happening as well. Every time I google things I don’t understand Ian Clayton comes up and mike parsons.

      The hardest thing I feel the Lord showed me recently is I had an idol inside and many alters around it. And I dreamed the lord showed me when I was little and people were asking me how I was doing and I answered the way I needed to preserving the secret of abuse, the Lord said I traded my body my voice and my virtue of justice/truth with the enemy. And I think Livathain has been mentioned in times of prayer over my life but no real understanding on my part and no prayer breakthrough at times of intersessions throughout my life at diff churches.

      When I press in after reading a few articles I have huge resistance within and my body (trouble eating sometimes four days at a time and bubbling of anger) I think my intents and motives are not write inside even though I’m longing for them to be.

      I’m writing this out I guess bc I’m frustrated and feeling defeated exhaustion. And these are not things you can speak of plainly at church.

      How do I come into this sound and vibration? What music do I pick? How do I soak?
      How do I go in the garden? What order do I walk all of these things out? How do I do this in a chaotic home environment that I can’t seem to shift the atmosphere (I guess bc I’m not In the right freq and sound either!)

      I’m excited to have found this book. He said He has given a mathematical valued equation…. and I googled some of what He said He wanted to show me and landed on this website.

      I’m just a stay at mom with super little people healing from huge traumas and feeling the Lord saying things I have to search out and feeling I’m suddenly aware of not being as acceptable to the Lord as I thought I was, and that When I listen to the holy spirit there is a counterfeit as well. And when I stand or get close to breakthrough I feel knocked Down hard.

      If anyone has a place to point me as I’m spinning in the unveiling of all the deep revelation. It’s like shaking a tree and telling it your not the little flower in the field… and this tree is not a tree it’s yoU AND YOUR TREE has a mountain inside (or something crazy like that!)…🤔🏃🏽‍♀️

  11. I have not read this book but looks like it may be a good one..a few years ago (2009) I had an experience where I was taken to heaven into a pure white room…where I saw many colors coming out with sound..I do not know how to explain it but I heard a tone/frequency song in a million different directions at the same time. Like I had super sonic this same time the sounds had colors and I heard a voice tell me, take and eat I did, now during this vision my girlfriend was driving us in tennesee (This is in realtime not a vision)..she begins to shake and start singing the song in english..the same song I was hearing in the vision!!! Although she was driving my minivan and did not know what I was seeing nor hearing!! I was hearing the Heavenly version…in tones and frequencies and she was singing on the earth!! Next, I am taken in the vision to a place where I see two blue DNA strands spinning in front of me, they both enter my ears..I feel like I have hearing at a million mile distance..that is the only way that I can describe it…then the two blue strands come back out and in front of me is this MASSIVE HUGE Rainbow DNA spinning and the two blue strands enter it and become one with it. I continue in the vision for a while longer, the fire of God burning not only in me but my girlfriend driving and the passengers, I was shown a few more things after this..After this encounter I noticed that my prayers became a song and at times I would see the DNA strand go into others that I had sung over..its a new day!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Daphne.

    • Amazing, Daphne! Thank you for sharing. I believe these experiences are just the beginning of the manifestation of the “Sons of God” at the end of time. God is restoring all things………………imagine what it must have been like to live in both the earthly realm and heavenly realm for Adam and Eve…….wow….

  12. So is the power of the gospel being reduced to common metaphysics and New Age regurgitation now? Though truths are associated with sound, vibration, meditation etc., (God spoke or used sound to create is an example.) You do not see a systematic teaching in the Bible relative to living in Christ associated with harmonics or this type of teaching. One of the practices engaged in prior to the flood was DNA manipulation. Caution – “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns.” Matt 24:37. Sorry, all respects to the author and Bob Jones, although this is a universal dynamic (is relative to the sciences) I do not feel this is a Kingdom principle that Jesus or the Apostles taught relative to christian living.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the comment. The book’s intent is not to teach any principles that have to do with Christian living or to reduce the power of the gospel in any way. The intent, instead, is to open a dialogue about some of the mysteries of God’s creation in order to discover whether they do have any relevance to Christian living.

    • new age is nothing more then the devils counterfeit Mike far to many forget or haven’t experienced the GOD of miracles the GOD of power the one TRUE living POWERFUL God after all HIS word is living its not just words written in a book

  13. I have had 3 dreams this year with the sound of a flute. First the sound was from a magnificent shell and was accompanied by a wind. The second I woke up to hearing the mot amazing flute sound and third was a combination of a beautiful ancient flute and a modern one. All the sounds were heavenly and incredibly beautiful and powerful.

