Chapter 1: The Power of the Zero-Point Field

by Judy Franklin

If you’ve read my previous book, you know that God takes me on journeys to heaven with Him and He often teaches me things during our heavenly adventures. He began taking me to heaven and explaining those Scriptures to me.

He shared that, from the day of Pentecost until now, no child of God has ever fully realized the power that has been put within us. God has given us power to raise the dead and heal the sick and cast out demons and we’ve done that to a point, but….

Although we are extremely happy and grateful for the power we have operated in, it in no way has reached the measure of what He intends for us. Jesus said that we would do greater works than He did, but no Christian in history has exceeded Jesus’ works.

The next thing the Lord told me was that soon He would release a sound from heaven that will literally change the structure of how we think. This new sound will transform us like the transformation spoken of in Romans 12. Our minds will be renewed so that we think like Him and are no longer conformed to this world but conformed to the will of God. Bringing heaven to earth is our mandate, and to do that we need to think more like heaven.

I began thinking about the day of Pentecost. One hundred and twenty believers were in an upper room in Jerusalem when they heard a sound like a mighty rushing wind. It wasn’t a wind, it was a sound. And when that sound ended, the thinking of those men and women was completely changed. Instead of hiding themselves in an upper room, they spilled out into the streets boldly preaching about Jesus.

This whole idea about a transforming sound has been mulling around in my spirit for years and I have been studying everything I can find about sound, vibration, and frequency. I don’t understand all that it means, but I feel like the Lord has been telling me if we will place our hearts in an upper room posture, He will again release a sound that will transform the way we think and I believe that sound is going to empower us to do greater works than He did.

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  1. So excited to have this book in my hands. Last book on the shelf On a friday night Just as the store was closing right before service started. Went in for breath mints, saw Annette Capps book got very excited seeing the molecule on cover. Since God has been speaking to me about energy light matter vibrations frequencies showing me pictures of atoms, and i had just recently read Tounge a creative force by her dad had to get her book with the molecule on cover then bam!!! I see this book. My friend and i were so excited because it is just what we were talking about coming down the hill to Bethel. I come from generations of scientist and studied about energy light and force. At times i thought my thoughts were nuts, that was before i met Wendy Backlund and caught on to more of what was going on at Bethel. Now i realize its the Holy spirit, thats how you stole my thoughts to write this book, lol. Whew….other people think like me. Thank you God!

  2. Kids down to sleep. Just finished first chapter the Holy spirit sent an angel to reveal his plans to me concerning the thoughts you guys stole from my head, lol. An earthquake hit the coast feb 13 2012, at the same time i got slain by the spirit with with revelations that im still not sure what to do with but share it here with you. Excited to read how others were shaken with Gods vibrations. Hey it was just after the womans confrence we had calling all angels! I love u God! You are so amazong. Lord… is this book gonna let me sleep.

  3. ACTS 2 When  the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. 2 And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. 3 And divided tongues as of fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

    It is incorrect to say that it was the sound that changed them, just as it would be incorrect to say that it was the tongues of fire. What changed them was that the Holy Spirit filled them.

    Also, your hint that they were “hiding” in the upper room is an ill-informed slander of them. They were obeying Christ’s own words to wait in Jerusalem until the Spirit came on them.

    • We appreciate your comment and did not intend to imply that it was the “sound” that changed them. Of course, it was the Holy Spirit. We are only sharing that we believe that God can send sound, light, frequencies, etc. that creates change. After all, He spoke the world into existence. Also, the idea that that were “hiding” is not slander, it is a commonly accepted understanding of the disciples’ time in the upper room. In fact, some theologians believe the disciples were hiding behind locked doors, fearful of the Jews in the city. Yes, they were obeying Christ’s directions to wait in Jerusalem, but most agree that they were keeping a low profile while doing so, and that is what made their boldness after they received the Holy Spirit so noteworthy.

