Chapter 15: The Clarion Call

by Beni Johnson

In this chapter, Beni Johnson shares that God is issuing a clarion (a shrill and clear sound) calling us to venture into new realms, including realms of the vibrations of heaven.

I love to hear the sound of heaven come into a room during a time of worship. I will purposely listen for it. Because when it comes, it shifts the atmosphere. When that worship leader and his team of worshippers hit the right note or play the right song, heaven comes a little closer. What a feeling that is! I practice hearing this during worship time. It is time to train our spirit ears to hear that sound. When we practice this, we will be able to step into the moment. God always has a reason for releasing His sound and the result is to always bring us closer to Him.

Once, at a conference in Wales, I heard an unusual sound come into the room. I had heard that sound before but couldn’t place it. It started as the people prayed. Bill had them stop and gave them another thing to pray about. As the people began praying again, I heard the sound again. What in the world was that? This happened three times, and each time that sound came. I’ve learned that for me, when God speaks three times about something, He is saying, “Listen, I’m wanting you to get something here.” On the third time of prayer, I figured out what it was.

Have you ever been walking outside and come to a tree and heard hundreds of birds chattering? That was the sound that I heard, a loud noise like birds talking in a tree. Three times that happened. Bill came down to me the third time, while the people were still praying and looked at me and said, “It sounds like birds in here.” Whatever could that mean?

I discovered that when birds make that sound they are saying things like, “This isn’t your place. Get away! You can’t have this.” As I read that, I got it. I realized that as the people were praying the night before and that sound came into the room, each time they prayed, there was a spirit of prayer that was saying, “You can’t have this. Get away! This is ours.” Then I got this revelation of what God was saying: It is time we move in a time of authority in our prayers over territory. It is a time of territorial praying. There were things that God wanted us to take over territorially and say to the enemy, “You cannot have this; it’s not yours. Get away.”

Take time to be alone and listen and wait for His sound to come to your spirit. As you do this, you can physically feel Him stirring in your inmost being, changing and shifting you. The vibrations of heaven are a powerful life-changing substance. Anything is possible when you plug in.

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  1. David Pinkerton says:

    I just read the part about Dr Royal Rife and his vibrational healing machine! It makes so much sense when you think of how everything has a certain frequency. I see that you can buy rife machines. Has anyone any testimonies of using these, or advice which one to purchase?

    • I’ve also been interested in whether the “real thing” is actually available because I do believe that certain frequencies are necessary for health in our cells and certain frequencies are frequencies of cell damage.

  2. Martin Cosentino says:

    “He that has ears to hear, let him listen to what the spirit says to the churches.”

    Jesus clearly understood the ‘sound’ of G-d, and with that statement, he forever pointed to the fact that LISTENING is more important than SPEAKING.

    When he was being tempted in the desert, his response to the Adversary was, “Man does not live by bread alone, but by [listening to] every word that proceeds from the mouth of G-d.”

    The New Testament is chock full of references to the Holy Spirit, and there are even other references in the Old Testament.

  3. In regards to the Rife machine, yes it works on the level that it produces a frequency exactly opposite that of the toxin or infection; it can be tuned to emit whatever is needed for the patient, as in whatever you are trying to kill. What happens is the same thing that happens with noise-cancelling headsets–they read the frequencies coming in and produce a frequency exactly opposite–which cancels it out and you hear “nothing”. In the same way, producing an opposite frequency to the infection will neutralize or destroy it.

    But you can do this with supplements! The supplement that has the EXACT OPPOSITE frequency of the toxin or infection (such as parasites, Lyme disease, fungus, or metals) will produce healing! So in my practice in Nutritional Therapy and Autonomic Response Testing, I use energy vials of toxins and infections to detect what is going on in my clients’ bodies, via energy testing, then find the supplements that test well (and they are the opposite frequencies) which will in time, “cancel out” the bad frequency so that it’s gone for good.
    For example, oregano oil is the opposite frequency of fungus infections; black walnut/wormwood is the exact opposite frequency of small and large parasites; garlic is the opposite frequency of bacteria… I frequently actually have my clients, instead of always taking gobs of pills, WEAR a glass vial containing the herb they need, in the center of their body somewhere. It’s like the frequency emitted broadcasts itself over their entire body, and within hours it will kill parasites, and within weeks get rid of fungal and bacterial infections completely.

    That is just a small taste of what I do; I also (God has taught me, and through much experimentation) have learned how to neutralize stored emotional stress in the body from not only our lifetime but generations of stress passed along to us in our DNA, using a laser; I also have learned to pray over everyone (whether they know it or not, lol) to remove generational and lifetime spiritual curses–I use the paper of 13 areas of open doorways for Satan to get in, and pray over all of them for my clients on behalf of them and any of their contacts and ancestors, because I’ve learned that EACH CURSE ALSO suppresses a particular organ and it WILL NOT HEAL unless you pray the curse away!

    And I am only 27!! It is unbelievable to me what God is teaching me and I love this website because it does confirm to me what another commentor said–that ALL TRUTH IS GOD’S TRUTH–Quantum Physics and Energy testing have never bothered me because the Spirit within me always witnesses to me what the truth is; and I can matter-of-factly discard the rest. But so much of it IS God’s truth and it saddens me that in the Mennonite community I grew up in, we were taught to be so fearful and closeminded to anything “alternative” because it was “witchcraft”–and Satan is using that fear to keep them from real healing that God wants to give!!
    This is a passionate subject close to my heart and I just wait for God to show me how to really get the word out to help Christians heal phsycially, emotionally, and spiritually, because the healing I’ve gone through has taken me leaps and bounds ahead of where I used to be and has helped to largely undo the effects of sin and stress passed down through generations; it is wonderful to feel clear-minded and happy instead of depressed and anxious like I used to be! Praise God!
    If anyone would like to contact me about what I do, my contact form is on my website at

    Blessings to all whom God has been bringing to this area of enlightenment! I find it fascinating and love using it for His glory!


  4. So to answer the question–no I do not have a Rife Machine but have not felt led to get one–as I like using supplements instead. 🙂 However I have seen one used in practice…

    • Thanks, Valerie. Very interesting comments. I’d be very interested in knowing more about healing using opposite frequencies. Do you have a link to some sort of information about it?

      • Mike andrews says:

        the phase must beopposite. the frequency must be the same. position the rife machine at a distance such that phase is opposite.

  5. Hmm…I wonder where Dr Ulan got the information. I listened to it on his audio cds (link here: but it is only available for licensed health/natural practitioners. If you want me to order it for you I certainly would be happy to… I just remember that I listened to those so much I nearly memorized them and he was very clear on the subject.
    Another thought- If you provide your email address I’d be happy send you a copy of my Nutrition Response Testing handout which explains it a bit more, in which I reference the Healing Codes book. Actually, that is a GREAT book, written by a Christian, which explains a few aspects of Quantum Physics in VERY understandable language, mostly in relation to how negative emotional memories get stored on a cellular level and inhibit the immune system from healing (exactly what I”ve found!). But it also includes information on how opposite frequencies heal, on page 78. It’s worth buying on 🙂 I’ve just put it to use and, in a practical way, figured out which supplements are the exact opposite frequencies (and therefore test well) to my clients’ health problems.

    One note on the Healing Code book–I’ve also found that JUST clearing cellular memories does not automatically equate to “full healing”–for all my clients I also have to support their physical body with minerals for detoxification, clay and fiber to bind up toxins released, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and herbs necessary to support killing infections once the emotional stress trapping toxins and infections has been cleared. 🙂

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