Chapter 12: Quantum Mysticism

by Ellyn Davis

If we stop for a moment and really consider the implications of quantum physics, we can understand how it lends itself to metaphysical interpretation. So let’s discuss a few of the main metaphysical beliefs extrapolated from quantum physics and see how they might relate to Christian truths. 

First, there is the belief in the power of consciousness to influence material reality.

It seems inconceivable that quantum particles exist as waves in no definite place or time but when observed and measured the wave becomes a solid object in a specific place and time. As we’ve shared before, this phenomenon is called “collapsing the quantum wave function” or “popping a qwiff.” The fact that it happens forces us to consider two ideas: first that everything is, in its essence, an interconnected invisible field of energies vibrating at different specific frequencies and second, that in order for a particular energy to assume material form, it needs an observer, a “consciousness” expecting it to become matter.

Another idea that “popping a qwiff” forces us to at least entertain is that somehow human consciousness is a fundamental creative force in the Universe, since it is our consciousness (as the “observer”) that seems to determine whether something appears as matter or not. If this is true, it means that we have the power to create, manipulate and change the “reality” of our world by our expectations or intentions. 

Second, there is the belief in a single, universal consciousness that permeates all things. The traditional view about consciousness has always been that it is a property of the mind and that consciousness is only shared by beings with brains. However, it has been understood that conscious beings have differing levels of self-awareness. For example, a human being may be aware that he or she is conscious while a dog may not. Newtonian physics never considered the possibility that lower life forms, plants, or what we consider inanimate objects such as rocks and stars might have some sort of consciousness too. Quantum physics does.

Quantum physics implies that everything that exists, even atoms and sub-atomic particles, has a form of consciousness (sometimes called a “mind”) and is interconnected through a universal consciousness (the One Mind). This would explain “quantum entanglement” effects, also called “spooky action at a distance” by Einstein.

In quantum entanglement a particle that has been “entangled” with another particle “knows” whether to assume the property of a wave or a particle according to what has happened to the other particle no matter if that particle is across the room or on Jupiter. That information is mysteriously transferred instantaneously at speeds beyond the speed of light.

A view of one interconnected consciousness in all things would explain this mystery because it would mean that one particle would be receiving its information on what was happening to the other particle from a non-local level of reality. This “one consciousness” idea would also explain many behaviors that have baffled scientists such as how a flock of birds or a school of fish can all turn instantaneously without colliding as if the group shares a common mind.

Third, there is the belief that everything—even our thoughts and emotions—emits energetic vibrations. Quantum Physics suggests that everything is “vibrations”—fields of vibrating energy. However, quantum mysticism claims that even our thoughts and emotions give off vibrations or energies. Many people believe this without attributing it to quantum physics because we’ve all had experiences such as sensing the tension when we walk into a room where people have been arguing. Metaphysicists would say we are picking up the “vibrations” of anger.

Therefore, most metaphysical and New Age healing modalities center around ridding ourselves of negative energies and balancing our flow of positive energy in order to reach states of better health and higher consciousness. 

Fourth, there is the belief in parallel universes. Quantum theories about parallel universes and a “multiverse” cause us to wonder if there is another side to reality and it is that “other side” that is the origin of our consciousness and the real cause of everything that happens on “this side.”

The one consciousness and “other side” theories also provide an explanation for the mystery of what happens when our body dies. If we assume that our actual origin is the “other side,” an essential part of us (commonly referred to as our soul) continues to exist through quantum entanglement.

Not only that, but our consciousness can continue to process and store information even after our physical death. This idea is corroborated by many reports of near-death or out-of-body experiences, even those that occurred when there was no brain activity. People who have actually died and come back to life have been able to accurately describe all that was going on around them after their death.

Fifth, there is the belief that mankind is evolving to higher levels of consciousness. Quantum mysticism teaches that as we begin to more fully understand and experience the implications of the oneness of all things, we will take an evolutionary leap of consciousness where our experiences of being one with all that is will actually become a way of life and we will consistently be able to alter the nature of reality with our thoughts and intentions.

This is the traditional view of what happens in enlightenment.