  4. Ben Straup says:

    Just finished book The Physics of Heaven & thought I would share something that happened to me about 4 yrs ago. I was listening to a message by Bill Winston in my home office. His words would just make my heart burn, stir faith, & reveal spirit truth. There was a particular message that I had listened to several times but needed to get this in my spirit so I kept listening & repeating the things he was saying. What happened next was awesome! I literally felt something as big around as a banana (i believe demonic deception) cork screw out of my forehead. When it corkscrews out at the very end I could feel what I would describe as the root system come out also. It felt amazing & my wife says I have been a different person ever since. Glory to God! Words are spirit & create life & death. When revelation knowledge is revealed & you speak it out, you create a cycle of faith which comes by hearing, the it goes back in your ear, enters your soul, & gets into your heart (spirit). The from out of your heart you speak the Truth & the process starts all over again. Once this truth is in your spirit it flows from your belly/heart/womb birthing rivers of living water & any darkness can’t stay. It has to leave. This is one thing the Holy Spirit showed me through this experience.

  5. Regarding the disciples et al waiting in upper room, I agree they were obeying Christ and that they were hiding. I would urge Audie et al to be cautious about using words like slander ever—especially not casually such as in blog comments. Words are simply too important. Any discussion of a topic like the relationship of quantum physics and heavenly dynamics needs to proceed lovingly and carefully so that we Christians can build positively and powerfully. I am not quite finished reading the book but sooooooo welcome a Christian entre` into this “Kingdom” subject.

  6. I wanted to add a comment just for furthering the discovery. I’ve been compelled to delve into the “quantum faith/physics” area for a couple of years now. In this quest, it’s been necessary to read books not necessarily written by Christians (testing Spirits all the way). I wanted to share a couple. One is Bruce Lipton’s book, “Biology of Belief” in which the author became a believer within the writing of the book. It is written for the lay person and reveals several helpful illustrations. The second is Masaru Emoto’s “The Hidden Messages of Water” in which one begins to actually SEE the physical impact of words on water….remembering our bodies are about 80% water……also remembering the emphasis in Scripture on the importance of our words. Emoto’s work found that “gratitude” and “love” elude the most amazing responses of any words. Finally, another resource would be the August 2012 “Quantum Healing” Conference held by XP Ministries in which Katie Souza, Patricia King, David Van Koevering, and Joann McFatter shed considerable light on Quantum Physics and Scripture. I haven’t watched the entire DVD series but I can say that Katie Souza’s initial teaching is a wonderful practical extension of the insights in “The Physics of Heaven”. One last point: I’m sharing copies of your book with my class of young women in an addiction recovery center. Several of my class members are “seers” and have struggled with their gifts being “touted against them” in conservative denominational churches. I truly believe they will find your book a launching pad for great growth toward their Jeremiah 29:11 “expected ends”.

    • Thanks, Jacqueline, for writing and sharing resources. I’ve read Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief and also the Emoto book on hidden messages of water. Both are pretty amazing. I haven’t heard Katie Souza’s teaching yet, but plan to.

  7. It seems as though Heaven releases new things over the earth
    and the world seems to embrace it while the church seems to miss it.
    As it first arives the church is suspicious and rejects it as evil.
    Then when it becomes normal the church finally accepts it and
    then uses it.
    Even now there is so much the we are behind on spiritually
    and artistically.
    But, It seems we are finally positioning to catch what heaven is
    releasing, looking to heaven to see what is coming
    in anticipation of God’s next move.
    The church moving in time with Heaven.

    • Hi Tim. Thanks for writing. You’re absolutely right. There seems to be such a resistance to change, such a firm belief that “this is the way things are,” that it often takes a Martin Luther to make Christians wake up to more of the fullness of what God has prepared for us.

  8. Very excited to read this book. Picked it up at a Conference that Larry Randolph was a part of, Nov/12 in Ottawa. Bought all his books. They are great. But after reading just this first chapter, as with L.R.’s books, I can tell I’m gonna read this pretty quick, learn A LOT, and I believe have even more confirmed.