  14. back in early 2000 I had some dreams I was such a baby in my walk this dream there was an angel in a tear drop bubble on its right knee it ascended over a body of water there the angel opened his hand and placed baby Jesus… we watched the life of jesus play out over this body of water once done the angel took the baby jesus back in his hand and up he went in the tear drop but now he was singing a new song “come lord jesus come to save us” that was it but as he sang we closed our eyes and were lifted up then came what felt like hot oil or wax it slowly ran down it burned at first but as it covered me it changed me…then just a year ago I was going to bed and I was hearing this sound music it was in the left hand corner of the ceiling in my bedroom the sound wasnt earthly but was like stringed instruments singing but not human sounds crazy but it was so beautiful this music came every night for awhile then stopped and now the again it seems music from Jesus blood not sure what that means but its good

  15. Shirley Priscilla Johnson says:

    Wow I have just started reading this book and I find it wonderful. I There is so much information and knowledge shared. I am hoping that more is put on here as well. It seems to not have had much done since last year. We need your knowledge, please don’t stop. God bless.

  16. First, thank you for collaborating such a wonderful book and for being brave enough to publish it. I too am amazed by what is happening in the New Age and often pick up street press to see what is going on. One article stood out the most to me.. Scientists had now discovered that DNA responds to human language!! I love science, but by no means a scientist, but it was wonderful to see science point to Jesus.. Jesus has told us to command sickness out of peoples body’s in His name for over two thousand years, so wonderful to actually see it under the microscope :)).
    Psalm 32:7 You are my hiding place, you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

  17. So glad to see some action on here. Could you tell me where you found the information that Scientists had now discovered that DNA responds to human language. Interesting. I would love to know more. I pray more share on this site. Thank you.

  18. joy gilbert says:

    I had an encounter at the first of October I would like to share. First encounter that I have had so far….Sitting in my living room (I am a widow so I was alone) and I have been a praise & worship leader for most of my life. I looked up on the ceiling and saw the face of a lion….then it turned into a lamb….after that it was what looked like me as a child……I heard a voice ay what do you see? I saw this instrument that was round…pretty large…but not too large that you couldn’t hold it. It was wooden and it had the head of a lion carved on it. the voice said….”play it” so I did…when I played it a vibrating sound I had NEVER heard in my life started! Next thing you know I was on a road with this instrument. the road had lots of rough terrain, hills, mountains etc. the voice said where are you? I said It looks like I might be on a road somewhere. then as I played the instrument on the road all the rough spots started to become straight! no mountains, hills, rough gullies….all straight and smooth. then I heard this… have just made proverbs 3: 5&6 a part of you! I was actually becoming one with this scripture! Most awesome thing EVER!

  19. Dr. Caroline Leaf has solid Biblical-based and “scientific-backed” (or evidence, if you will) information and teaching on affecting your DNA, bringing restoration and wholeness to your brain, etc.

  20. where can we find this book or information please.

  21. Beate Zimmermann says:

    I am from Germany to me this Book is ingenious and very inspiering. I show clearly how and through what God can speak to us. Trough that Book God brought me to a Women that lives 900
    years ago.A Women that was annouced by the Pope as a Prophet in 1147. This Women had Visions describing what you brougth together in that Book. Hildegard von Bingen.The esoteric people used her knowledge for themselves.Thanks to your Book we take back our inheritage. And maby you also like discover this Women as well. BLESSING TO ALL:

  22. Hello
    Just now reading your post very interesting. Can you tell me more about this woman and where I can read about it? Thank you.

  23. Maria Duarte says:

    Hello everyone, I just had a experience last week, my children and I just finished reading the bible together and we always end the bible study in each of us saying a prayer. While my son was praying out loud I heard a harp being strung only in my left ear it was so clear and the sound was absolutely amazing, it was like his voice had been reduced in volume so I could hear the harp, I quickly jumped in the pray and thank Jesus for it while my kids looked at me weirdly. When I closed the pray they asked what happened but none of them heard it just me and they where sitting right next to me on the couch. Has anyone had a similar thing happen? and what does it mean?

  24. I heard several shofars playing a beautiful series of notes together…a break of 4 seconds and then the shofars, I believe 3 of them, began playing again, paused and then a third set began playing. It was melodic, beautiful, and awesome all at the same time. The sound was so very loud that I ran to the East door of my sun room to check it out outdoors! I was sure the neighbors must be all out looking like I was….no one.

    So you are aware of the events of the shofars, I will explain that I had just received an email from a Christian friend saying that Mena Lee Grebin, a wonderful Jewish prophetess, had just released a new video. I went to FB and typed her name in and sure enough, there was a new video, just released. The date was Dec. 1st, 2016. I grabbed my laptop and sat down in the sun room to prayerfully listen to her words from the Lord. It was maybe 5 min. into the video and there was a knock at my door. I was so caught up with the message that I really hoped the knocking would stop and the person would just go! Well, no in walks my neighbor who has a stream of chatter going…I simply said, “come sit and listen to Mena or go home, your choice.” He came in and quietly sat and leaned into my computer to listen. Mena had just gotten to the part of “the Lord gave me 5 nights of consecutive dreams….he told me today to get His message out for “now is the time.” She started the dreams and loudly over my home and then into my sun room came the shofars with the most amazing sounds…I immediately thought it was the Lord’s angels announcing the rapture of the saints. I sat looking to the ceiling and praying to the Lord, amazed that I was experiencing this moment….My neighbor, said to me, “what is that bunch of horns about..I’ve never heard that kind of sounds before!” I told him they are shofars and angels are blowing them…Jesus is coming soon! He was anxious…I told him that since your have rejected Christ you won’t be in the rapture. “this is your warming, you are without excuse.” I then realize the music was still loudly playing but I was still in my home, so it was not the rapture. The third set sounded and then the shofars left us. My skin on my body was actually vibrating….awe was putting it mildly!

