Chapter 16: Pulling The Tomorrows of God into Today

by Bill Johnson

All of the contributors to chapters in this book sense that God is on the verge of releasing something new on the earth and that new thing somehow involves vibrations, frequencies, energy, sound, light, and taking “quantum leaps” by faith. In this chapter, Bill Johnson shares how we already own in the present what is not yet. And, because of our inheritance in Christ, we can reach into God for what has been reserved for tomorrow and pull it into our today.

Our role in shaping the world around us through creative expression is never more at the forefront than when we joyfully learn to pull tomorrow into today. God trains us for this role whenever He speaks to us, for in doing so He is working to awaken and establish our affections for His kingdom. A people whose hearts are anchored in His world are best qualified to serve in this one. He establishes His eternal purpose in us whenever He speaks. His word comes from eternity into time, giving us a track to ride on. It connects us with eternity, causing us to bring effect upon our world through the influence of His world.

Inheritance 101

The believer’s inheritance is beyond human comprehension. To put the richness of that gift into the eternal future is to sell short the power of the cross in the present. He gave us a gift beyond comprehension because we have an assignment beyond reason. Jesus gave us all things because we would need all things to fulfill our call. He intends to fill the earth with His glory, and His glorious bride will play a role.

It is interesting to note that we have already inherited tomorrow—things to come. That makes us stewards of tomorrow in a profound way. God reveals coming events to us, and we steward the timing of those events. This amazing privilege is exemplified in Scripture and gives insight to passages that might otherwise be hard to understand.

Revelation means ‘to lift the veil’. It is to remove a cover over something so we can see it more clearly. It doesn’t create something; it simply reveals what was already there. When God reveals coming events and promises, He is giving us access to a realm in Him. All of the promises He reveals to us will be realized in time, but the acceleration of events is largely determined by the desperation of God’s people. Our passion for Him and His promises speeds up the process of growth and development, making us qualified for the stewardship of those events sooner than had been planned.

If it’s true that the promises of restored cities and healed nations are actually millennium promises . . . and if the promise of God’s glory being manifest all over the earth is far off into the future . . . and if in fact the people of God will not reach a place of true maturity, living like one mature man—then I must ask the question—is there anyone hungry enough for what He has shown us in the Scriptures that we will pull into our day something that is reserved for another? Is there anyone willing to lay themselves down to bring more of God’s promises across another great divide?

If you can see the coming future promises, and He hasn’t blinded your eyes to His intent, then He is hoping to hook you into the role of calling “into being that which does not exist.” It is the role of the desperate heart of faith. We have the opportunity to affect the direction and flow of history through our prayers and intercessions. This is where we take hold of the future. This is why He wants to show us, “things to come.” The future is now, and it belongs to us.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I had a revelation this morning that blew my mind. It’s so exciting though. We do not have to live in fear – period. I read

    I’ve also understood from former NSA agents I’m connected with that 4 strikes of a Russian improved EMP on our Eastern coastland could put out the entire nation’s electrical and internet grid including all communications devices, except, of course, the government’s protected programs. It’s enough to scare anybody but I trust in God so I’ve just been waiting on Him to reveal His plan and my part in helping people survive and stay strong through it all.

    Then while I was walking through the River of Life I reached down and picked up this round thing. I put the small watermelon sized clear round thing into my heart and accepted my un-tethering to this earth. Then it hit me. The Kingdom of God has an internet system that keeps running when earth’s shuts down. The realm of the Spirit is an internet connection system. We’ll conduct business as usual so finances won’t be a problem. We’ll also have our own banking system miraculously beyond the deceitful shut down of earth’s banks by government officials robbing from the people. We will even be able to over hear conversations without the enemy even knowing we’re around. We’ll stay one step ahead of all enemies of the Kingdom of God – period – all the while helping people find refuge, shelter, food and Jesus and be protected, too!

    Your thoughts?

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