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  1. Rick Maresco says:

    HI, After having a few encounters with the Lord I too realized a quantum connection in His creation. I now understand that; ” Nothing exists except your reaction to your perceived reality” and the ultimate goal of God for every soul on earth is to draw us back into the “pool” of who God is. Colossians 1:16-17 Acts 17:23-28
    This is done through the CROSS, the denying of self to the “Nth” degree, even to death which is the example that Jesus taught and showed.
    This is done through our PRAYING (again denying of self)which is using our intent and our vocal chords, to ask God to move and save souls we may never meet, that they too might enjoy the pool. “Come on in the waters fine” As also given as an example by Jesus, Hebrews 7:25; Paul, 1 Thessalonians 5:17
    This is done through FASTING(again the denying of self)the denying of food which goes against the core of sentient existence, all for the goal of strengthening our intercessory life and loosening the grip that this world has on us. 1 John 2:16
    This is done through GOING (again the denying of self) as commanded by Jesus Matthew 28:18-20
    Which all can only be done through ABIDING ( the mingling of self with a Mighty God) John 15:1-9 “without me you can do nothing”
    Wherein the Fruit of the Spirit is brought forth, Galations 5:22-23 and God the Father is glorified. John 15:8

    Rick Maresco

  2. Hi again Ellen.
    I do feel this is a key chapter as we move forward into more understanding – and therefore wisdom – on this. On reading this chapter, I felt I need (as we all do) to spend time exploring how we wrestle out what is compatible with biblical truth (and perhaps what is not) and we need revelation on this (both in process and content) from God. There is much we can agree on, as you say, and anyone who has operated in the prophetic will know this. However, God is mapping an unknown path for us and we might perhaps need a few signposts. I wonder if you (and others) are thinking the same?
    I may be blogging on this as well at Mismeret (because of the Higgs-Boson ‘discovery’) and if I may, will use some quotes from your book? I am also reading Phil Mason’s book.
    Jane x

  3. According to the PBR theorem,

    since the quantum wavefunction has been directly measured as a real physical object,

    the vision of the universe no longer could be considered psi-epimestic (merely information contained in the quantum wavefunction). The possible remained alternative is psi-ontics (real objects outside our conciousness).

    Recent studies have shown how quantum decoherence is not due to consciousness. Also it was explained why, at macroscopic level, reality is so not uncertain. Such findings vindicate the deterministic and classic physics theories:

    Thus, assuming that the quantum wavefunction is ontic, the Copenhagen interpretation is shifted in favour of the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI). In MWI you can imagine yourself living by infinite copies of yourself, one for each possible universe, with infinite outcomes. Therefore, if in this universe you are the Dalai Lama, then in another universe you are Adolf Hitler. In my humble opinion, that’s one more reason to believe that quantum mechanics theory should not be extended to our common macro reality and our human beliefs, otherwise we risk to fall into an absolute relativism and our life could stick to just a random nonsense. That’s why I blame quantum mysticism or, in general, theories which want to merge science and religion. Nevertheless, science is falsifiable, as stated by Karl Popper. Thus, even quantum religions should be forced to review their statements, and that is a nonsense too. That’s why I do not trust too much New Age an other quantum woo beliefs. In a MW model, there are infinite bodies and infinite souls who live all togheter contemporary, one for each universe. In my opinion that is a nonsense even for the vedic religion, because it is impossible to detect one specific soul beeing able to improve the self awareness for ascending to a higher level in the next life/universe. According to a MW quantum mysticism , there’s no need of reincarnation, because for a living creature, all the souls do their experience at the same time for each respective universe.

    We should just let scientists doing their own commendable work, without mixing science and religion, and respecting all beliefs without the arrogance to use science for demonstrating which is the right belief.


  4. At 70%, the discussion begins on where Christians & “quantum mystics” part ways.
    In my opinion, we must be careful when speaking of the Trinity to specify “God the Father”. Some who are not able to grasp the Trinitarian relations will pick up a book like this, so it is best to be aware of their needs. If “God” is used in a way that suggests that “Jesus and the Holy Spirit” *are not* God, we can create confusion where it need not be.
    Many Christians are careless on this point, unfortunately.

  5. After reading your book, I have researched the Solfeggio Frequencies, the Solfege, physicist John Hutchison, Dr. Joseph Puleo, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and Monk Guido d’Arezzo and the Hymn to St. John the Baptist.

    I would be very interested in your opinion regarding Dr. Puleo’s and Dr. Horowitz’ “rediscovery of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies.”

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