    We checked to see if anyone else we know heard these heavenly sounds but no one did. My Christian friends were so amazed and wanted to hear them too but did not. I later read a prophetic statement on z3news that helped me understand it a lot better. The prophet said that the Lord gave her a dream in Jan 2016 that the Lord said he was sounding His shofars all over the world to call out his final warriors for the move coming upon the Earth for Christ! Praise God! Saints, the days are short, many will go into eternity lost if we don’t stand up and be Christ’s light, in this day. Judgement is coming in a big way to American for her vial acts and sins, approved by our President and Supreme Court. Prepare and stay under the blood of Christ! Shalom.

  25. So all we need to figure out, if we want to overcome our sinful nature, and obey Christ naturally, is what is the frequency/light/sound/vibration of the Holy Spirit, and then live our life with that filling our consciousness and heart day in and day out so that righteousness, joy, peace, love, holiness, obedience, overcoming pride, overcoming greed, overcoming lust, overcoming desires for esteem, overcoming desires attention etc., etc. become natural to us. Then we will be wearing a wedding garment with our lamps full of oil when Christ comes for us. BUT if all is vibration/sound/frequency from minute particles to bodies, trees, planets etc…then it stands to reason each angel and demon and spirit and Lucifer himself has their own vibration/sound/frequency…..How do we correctly choose the true Holy Spirit vibration/sound/frequency…over the vibrations of the dark evil side? This goes way back to ancient religions that teach that Light and Sound is the only way back to the pure positive God realm (above the physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric.)…..But there are millions, perhaps billions of side paths with their own unique vibratory signature that don’t lead to God, but instead open one up to be possessed by such a foreign vibratory signature that will enhance the sin in their life (this is why you hear about cult leaders appearing to be holy who later get into sex scandles, greed, desire for money, power, control etc.)….They all opened their self up to a negative vibratory frequency which perhaps felt pure and soothing to the emotions and feelings, but was otherwise. So Holy Spirit is the only safe haven…..if you can discern it’s presence from all the false vibrations. I don’t think feelings and emotions should be trusted in this……Another thing…maybe the correct, original pronunciation of Jesus’ name (Yeshua or is it it Yahshua) has a purer frequency/vibration when voiced then the diluted name Jesus But I don’t know for certain…Maybe he looks at the vibrations of the intents of the heart etc.

  26. This is so fascinating! Regarding the comments about the soldiers collapsing a bridge because of the frequency of their marching- this reminds me of Joshua and the Israelites marching around Jericho! (See Joshua 6).

  27. A few years back I was anointed with a sound/light/sensory overwealming anointing. It was as if it came by sunlight through the window. I felt as if I was shot up into Heaven! I realize later that it was the feeling of the anointing covering me from head to toe. It felt like I had passed through the floor of Heaven! As it happened I heard a sound that resonated through my whole body. The walls seemed to come alive! It was as if I could see and sense the life that was even in the walls of the garage. It was like I could sense the moving molecules, etc… It was incredible!! Now I’m an abstract painter and God has been showing me about design and how there are principles in design like Physics. I believe that it’s a tragedy that people have believed the lie that art is whatever we believe it to be. The reality is that there’s code written into design. Like physics, design is ordered with patterns and principles. I believe we are coming to a deeper understanding of this soon and it will ripple with a quick progression through the arts. Sound and light share many of these patterns. I’m super stoked!!!!

  28. I was on a prayer walk today, and felt in my heart that we needed to align with his frequencies. I thought about soldiers on walkie talkies and how they had to tune into a certain frequency to hear each other, I began to relate this to heaven, also how a busy signal on the phone line can prevent a call from going thru and related it to my own life and my own business. I had no Idea Bob Jones had written this, but I started to google frequencies and came across this website. I am so inspired that Holy Spirit is speaking to me in this way as I also lead Worship and am a psalmist, so I can’t wait to see what he reveals.

  29. Aranyani Azevedo says:

    Ellyn and Judy,

    The Holy Father has led me to your book, and given it a 10/10. I have enjoyed every minute of your book, and have shared it far and wide. I am VERY interested in learning more about your current activities, conferences, and talks that I could attend or listen to. Your Physics of Heaven book has confirmed so many words that the Lord has given myself and my family. Thank you for bringing so much to light. No pun intended!

    I would love to connect with you both and share what our Father has been equipping us for in this new season. We are truly on the edge of a mighty change, I am excited that you have brought much of this to the community. Thank you,


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