Chapter 11: Strange Things Are Afoot

by Ellyn Davis

Remember Sir Isaac Newton, who supposedly was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on his head and he had his “aha” moment about gravity? He went on to create the framework of physics laws that explain gravity, movement, work systems, heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism. Newtonian physics has put men on the moon, planes in the air, cars on the roads, skyscrapers in our cities, and computers in our homes.

Newtonian physics views the world as a machine that you can learn about by studying how its different parts interact. It assumes that we are separate from the machine, so we may tinker with it all we want, but merely observing it will have no influence on how it runs.

Think of it this way. Newtonian physics assumes the world is like a big clock that runs on its own. Although I can learn a lot about how the clock works by taking it apart and studying its gears, springs, and dials, me looking to see what time it is will never affect how the clock ticks. In other words, if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning, unless I change the dials or a miracle occurs, my watch will never say 10 PM just because I want it to.

Everyone was happy with the Newtonian explanation of how the world worked until 1900 when Max Planck made a startling discovery about light. Up to that time, it was possible to describe all known physical phenomena as either particles or waves.

Physicists already knew that light acted like a wave—like a sound wave or a radio wave—not like solid matter. But Planck proved that light was made up of packets of energy that were like minute particles. The mystery of how light could be both a wave and a particle lead to the discovery that all nature is made up of indivisible units or packets of energy that were later collectively called “quanta”. Interest in learning exactly what these quanta were and how they behaved led to the birth of a new branch of physics—quantum physics.

Through quantum physics, scientists have discovered that, at the most basic level of existence, everything is constantly vibrating energy and that every particle possesses also a wave character and every wave possesses a particle character.

But the fact that particles could become waves and waves become particles wasn’t the only shock. What was even more shocking was that at the quantum level the world no longer acted like a machine but seemed to act more like something alive that senses the desire of the observer and responds to it.

This meant, if I had a “quantum” clock, it just might tell me the time based on the time I expect it to be. So if I want it to be 10 PM, there would be a probability that when I looked at my quantum watch, it will tell me the time was 10 PM just because that’s the time I expect it to be.

Strange Things are Afoot in Quantum Physics

There is a line in the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure that I absolutely love. When confronted with the prospect of a time-traveling phone booth in their Circle K parking lot, Ted turns to Bill and says, “Bill, strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”

The same thing could be said of quantum physics. Strange things are afoot! Physicists studying the quantum realm seem baffled by it and consistently use words like “shock,” “mystery,” and “weird” when explaining their findings. Neils Bohr, one of the founders of quantum physics, remarked, “Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it” and Bohr’s associate Werner Heisenberg expressed his disbelief by asking, “Can nature possibly be so absurd as it seemed to us in these atomic experiments?”

Quantum physics theories seem more like science fiction than science fact, but they have been proven repeatedly in many different experiments by many different physicists and have been spectacularly successful at predicting the behavior of all sorts of sub-atomic systems.

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  1. There are times when i can “see” the moving of Holy Spirit. This movement will appear as waves. I perceive that i am seeing wind. Altho i question how i can possibly see wind & how i can see Holy Spirit moving, it has happened too many times to surprise me. Likewise, there are many times i am able to “see” the release of anointing or impartation from a minister to a recipient. It is as tho i am seeing fumes like the fumes that arise from gasoline on a hot summer day. As soon as i perceive these fumes, i get hit with the anointing as well & my body is often thrown or convulsed & i often am instantly intoxicated.

    • I’ve heard several others who describe seeing the movement of the Holy Spirit this way and have even seen it myself–like the transparent rippling sheen of heat rising from the desert.

  2. Kathee Jungeberg says:

    As I was reading this chapter, on page 113, the third bullet point, when it said about traveling distances of over 30 feet, it reminded me of something that happened to me in 2009. I am still trying to figure out what happened… let me explain it, I think you will find the experience interesting.