  9. Growing up I was intrigued with light and sound at a young age. A friend, who enjoyed playing basketball, lived several houses down the road. One day after school I observed him dribbling the ball in his yard. From my yard, at the other end of the street, I could see the ball bounce, but didn’t actually hear it bounce until a second later. I was really curious about the delay so I asked my father. My father told me about light and sound and how they travel at different speeds. After that I was hooked. Light and sound have been my two favorite subjects to ponder ever since. Thank you for this chapter. It reminded me how much I enjoy both topics. I’m very excited to read the rest of this book.

  10. Jonathan Cavan says:

    Hi Ellyn
    I’m un the UK my wife just brought your book back from a family trip to WA State.

    So much resonance already in Chapter 1. Like you I have discovery adventures with God.

    Romans 8:18-22
    Ths is the passage that the Lord has had me on for months. I see that there is a direct corelation between the sons of God being revealed and the earth being made new. This has been confirmed in over 2,000 hour of prayer ministry, leading people in to sonship by means of destroying the works of the eneny to reveal the Father. When we deal with generational stuff that God reveals – healings occurs. 5 times we have been taken back to the Garden of Eden and dealt with stuff there and after each time we are God to show us the result of the words we have just declared. Each time He has shown us that there has been a release that effects the earth and the whole of humanity e.g:
    1) He said, I am now releasing a new sound
    2) On two occaisions there have been explosions in the centre of the earth that sent waves of energy out through the atmosphere
    3) He said, “I’m releasing more glory”
    4) He said, “now there is greater access to the fruit of the tree of life, love, joy, peace etc…”

    Bloodlines/DNA is very important in this as cleansing happens we are unhooked from the Father of Lies and re-connected with the Father of Lights.

    As sons are raised up the earth is made new as Babylon falls and the New Jerusalem is established.

    Also in chapter one you speak of Creation power and Acts 2, its in Dan 2 as well.
    Sometimes I shake in bed as I resonate this also happens when I am with certain people. When I met a Godly inventor using resonance to turn water into hydrogen as I held his hand I felt soft vibrations going up my forarm, these increased in intensity. After 30 seconds the intensity was extreme my body couldn’t contain it I was shaking so violently I fell across a wooden chair and onto the floor. The chair broke! The inventor inspected the fracture in the chair and was astonished. He said normal impact wood fractures happen along te grain, but this fracture has happened at a molecular level…ie a transference of resonance from me to the chair.

    Then the Lord told me that this is Dunamis creative power a resonant vibration…it was released at creation when the Spirit HOVERED (resonated) over the waters. It was released at Pentacost because the vibration released resonated with peoples spirits this is how 3,000 were converted in one day. Also when the Dan 2 statue fell when it was struck by the rock it was shattered at a molecular level and turned to dust and blown away.

    The message I believe is: Sons raised up, babylon falls, earth made new and the power id spiritual resonance.

  11. Katherine Pickens says:

    Yesterday, a friend of mine told me about this book so I got the kindle version. I have studied about this for the last 4 years. (I have many of David van Koevering messages) everything that I have read and studied have been remarkable. But, one thing you mentioned at the end of chapter 1 hit me…because it just happened to my family this week. You said that a child that has cancer should be healed….and that’s what happened to my grandson! My grandson was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at age 3 1/2 and is now 6 years old. He has gone through all the treatments for this, but his cancer went and came back. He had a very short time to live. My daughter brought him to our church service because, I believe had only a few more weeks to live, was instantly healed when he was prayed for. And the scans of MRI’s, and bone marrow biopsies confirmed this! The doctors are saying it is impossible….but, God provided, through His Son, Jesus, to overcome the “law of sin and death”. I believe that is the barrier we have been fighting against….the law of sin and death. Romans 8 talks about the creation groaning and travailing waiting for the “manifested sons of God” to set it free.
    These studies in quantum physics just shows to me how God made everything…perfect. And that through Jesus “the Spirit of Life”, has made us free from the “law of sin and death”. I know that this understanding of quantum physics will make a huge difference in the body of Christ to become all that God has purpose in the earth.
    To see the testimony and journey of my grandson, there is a Facebook page…”Elijah kickin Neuroblastoma”

    Thanks, Katherine Pickens

  12. Tony Marquez says:

    Just picked up Pof H and the Holy Spirit is giving me visions before I opened it. I guess we can be excited about it together. 2014 will be the year of water. THE SOUND OF RUSHING WATERS. There will be breakthrough in research using sound and water. It will revolutionize life as when A. G. Bell invented the telegraph or Edison’s inventions. I saw the cure for cancer. Sound wave frequency through water killed cancer and revitalized the good cells. I saw a hand held (i-phone-like)device that is charged by a sound bearing lazar shot in a lens with water and a little bubble in it; no batteries. It will replace Rx and narcotics. The space program will use the moon as a communications power source. Moon-power created by frequencies that duplicate body of water, will be more envied than nuclear power because it will supply the whole world. we are in the thresh hold of Stars Wars. This download is new to me. I’m not techi.

  13. I had an experience that I need to share. Several months ago I walked to my bedroom and in the hallway right before the door I felt a strong presence of the Lord. I stood there for about a half hour soaking in this presence. After the experience I asked God what was that and I heard clearly. ‘Portal’….. I didn’t quite know what to make of it and I shared it with my husband who stood there and got drunk in the Spirit (We are both Ordained Pastors)…We didn’t hear anymore from the Lord on so I just let it rest. About a month after that I was very tired one afternoon and laid down to take a nap. I was awoken and before me in the hallway exactly where the Portal was, was my husband standing in the doorway talking to Jesus and 4 others from our family who had passed. I sat up looked at them and waved, they waved back and I went back to sleep.
    This happened 3 more times, but these 3 times Jesus wasn’t with the people, in all four times it happened my husband was talking to them (back to me facing them) and each time it was different people who had passed. I was not afraid and did not make any attempt to join them. There is still a strong Presence of the Lord in that corner. I have no idea why or why Jesus and these departed ones were there. Would anyone know? You can still feel the power of the Lord when you stand or sit in this area. Please respond, thank you.

  14. shannaeverson says:

    Greater works than Jesus is the ability to bring people to salvation. That is something Jesus couldn’t do
    because he was still on the earth. SO WE ARE DOING GREATER WORKS THAN HE or at least we hope. 🙂

  15. Hello – Is anyone on here anymore? Is this still active? Would anyone care to reply to my above post . Thank you.

  16. Katherine Pickens says:

    Not quite sure, Shirley, about these things. But I do know they happen. The spirit world is so different than this earthly rhelm that we are used too. But it is real. I have had several experiences myself in The Lord. I use to think it was just my imagination, now it am beginning to think it’s more than that. I’m sure what you experienced was the real thing. In time, The Lord will show you what it all meant.

  17. Thank you so much for answering me. Yes, I believe in time I will know why I experienced what I did. I love all this new revelation. I hunger so much for it. I don’t really have anyone to share it with as I am the forerunner around here in all the Quantum learning, and that is pretty sad actually. I try to read all I can and listen to CD’s, DVD’s etc and read as many books as I can afford to purchase. However, it would sure help to hear more of the revelations that those who have been in this longer know. I hope more is put on here so we may read and learn. Thank you again, anything you want to share with me on all of this I will receive with an open heart.

  18. Katherine Pickens says:

    These are new concepts that many in the church in general are not ready for. So you might have some opposition to this, even among friends. I have been studying this off and on for the last 4 years. It has been a delivering word for me knowing that God made everything this way. My husband and I have been called into a healing, miraculous ministry. This has helped us greatly. Not everyone we have talked to about these things accept them, they feels it’s too spooky or New Age. There is a great book called, Quantum Glory: the science of heaven invading earth. By Phil Mason. Worth the read. And well balanced. Hope you read it.

    • Hi Katherine. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I’ve read Quantum Glory and met Phil and his wife. One of these days I hope to go to Australia and visit his ministry.