    I was driving my car, coming home from the vet and my husband was in the car with our dog. I am coming up to a red light (heading east) and as I started applying the brakes, I must of hit black ice or something because I never even slowed down but slid right into the intersection. At the same time an 85 year old couple(in a car) were entering the intersection from the left. At the VERY MOMENT I was about to hit the old couple’s car, I found myself heading south on the road about 30 feet from the intersection having turned right. I immediately looked in the rear view mirror and saw the old couple just coming through the intersection and I am 30 feet ahead of them. My husband asked as he was clutching the dog in his arms, “What just happened?” I told him that God just did a miracle for us so we wouldn’t hit that old couple and wreck our car! Praise the Lord!! We drove the rest of the way home just completely stunned. I always believed in teleportation because I saw it in the Bible but never experienced it until then.

  3. In reference to Solfeggio Frequencies on page 120, would these be considered ‘Godly frequencies’ that need to be reclaimed for the Kingdom? And would it be alright to listen to these frequencies?

    • Hi Justin,

      I’m not sure whether they are “Godly frequencies” or not, but I do know that they were used in the early Church to heighten one’s experience of God and to make people more receptive to God and that many people now listen to them during their worship/meditation times (including me). But you’ve got to understand that one of the things we (the American church) have lost is the concept of creating an environment that evokes a sense of the divine. If you’ve ever gone to one of the great cathedrals in Europe, you can understand how everything was designed to reflect and enhance a sense of the greatness, wonder, and awe of God. Everything, from the way the building was constructed to the music that was used was God centered. In fact, if you’re at all spiritually sensitive, you can hardly walk into one of those buildings without being touched by a sense of the magnificence of God and wanting to go to your knees. To me, most of our music today is more man-centered and caters more to an emotional response than a spiritual one. Christian musicians are just now recognizing that and making adjustments and re-tuning their instruments to frequencies from the past. (See Mary’s comment on Chapter 7.)

      • Maybe check out and see what they have to say about it from a Christian perspective? As a musician and worship leader, I have noticed that I have the ability to sing and play longer and hold notes better at the frequencies tuned to 444A.

  4. Several years ago I was in the car with a group of my family members. It was nighttime and we were on our way home but we wanted to check out a house by the lake. It wasn’t a good thing to do but we wanted to see if anyone had bought it. the next thing we all know we were at the end of the road where we turn left to go home. None of us remember getting there, nor did we stop by the house by the lake. God transported us, I am sure there must have been danger there and He saved us. What a great God we serve.

  5. Hi
    Not sure if anybody will see this or not BUT…I have a question. When I wake up in the morning I always see things….a lot of times they are demonic…..and I rebuke them. This morning it was different. I woke up, opened my eyes and looked at a picture I have hanging in the room. All of a sudden out of the picture my father started to walk towards me. My father has been dead for 15 years. He only came halfway to me and than disappeared. I wasn’t afraid but was not sure why this happened or if it was a demonic spirit that just looked like him. Any response would be helpful. Thank you.

    • Boy, yes, that would be unsettling! I have prayed for years about seeing an angel, but I really do not want to have to see the demonic, lol, but I have heard many times that “what you see you can have [authority over]”. So I’d say: Don’t be afraid to take authority over the demonic that has been sneaking pst your God-given boundaries and tell it to be gone in the name of Jesus! Play really good worship in your room that brings down Heaven for you–it will change the atmosphere, and just dance and praise and get really happy! Opposite spirit is good warfare! Ask God what HE would have you see or know, about things, or your father, that the enemy does NOT want you to see perhaps? Keep pressing in to what the Holy Spirit has waiting for you –it’s going to be awesome! I’d say you definitely have the gift of discerning of spirits activated in your life! Maybe Jonathan Welton’s books would be excellent to read right now, or watch some of his Youtubes. Oh, yes, I reread your post and see now that you’ve already been rebuking the demonic–well, keep up the good work! You have an amazing gift, God has so many good things for you to see-I just know it! 🙂

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