  19. Thank you so much for again answering my post. How exciting to be in the Healing Ministry, that is so wonderful. My husband and I are retired Pastors. I am also a reviewer on Amazon and Midwest Book Review. I got interested in all of this by reviewing several books on the subject, got to talk with David VanKoevering and reviewed several of his books, DVD’s etc. He sent me his book and other material for free, I was hooked, and I just could not walk away from what I was reading and hearing.(I reviewed the book from this site as well 🙂 Anyway….
    Even though I don’t understand a lot of it, somehow what I read helps everything make sense. Crazy but true. I have been into this study for about 3 years, but I am still in the crawling stage I’m afraid. I will get the book you suggested and any others you may know of please let me know. I hunger so much for this knowledge. Thank you again for answering me, I hope I hear more from you again, your a light shinning to me. God bless you.

  20. Katherine Pickens says:

    Love all of David Van Koevering messages. I have all of them that I could find. First heard of his messages 2008. It was those messages that started us out in this. Wonderful you get to review books, how fun! Where do you reside at? We are in California.

  21. I ordered the book, now I’ll be watching for it everyday. LOL…Can’t wait to receive it. We live in Florida, that is where my husband is from. I’m from New Jersey. I have been in Florida for 30 years now and I still do not like it. LOL. Hopefully, God willing, we will be moving to one of the Carolina’s within the year. We’ll see what happens. I’m so glad you are corresponding with me. Please feel free to share anything you want with me, I am an open container ready to be filled with knowledge. It’s like a breath of fresh air from our Father. Thank you again.

  22. I have been thinking of all that I have read, heard on DVD’s and CD’s on all of this and I am so amazed. I honestly think all of this is part of the end time Glory that we are waiting for. I so appreciate all of the information given on here and I wish that more would write and share. I would love to know how to take trips to Heaven like some of you do. I’m not there yet, sigh. But I hunger so I know that God will fill me. Please keep sharing, thank you.

  23. HI HI – I just got Quantum Glory in the mail today. I am so excited and as soon as I can I am going to lock myself in my room and devour it. Please keep recommending books and DVD’s CD’s for me to read and hear. I so appreciate it. God bless you. I’ll let you know how it goes with me and the book…..HAPPY!

  24. Rudolph says:

    Wow, I actually experienced what the mystics actually called rapture while reading through the comments. Still shaking from pleasure. Anyways, I have some ideas in my mind that i wonder if anyone else has contemplated. I’m sure you have heard of the double slit experiment where a conscious observer causes either an electron or photon to collapse into a ground state from a superposition…. Ok, this is exactly what happens when you bring heaven down to earth. Heaven is not only a place, but realm of higher dimension. When you were in heaven I’m sure you did not experience the flow of time, did you? You had access to any point of time because you were outside of the normal flow. Beyond time, there are probably some other spatial dimensions as well (superstring theory, m theory). My belief is that GOD exists in the superposition where all possibilities exist outside of out physical universe. There is a awesome video called imagining the 10th dimension on youtube, you have to watch it. We are physical, soul and spirit. I believe soul lives in the interface between our 3rd and whatever number of spatial dimensions our spirit lives in. Feelings and thoughts therefore form a bridge between what we imagine in our spirits and what we experience in our collapsed state. Desire is a unification of feeling and imagination (what we see inside or in heaven, Jesus said he only did what he saw our Father do, with feelings). I believe that collapsing the superposition is what bringing heaven down to earth actually entails. There exists ALL possible states in superposition and we are able to select the ones we would like to see realized and collapse it into our reality. Here is what makes it possible: you are seated in heavenly places with Christ. Your spirit is in superposition, your body is not, your emotions can join the two worlds and bring heaven to earth. I believe that this understanding reveals the kingdom of heaven on earth.

    Think upon these things, fear not a little flock, the fruits of the spirit are, everything makes sense.

    There is a somewhat cryptic verse in The Gospel of Thomas (Apocryphal) which has me wondering. Where Jesus told Thomas that if the two unite, you will say to the mountain pick yourself up and move, it will …) there are in my opinion two possible TWOs this could be referring to either MIND and HEART implying thoughts and feelings, or your spirit with the Holy Spirit/Jesus through Union (Theosis). I am learning as we go, but after discovering the mystic ways (please visit the company of burning hearts) I can truely say that no man can see the kingdom of heaven unless he has been born from above. Being born from above entails being recreated from the inside, being united in Christ, having the spirit of YHWH in you. From this vantage point you can SEE. I’ve been wondering… Are we ‘inhabited’ by two spirits or is our renewed spirit, this new spirit of holiness, grafted into the vine of Jesus, being ONE with him not just in truth ONE spirit, the actual image of GOD, the mind of CHRIST, the Devine spark as the gnostics proclaimed, the spirit GOD breathed into man. Discovering this truth reveals the jnfinate worths of who we are. Who can be worth more than GOD himself. You are of INFINITE WORTH!!!!!!

    I release HIS riches in glory to everyone reading this. Be blessed child of light!!!!!

  25. Hi – Not sure if anyone is reading these posts or not but I wanted to share two things. I get songs from the Lord (over 3,000)…and I had something wonderful happen with two of them. I sing with my nephew and one day we were putting a new song on tape and as we were singing a second voice came out of me. I’m serious, it was my voice and another singing with me. Actually out of my mouth I was scared at first but then felt a peace and I really think it was Holy Spirit singing with me. I have it on CD. Has anyone else ever had this experience?
    Another time we were singing a new song the Lord was giving us and another voice, high woman’s voice, starting singing with us. Not coming through either of us, just singing with us like they were in the same room. We really felt it was one of God’s Angels. I have that on CD as well….I don’t know why these two events happen, but I am thankful that they did. I love listening to them over and over again. God is so good. Thank you for letting me share. Bless you all. You can hear it on my website at

  26. HELLO
    I kind of think I am just sharing with myself here, but then I think, no God is here too so….I had a deep desire to do nothing but worship the Lord for the past two days. It was a wonderful experience and brought me so much peace. I just want to thank God for leading me to do this. You are Great, Father, and I love you so.

  27. I might be the only one who saw this as I was reading the first chapter, but I saw the light overlapping the zero point energy as a mirage. It was was like we SEE a mountain or Cancer, but in reality (the zero point energy) it’s not there. It’s a field or a healthy body that we’re convinced is sick and therefore, mentally & verbally create. I know this seems a bit sci fi, but I’ve always believed that portals are possible because I see them as rainbow tunnels in my dreams. Especially in 2011- 2012, almost every night for that year of college. I never found it odd, just really cool and comforting.

  28. Shirley Priscilla Johnson says:

    Interesting. Tell me more, sorry it took so long for me to read this, but I’m interested in what you are seeing.

  29. I have not read the book but I have read parts of another written by a Christian author untrained in physics.The miraculous happens and faith is perhaps the ultimate ‘substance’ in God’s economy, and real faith with God is transferable even to the age to come (1 Peter 1v7). In reality, I believe we have no real detailed understanding of the physical mechanism God uses when he intervenes in this world; whether in response to prayer or directly in Sovereignty. I believe in dreams, visions and analogies with the supernatural. Authoritative statements on physics are IMO probably best left to trained physicists as misconceptions are common for lay people attempting to understand. In particular what mainstream Quantum Mechanics is and is not saying about reality is easily misunderstood. I would counsel us to speculate with due humility and then we may retain the respect of the scientific community. There are rigorous analytical physicists to win for Christ out there and any simplistic conclusions will not help with that. I have BSc in Applied Physics.

  30. Ronald Montijn says:

    The difference between the light of the first and the fourth day is that the light of the first day is creative light and the light of the fourth day is created light. The speed of creative and created light are different. Creative light is called by some authours thought speed and goes app 10000 times faster than created light. You can read about this in Phil Masons book quantum glory. The light of the first day was carried into creation by lucifer in his unfallen state. Because all of the hosts of heaven were shouting wherever he went, pride entered his heart and he fell. That is why God doesn’t say that the second day was good. The speed of the created light app 300000 km/sec is slowing down since the day it was created, thereby making it difficult to measure distances in the universe because that is measured in lightyears, the distance light travels in one year. It is in the realm of creative light where we should be opereating, because that is the realm of the kingdom of heaven. The powers of darkness cannot enter creative light, so when Christ told us to walk in the light, we must walk in the creative light and darkness cannot tough us there. The demonic world is bound by created light, but we are called into creative light and govern from there into the heavenly places.

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